X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK 12.2.0 (All Unlocked)

X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK 12.2.0 (All Unlocked)

February 24, 2024


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Microsoft has officially launched the flight simulator game X-Plane Flight Simulator with an enormous capacity of up to two million GB at a price of up to $60 for the Standard Edition. This price is quite large for many global gamers. But it is worthwhile for a blockbuster weighing 2 million GB that has been cherished for 14 years. Through the following article, we will guide how to play X-Plane Flight Simulator.

X-Plane Flight Simulator features 24 challenges, from emergencies to real aerial battles. There are also nine more tutorials teaching players how to take off and land safely. You will face typical traffic situations to fly a plane straight.

General Information

X-Plane Flight Simulator is a flight simulator game developed by Laminar Research and released by Xbox The Gamer Studio only for computers using Microsoft Windows and Xbox operating systems. They sell the game for the cheapest price of $60 on the Microsoft homepage. The reason this game has a capacity of up to two million GB is that Microsoft uses its innovative technology to reproduce the entire Earth’s surface and put it in this game. The game comes with over 37,000 airports, 1.5 billion buildings, two trillion trees, mountains, roads, and rivers.

The game also offers an integrated traffic system, weather, and real-time operation. For example, you are in New York City and play this game at 4 pm when it is raining. So, you play the game and choose the location of New York City. The game also simulates the rainy weather like in proper life. The interiors of Boeing and Airbus aircraft have lifelike designs that are simulated in great detail.

However, users will not have to download the entire two million GB of X-Plane Flight Simulator space. Instead, the game’s data will be stored on Microsoft Azure’s cloud server and you just need to download the actual capacity to more than 100GB. To play this terrible game, you also need a pretty good configuration and a stable network connection of at least 5Mbps. Below is the minimum sufficient and ideal configuration table you will need to run X-Plane Flight Simulator 2020.

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Tips and Tricks to Play X-Plane Flight Simulator?

Easier control when using the handle

You can play with the keyboard and mouse. During the control process, using the keyboard and mouse is basic when playing X-Plane Flight Simulator. However, if you play on a laptop, some laptops lack a numeric keypad and you need a separate one. But you may not always have your keyboard and mouse with you.

Or you can dig into the console and edit it to suit the keyboard. But you can carry a gamepad with you to play games as it works a lot well. The joystick is best, but only for stationary PCs.

X Plane Flight Simulator screen 1

You need good hardware specs

The official minimum hardware specifications for the X-Plane Flight Simulator are a Core i5-4460 CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 (or Radeon RX 570), and 8GB of RAM. With a PC, it is easy. But for laptops, you should use games like Alienware, Asus Rog, Acer Predator, Acer Nitro, or at least a Lenovo Gaming. And do not forget your hard drive must be at least 130GB free.

MacOS gamers could not play MCS yet

You cannot play this game on devices using macOS operating systems. And unlike some other software like Skype or Office, macOS operating system has a game called X-Plane, but not as advanced.

Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft video game subscription service for use with Xbox One and Windows 10 consoles. They usually sell the Game Pass for PC and Game Pass Ultimate versions, including Microsoft Flight Simulator for $60 (about $1 million). Game Pass for PC is currently priced at $5 per month for a limited time and Game Pass Ultimate, including PC and Xbox games.

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Game Highlights

The updated version of the X-Plane Flight Simulator features online multiplayer, combat missions, emergencies, detailed gameplay instructions, a 3D cockpit, and many other enhancements. The realism and impact of X-Plane Flight Simulator’s graphics, sound and gameplay platforms make PC players jealous.

Download X-Plane Flight Simulator for free on your iPhone/iPad to enter the world of planes, transport vehicles, helicopters, gliders, and fighters. They recreate all these features on the screen of an iDevice mobile device.

X-Plane Flight Simulator is based on the most powerful and realistic aircraft models in the world, similar to the ones used by companies like NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. With these standard models, it will immerse players in exciting clouds flying, passing Hawaii, Alaska, Austria, and many other beautiful lands.

The experience of being in the cockpit with the X-Plane Flight Simulator is always special. This simulator offers a realistic look for serious aircraft fans with thousands of airports, rich landscapes, and weather that simulate realistic cities. Even beginners can top with easy-to-understand tutorials.

While the setup will take some time, once you sit in one of the seven aircraft models the game offers, you will find the wait time is worth it. X-Plane Flight Simulator brings a completely new interface, accessible to any audience at any level. This simulator is recommended by professional pilots around the world and can be a reference model for people who want to venture into the air transport industry.

With impressive, detailed graphics, people passionate about flying will instantly immerse themselves in the virtual world and forget their grim current life.

X Plane Flight Simulator screen 3

Microsoft has just released the super-realistic flight simulator game with a super capacity of up to two million GB, the X-Plane Flight Simulator. But it is only available on PC. And for Android gamers who still want to be a pilot, free to fly a plane roaming the sky, download Infinite Flight. It is one of the best and real robot driving simulation games on mobile.

Infinite Flight offers the most complete, complete flight simulation experience. Players will discover high-definition landscapes in regions around the world. Adjust each flight by choosing a time of day, weather, and your aircraft profiles and weight.

Infinite Flight is a flight simulator game on Android and iOS mobile platforms that players experience becoming a pilot, exploring the landscape from an unprecedented height, and crossing areas across the world with many aircraft types. You can design each flight by choosing flight time, weather conditions, and aircraft weight.

Infinite Flight offers dozens of aircraft with a diverse fleet, including civilian and military aircraft, bringing players to a wide variety of regions with high-resolution satellite imagery, authentic terrain, and all major airports with the detailed runway and taxi layouts.

Infinite Flight allows players to customize the time of day and true weather, atmosphere with the sun, moon, and stars. The Autopilot system supports adjusting all flight parameters, NAV mode to follow your flight plan, and an advanced replay system.

Final Words

In X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK, some small things are simplified but still bring very impressive experiences. It is not until about half of the instruction videos on YouTube show you must start encountering things that do not seem like reality. For example, if you rotate all the flight control knobs to the left, the aircraft in the game will fly to the right. In reality, the aircraft will continue to go in the direction. One point that makes us love X-Plane Flight Simulator is that it is possible to have an A320 at no extra charge.

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