Whats Your Story MOD APK 1.19.23 (Unlimited Ticket/Gems)

Whats Your Story MOD APK 1.19.23 (Unlimited Ticket/Gems)

October 26, 2020

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As everyone knows, the domestic female game market is already a hot field that cannot be ignored. In foreign countries, interactive plot games that mainly face women and allow players to determine the direction of characters and stories are also becoming popular. According to a report by the mobile application data company Apptopia, in the last month, the seven major interactive story games on the Apple App Store and Google Play generated US$14 million in in-app purchase revenue. In the United States, women accounted for 78% of such games.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being in a favorite TV show or movie, Whats Your Story is the perfect game for you. Like many engaging story-telling games such as My Original Stories, Choices: Stories You Play, or Episode – Choose Your Story, in Whats Your Story, players can control the characters’ fates and determine the path through each stage of the adventure. Each choice you make will take the story in a new direction.

General Information

The success of these games aroused the interest of large manufacturers. Nexon gained developer Pixelberry in November. Pocket Gems received US$60 million and US$90 million in investment from Tencent twice. Last week, Ubisoft gained 1492 Studio. Apptopia data company said that the popularity of interactive narrative games will further increase. Those games are more inclined to younger groups. And it cannot have a large audience like those popular games of different ages.

Five years ago, there were relatively few teenagers with smartphones. Naturally, this mobile game was not as profitable as it is now. This mobile game has not yet reached its peak because the younger population will grow further. But if you compare it with a full-age game like Candy Crush Saga, it still has a threshold.

The Stories Appear on Whats Your Story

In this story, you can meet many interesting characters and go on romantic dates in LoveLink. Talk to each guy, learn about their lives, their personalities, and experience romantic situations together. Make choices that affect your relationship and the outcome of the complete story.

Mobile game publisher Ludia released the first mobile interactive dating game called Lovelink. This game allows players to interact with various characters. Before the date, the user will take part in a simulated chat, with multiple options to personalize each experience.

Riverdale High

Riverdale High is like any other High School until you get caught up in a scandal that could change your life forever. Riverdale is a TV series produced by The CW in association with Netflix. The film began airing its first season in January 2017 and became one of The CW’s most popular series. It received an enormous fan base around the world.

The film is about a fantasy town, with characters built on the famous American comic book of Archie Comics. However, instead of developing the plot in a bright direction like in the story, Riverdale tells a different story with dark details. It is also an interesting point that makes the film receive a warm response from the audience.


Charmed is a popular American television series, which ran from 1998 to 2006 with 178 episodes. The story revolves around the battle of three sisters of Halliwells witches against evil forces. Magic is in your veins and as the witch sisters in the movie Magic. Players have a mission that needs to be completed. Are you ready?


Ghostbusters is a film associated with the childhood of many generations. And the film also contributes to shaping entertainment culture in America. Ghostbusters has brought a fresh breeze of joy to the movie Ghost catcher in Hollywood.

Four actors of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson are the creators of the first Ghostbusters version released in 1984. Instead of deploying a series of spells and having the Bible ready, they use bead boxes and proton packs to make a laser gun. And then trap the ghosts inside. Who will you call for help when the artifacts attack you?

Beverly Hills 90210

As a new transfer student to West Beverly High School, you have caught the attention and bonded with a group of friends Kelly, Brenda, Dylan, Steve, and Brandon. But the drama only explodes when a mysterious troublemaker posts malicious rumors about your new friends on the school bulletin board.

The first concept of the series is based on the culture shock twins Brandon (Jason Priestley) and Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) experienced when they moved in with their parents, Jim (James Eckhouse) and Cindy (Carol Potter). from Minnesota to Beverly Hills. Besides recounting the character’s friendship and love relationships, the series also addresses many issues such as sex, rape, homosexuality, animal rights, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorder, anti-racism, suicide, teen pregnancy, and AIDS.


Scream is a very famous horror film that has brought the horror genre back to life and over the past 20 years. We have always watched the work repeatedly by fans and caused fear for those who have just seen it for the first time. Just when you think moving to a new town is scary, mysterious events will make you and all the residents scream in horror.


They set Divergent in the world years ago. When people are ruled by a utopian social management system, it divides them into giving sects based on their spirit and perception to Governors. Beatrice (Shailene Woodley) is an ordinary girl. But on the day when her choice is forever decisive, she volunteered to join the Brave sect with a new name of Trish.

Here, she met Four (Theo James), a talented leader with a cold personality and full of mysteries. Trish doubts about fate and the vibrations of Trish’s love alternately creating important knots that close and open throughout the fascinating story with much aftertaste in Divergent. It is a life-changing choice and a Dystopian city on the brink of destruction. These are the things a hero must face.

Project Runway

Unleash your creativity and face the pressure as you seek to overcome every challenge to be the next winner of Project Runway! Take a chance and follow your dreams, but watch out – not everyone plays fair!

Final Words

What’s Your Story, Episode, and Choices: Stories You Play are the three most popular story games. Whats Your Story MOD APK has become the most downloaded interactive story game so far this year, with over 3.5 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play dual platforms. However, the famous established Episode and Choices series also have a loyal fan base. They launched the episode in 2013. And its linkage with the movie Pitch Perfect has brought it six million weekly active users. Its developer revealed that the 50,000 stories in the game have been read over three billion times.

In foreign countries, this interactive drama game chooses IP linkage with film and television programs popular with young women. In Whats Your Story by Ludia Games, players can interact with the famous fashion design reality show of Skybridge Proud in the game. Pocket Gems’ Episode is also similar to the famous film and television series Beautiful Girl Lies and Mean Girl. And the game also provides a platform for players to publish their plots.

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