WPS App Pro MOD APK 1.6.69 (Patched)

WPS App Pro MOD APK 1.6.69 (Patched)

January 16, 2024


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In the modern era, every home has at least one Wi-Fi network. However, there are often many people using or even hacking your home Wi-Fi without you noticing. It is essentially a law violation. But the level of danger it causes is zero, so no one is legal to deal with cases like this.

The most disadvantaged are still family members. Your home Wi-Fi password can be posted publicly on the online application. So, more strangers can comfortably use the Internet at your home.

WPS App Pro is the oldest and best Wi-Fi secure app on Android that works on rooted devices if your Android version is older than Android Lollipop. As for Lollipop and newer versions, it should work even without root. This Wi-Fi hacking app is very popular among people because of its ease of use and better interface. The app is free to download and is available in the Google Play store.

General Information

Therefore, the connection speed can be significantly reduced if the devices use the network too much. It is why WPS App Pro was born. The main application is the savior for households. If you feel like your Internet is glitched or in danger of crashing, use WPS App Pro immediately. The application will probe your home network, test, and assess if your Wi-Fi is vulnerable or not.

The app allows you to connect to Wi-Fi directly via an eight-digit pin, usually on the router. Apart from this method, you will know how to connect to Wi-Fi using WPS. If you accidentally play badly by someone, change your Wi-Fi password without knowing what to do. It is a feature for you to log into your network.

However, if the prankster has turned off WPS, then this method is also not available. Alternatively, another way is to reset them all. However, it also means that you will have to go through a lot of installation steps. Once logged in, you can easily see the Wi-Fi password displayed neatly on the screen. You can completely change them. Run a network diagnostic to see if your Wi-Fi network is secure or is it vulnerable to attack.

To increase the level of protection, consider turning WPS on or off. Changing Wi-Fi with a stronger and more unpredictable password, such as 244466666. It classifies network types into three main icons. The first symbol is a question mark. It means it enables the WPS protocol with an unknown Pin. The application will allow us to perform tests with normal Pin codes.

If the Pin code is entered correctly, the user will connect to Wi-Fi. The second icon is a green checkmark. Whichever network displays this icon means that the network is most vulnerable to attack. It means that the network has WPS enabled; it also reveals the password. Or, it could also be the case with unknown passwords with WPS enabled. Meanwhile, the red cross represents the highest level of security.

It means that WPS is disabled, and the password is unknown. But there is one condition for you to see the password is to act as the root user. The publisher also noted that this software is not 100% accurate, but only approximate. So users can consider commenting.

What is the WPS of the Router?

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a new standard for secure wireless network setup. If you had to set it up in the past, WPS makes it much simpler to do.

When you turn on WPS, you will not need a username, password, or anything else, but through WPS on the modem and the WPS function on the device to connect. They design WPS to support Wi-Fi products ranging from 802.11 Access Point, wireless adapters, Wi-Fi phones, and other consumer electronic devices.

If you notice on your modem or router or there is a button that says WPS to press, it performs the above function. WPS can configure the network name (SSID) and password for access points. You need not know and memorize the SSID and security keys or passphrases when activating the WPS device.

Another good thing is that because it is generated randomly, no one can guess your security keys. However, to use WPS, all Wi-Fi devices on the network must be certified to be WPS compatible. Otherwise, you cannot take advantage of the advantages of WPS. The technology is relatively new, not all manufacturers will support WPS technology.

How to Use WPS App Pro?

WPS App Pro is the perfect app for anyone who wants to find out information about their Wi-Fi connection and confirm its security. With WPS App, you can check whether or not your wireless network is secure. Many people are concerned about their home network connection or want to check if someone is using a Wi-Fi network connection without permission.

Therefore, WPS App has been designed for people to find out information and monitor the network connection easily and conveniently right on their Android device. In the application’s Networks tab, users can view any available network connections, including their own and IP addresses, and each type of encryption of each connection.

The information on the devices displayed on the Devices tab includes the device number connected to your network line and the device type/model and IP address. In this way, you can easily find out who is using your network without asking for permission, disconnect that user, and control the network safely. Finally, the Channels tab analyzes the quality of the Wi-Fi channels.

When WPS App scans for nearby networks, you will see many networks with red crosses. These are secure networks and all hacking attempts are in vain. The networks that appear with question marks have enabled WPS protocol, but with unknown pin codes.

Here, the application allows you to check the most common pin codes. The networks have a green tick signifying that it enables the WPS protocol. They are susceptible to attack and have a high success rate. If you are concerned about the safety of your home network, then download WPS App and experience all the useful features that the application offers.

WPS WPA Tester Premium supports Android users to find the Wi-Fi password that was previously connected through a PIN and without root. The advantage of this tool is to perform the password retrieval process quickly with a higher probability of success than other tools.

WPS WPA Tester Premium will show a lock icon in green, meaning that the WPS feature on the router is enabled. You can find the password again by PIN. If the icon is red, then this is not possible. Many times you need to go to Facebook but cannot find any Wi-Fi network. So, WPS WPA Tester Premium is the tool for you.

Final Words

With WPS App Pro MOD APK, users can check the most important aspects of an Internet connection quickly and. This protocol allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network using an eight-digit pin, usually pre-installed in the router.

The app uses this pin to connect and check if the network is secure or not. It implements several algorithms for generating pin codes and computes the default key for some routers. It allows users to view Wi-Fi passwords stored on the device, scan devices that are currently connected to the network, and analyze the quality of Wi-Fi channels.

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