Wildscapes MOD APK 2.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

Wildscapes MOD APK 2.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

March 21, 2024


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Dive into a whole new adventure with this latest game from Playrix, the very same publisher of the famous Gardenscapes. Discover your love for wild animals as you build up your own zoo where you feature a variety of different animals from multiple parts of the world.

Take good care of the animals to keep their spirits high all day, open the zoo for people to visit your zoos, and collect money to enlarge your businesses. Keep working hard every day to become the best zoo tycoon in the entire world.

Help the animals in need as you give them new shelters in your beautiful zoo. Interact with them every day to earn their affections. Engage in the zookeeping jobs through multiple activities from cleaning the cages, playing with animals, feeding them, and more.

Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


In the game, players will become the owner of an entire zoo. And it’s your job to turn it into a famous spot for visitors to have fun and enjoy their time with the nature. In addition, you must also provide a safe and relaxing environment for the animals to be happy with their lives in the zoo. Interact with them thought multiple activities and enjoy interesting match-three mini-games to collect awesome loots.

However, as your zoo is now in a pretty bad condition with little animals and run-down facilities, you’re in for a serious mission. With the help of your trusted zookeeper friend – Zack, you’ll find yourself playing through multiple match-three levels while collecting awesome loots.

Expand your zoo by introducing new habitats to the animals from the Africa savanna to the South Pole. Collect different species of wild animals and have them settled inside your zoo so you may learn more about these beautiful creatures as well as to attract more visitors to the zoo.

In addition, you can also build up multiple stores to sell foods, souvenirs, or a playground for the children. It’s a great way to earn some extra income along with selling tickets.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Embark on your epic adventure in Wildscapes

Discover your own zoo tycoon journey in Wildscapes as you take on multiple missions and challenges. Explore your own stories in the game while completely multiple match-three levels to collect awesome loots and to restore the zoo. Interact with the animals or visitors whenever you like and explore the unique gameplay in Wildscapes.

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Complete multiple tasks and earn awesome rewards

And to help returning the zoo to its former states, you’re also introduced to the multiple tasks that you’ll have to make it through in order to gain access to the awesome rewards. Find yourself competing in exciting fruit challenges of Wildscapes.

Engage with your visitors and help them with certain requests

And if you wish, you can also interact with the visitors in your zoo and participate in certain challenges. Complete the tasks and requests that are given to you by the visitors to satisfy their specific needs. This doesn’t only give you awesome rewards but will also increase the visitors’ satisfaction. Thus, making your zoo even more popular. Engage with your visitors whenever you want and gain access to incredible loots.

Help the animals to meet up with their families and friends

Together with the visitors, players can also “talk” with their zoo animals so they can learn about what they really need and their wishes. That being said, like with the visitors, you can also help the animals to fulfill their wishes.

These could be as simple as giving them delicious food to changing the habitats. But most of the time, they would wish to unite with their family members or friends. That being said, you can bring the families together to make your animals happier and earn yourself a few interesting rewards.

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Work hard to expand and upgrade your zoo

Another way to increase the visitors’ and animals’ satisfactions is to introduce them to new upgrades and changes. That being said, you can expand your zoo so you can keep more animals in the cages. Build up new habitats so you can keep new rare species inside. Introduces your customers to multiple changes to satisfy them.

Feel free to design and organize the zoo to how you want

To make the zoo look better and more inviting, gamers are also allowed to organize and decorate the zoo to however they want. Feel free to place all the different cages in certain orders or keep them as close as possible to make rooms for new ones.

In addition, the game also features multiple items that you can use to decorate the zoo. Either choose to decorate it with themes or whatever designs that you like. With new decorations, you can attract more visitors and make the animals happier. So don’t forget about it, next time you find yourself in Wildscapes.

Collect special animal boosters to increase your earnings

And to help you with your businesses, the game also features many special animal boosters that you can use in certain stages of the game to drastically increase your earnings. Pick up the useful boosts with unique powers that can improve your earnings and make the animals more satisfied.

Multiple achievements and challenges to complete

Along with the main gameplay, gamers in Wildscapes are also allowed to pick up the entire refreshing gameplay with multiple achievements and challenges. Spend your time to complete them to earn incredible loots that you won’t likely find on any other zoo activities.

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Enjoy the game even when you’re offline

While the game does require the Internet connection to unlock certain features, you can still enjoy it without the Internet connection when you’re outside. That being said, you’ll have access to most of the gameplay. And once you reconnect to your Wi-Fi all your process will be automatically uploaded online so you won’t lose them even when you reset the game.

Discover friends and visit their zoos

In addition, you are allowed to connect your social account to the game and discover your friends who’re also playing it. Spend time to visit their zoo and collect interesting guest gifts. Compete with friends and players from all over the world to become the best zookeepers. Find out who can collect more animals and have a more interesting zoo.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have it downloaded and installed on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store with a few simple taps.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful and friendly graphics, the game is suitable for gamers of all ages. Here, you can find yourself interacting with beautiful animals from all parts of the world in their accurate habitats with realistic elements.


Combined with the cheerful and relaxing soundtracks, the game is a great casual title that you can have on your mobile devices. Feel free to dive into the animal world and relax whenever you want.

Download Wildscapes latest 2.4.0 Android APK

Wildscapes is undoubtedly a great casual and simulation game that you can have on your Android devices. And with a completely free price, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t give it a try.

And once you’re done with this game and would like to take another challenge, then our FarmVille 2: Country Escape would certainly be a great suggestion with the same relaxing gameplay.

Either of which, you’ll definitely find yourself enjoying these amazing games.

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