Yandex Navigator MOD APK 17.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Yandex Navigator MOD APK 17.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)

February 21, 2024

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For those of you who are having troubles navigating on the roads, Yandex Navigator is definitely a great mobile app for you to make use of.


To make sure that you’re always on the right track and are heading toward the proper routes, it’s important to have good navigation skills and the right maps. However, not everyone can be an expert navigator. Hence, it’s always nice to have the capable navigator apps available on your mobile devices to help you with your navigating tasks.

And speaking of which, with this awesome mobile app of Yandex Navigator, Android users will have themselves one of the best navigation tools. Simply enter the app and start enabling its many features so you can have the safest and most comfortable rides. Make good uses of the many utilities and advantages from the app, which will allow it to stand out from other navigation tools.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app from Intertech Services AG and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

With Yandex Navigator, Android users will have themselves one of the best tools for navigating whenever they’re staying on the roads. Here, the app will make sure that you’re getting all the routes toward certain destinations. And depending on your current locations, you can easily find the best options to continue moving forward. Always find yourself in the right tracks and move accordingly in Yandex Navigator.

Have no troubles enjoying the simple and intuitive mobile app of Yandex Navigator. Enjoy making the most of the optimal routes provided by the app. Always drive safely and comfortably, thanks to the great options. Have no troubles saving your money and time by using the smart features in Yandex Navigator. Make good uses of the many voice commands for your different in-app experiences.

Have all your important locations and destinations saved into Yandex Navigator for an improved experience over time. Make the most of the convenient Yandex Auto and Yandex Music integrations for better driving experiences. Feel free to interact with and customize the different maps. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free version of Yandex Navigator from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users to enjoy. Simply enter the app and start making use of its many features whenever you want. Just keep in mind that the freemium app will come with forced ads that might bother you a little bit. Not to mention that the premium app will require in-app purchases that you need to pay for.

Here, most of the in-app features will require certain access permissions from your Android devices in order to function properly. So, make sure to always consider the prompting requests upon your first time entering the app.

Also, it’s highly recommended that you have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and up, which will greatly improve the in-app stability and its overall compatibility on your system.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and easy to use

To start with, Yandex Navigator users will have themselves the most simple and accessible mobile app to have on their Android devices. Here, the intuitive app UI and accessible features will allow you to enjoy comfortable navigations on the go. Simply enter the app and choose your preferred starting points and destinations, as the app automatically plans the right routes for you. Feel free to follow the instructions to get on the road and continue moving accordingly. And you can always look for the common locations in Yandex Navigator, using the quick searches, to immediately take you to the certain places of your choices.

Provide the optimal routes to your destinations

For those of you who are interested, you can now have all the optimal routes presented to you in the app. Have no troubles using Yandex Navigator to help drivers find the best routes to their certain directions. Here, the app takes into consideration the traffic jams, accidents, road hazards, and other difficulties that might affect your driving experiences. Thus, providing you with the optimal options to continue moving. Feel free to use the application to plot your routes and choose between up to three variants of your journey. In addition, you can choose to enable or disable toll roads to enjoy driving without any concerns. The option is also available for truck restrictions, as Yandex Navigator helps you avoid the common routes for trucks and trailers.

Drive safely with speed limits and speed camera warnings

By enabling the speed limits, Yandex Navigator will allow Android users to drive safely and comfortably. Here, you can avoid getting into accident by exceeding the allowed speed and also stay away from the speed cameras, which will cost you some tickets. Here, the smart speed control features in Yandex Navigator will make sure that you’re having the best experiences on the roads without breaking the laws.

Improve your experiences with smart features.

To further save your money, Yandex Navigator will provide mobile users with smart features for better in-app experiences. Have no troubles paying for gas bills directly from your car without having to get down. Enjoy searching for the parking lots and compare prices between them to find the most optimal locations. The list goes on.

Make good uses of the voice commands

For those of you who are interested, you can now make good use of the many voice commands in Yandex Navigator. Have no troubles using the voice prompts that will guide you throughout the roads. And feel free to display the routes on your device’s screen, so you can easily follow your path. In addition, you can also find the total minutes and kilometers left on your journeys to avoid false anticipations.

The voiced interactions will allow Yandex Navigator users to enjoy navigating without having to take their hands off the wheels and their eyes off the roads. All you need is to say “Hey, Yandex” to activate the feature and the app will be ready to listen to your many commands. Tell it to take you to certain destinations, navigate the routes, measure the distances, estimate the time of arrival, and so on. You can even allow the app to actively provide you with important updates, including the warnings on speed limits, severe weathers, road events, and so on. Thus, improving your overall experiences on the roads.

Save your recent and favorite destinations

To improve your in-app interactions, Yandex Navigator users can now make uses of the convenient tools for interacting with the locations and destinations. Here, you can have all the recent destinations automatically saved to the app and can be easily reviewed from the history menu. Or alternatively, it’s possible to save all your important destinations, routes, and locations to the app, so you can easily review them later on.

Enable cloud saves for better in-app experiences

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the convenient cloud saves in Yandex Navigator, which will allow Android users to comfortably work with the app on their mobile devices. Simply enable the online saves to protect your important data and have them synchronized between your many systems easily.

Accompany your vehicle with Yandex Auto

For the drivers who are having troubles navigating on the roads, the useful mobile app of Yandex Navigator can easily connect to their car, using Yandex Auto. As a result, the app will allow you to display the navigations via the car’s screen and provide voiced instructions via the car’s speakers. Enjoy interacting with the app directly from the display whenever needed.

Inbuilt Yandex Music for tracks and podcasts

Here in Yandex Navigator, Android users can also enjoy its complete integration with Yandex Music. Here, the amazing mobile app will provide you with amazing audio tracks and high-quality podcasts, which you can stream directly to your cars. Enjoy driving while playing your favorite music and audio pieces from the mobile devices.

Feel free to customize your maps

To make better uses of the mobile application, Yandex Navigator will provide mobile users with many options for customizing their map. Feel free to choose your map types with different options for the Road, Satellite, 3D, 2D views, and so on. Have no troubles using Yandex Navigator for multiple elements that you can display. Enjoy customizing your map interactions with many touch and gesture settings, together with the useful voice commands.

Offer the convenient Night Mode

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the convenient Night Mode in Yandex Navigator, which will provide mobile users with better in-app UI and visual experiences. Have no troubles using the casual Day mode with better visibility during the days. And enable the Night mode to protect your eyes during the nights.

Download maps to get directions offline

To make the app more accessible, Yandex Navigator users can now quickly download maps to get their own directions offline. Simply enter the app and select the option to immediately have the map data downloaded via the available connections. This will allow you to make the most of the application whenever and wherever you want.

Available in many countries

The many useful and advanced features in Yandex Navigator will be available for users in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, and updating. With the incoming updates, you can have more users from worldwide countries enjoying Yandex Navigator and its handful of brilliant tools and features.

Offer the convenient widget uses

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the convenient widget uses of Yandex Navigator on all your mobile devices. Simply enter the app to have the Yandex search widgets available at the home menu, or be able to track your movements without having to turn on the mobile app. All of which will make Yandex Navigator a lot more convenient and accessible for mobile users.

Available in different languages

With the app being available in different languages of English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, French, and more, mobile users will have no troubles using its features and make the most of their implementations. Not to mention that the updating localizations will also make the app more accessible.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the awesome mobile app of Yandex Navigator but don’t wish to pay for ads and in-app purchases, then you might want to consider the modded version of the app on our website instead. Here, we offer the Premium Unlocked application with removed ads and unlimited features, which you can get for free. All it takes is for you to download the Yandex Navigator Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdicts

With convenient tools and useful features, together with the amazing implementations, Yandex Navigator will make a great navigation app for drivers to travel safely and conveniently on the roads. Feel free to use the app to plan your routes, find the locations, stay engaged to the traffics, and so on.

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