Zombie Road Trip 3.30 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Zombie Road Trip 3.30 (MOD Unlimited Money)

April 2, 2020


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Unlimited Money

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The game introduces Android gamers to the old but gold concept of the zombie apocalypse. Find yourself driving your trusted vehicle on the faces of the scorching deserts looking for a place to stay.

With a bunch of different zombies chasing after you and hundreds of them wandering around the paths to your save location, it’ll be a serious challenge as you’ll have to try to eliminate the blocking zombies, get past the obstacles during the ride, and maintain a good speed to stay away from the hungry zombies in the back.

Make uses of the awesome upgrades to power up your cars, unlock powerful weapons to take down the blocking obstacles and zombies, unlock new cars with better stats, and collect various buffs to help you in your journey.

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Gamers in Zombie Road Trip will find themselves having access to the exciting gameplay as they try their best to escape the nasty zombies. Avoid their clever attacks as you ride on various maps with unique terrains and obstacles.

Give them a simple shove with your car or smash them up with a direct hit. Do whatever you have to do to stay away from those nasty creatures. But make sure that you keep in mind at your car’s current state to ensure that it’s still ok.

Keep running and running from locations to locations. As the zombie plague sweep through, there will be no place that’s safe enough for you to stay long. Just keep moving and try your best to survive the endless challenges in the game.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features in the game:

Simple and intuitive controls with adjustable options

To start with, gamers in Zombies Road Trip will find themselves getting familiar with the game relatively quick thanks to the simple and intuitive controls. That being said, you’ll also have the option to change the controls using virtual buttons and tilt controls. The choices are varied depending on your preferences. Feel free to enjoy the game how you wanted.

Travel to multiple maps with different landscapes

The game will take you through a variety of different maps with unique landscapes, each place features its own traits and challenges. In addition, with the fully randomize terrains featuring new obstacles every turn, each of your challenges will feel like they’re brand new. Hence, you’ll need to master the controls instead of memorizing the maps, in order to win against your enemies.

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Pick up various weapons to eliminate the zombies

For those who’re interested, Zombie Road Trip also introduces gamers to a variety of different weapons that they can make uses of during their great escapes. That being said, you can pick up your favorite one between the 10 different available weapons. Cut down the zombies with your instant laser beam or shred them into pieces with endless lines of bullets. The choices are all yours to make.

Unlock new vehicles to increase your chances of surviving

In addition, the game also comes with multiple vehicles from the normal to the most exotic “cars”. That being said, you can find yourself riding on a motorbike, a modified supercar, a unicorn, a motorboat, to the epic Trojan horse, the exotic alien, or werewolf. That being said, in Zombie Road Trip, everything can be ridable if you dare to. So don’t hesitate to choose your favorite from more than 34 different available vehicles.

Enjoy the game with the available add-ons

On top of that, unlike any other games, Zombie Road Trip also features 8 different add-ons that you and pick up. These will completely change the ways you enjoy the game with many unique changes. So make sure that you’re ready for them.

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Perform awesome stunts on your cars to earn more coins

And for those who’re interested, Zombie Road Trip comes with a collection of epic stunts that you can try on your cars. Of course, it’ll also depend on the shape and build of your cars, which are usually quite ridiculous. Nonetheless, you’re still able to do your mid-air flips and earn awesome bonuses whenever you want. Just make sure that you land carefully, otherwise, you’ll lose your life to the hungry zombies behind.

Multiple achievements and challenges to complete

Along with the exciting gameplay, Zombie Road Trip also features a variety of different achievements and challenges that you can choose to complete. These would be some great chances to earn yourself the unique rewards that none other challenges can give you. Not to mention that if you can finish those challenges, you’ll earn serious bragging rights with your friends.

Compete with friends and online gamers in the leaderboards

And speaking of friends, gamers in Zombie Road Trip are also allowed to pick up their online gameplay with friends and online gamers. That being said, you can either compete in the leaderboards or take on the endless driving challenges to see who can get the best of each other.

To connect the game with friends, just simply link the game to your social account and you’ll be able to see all of your friends who’re playing it.

Free to play

And despite all the amazing features, the game is still free for all Android users to enjoy, which is quite surprising. Having said that, you can easily locate it on the Google Play Store. Just tap on the install button and you can quickly have it ready on your mobile devices.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

However, since the game still features in-app purchases and some advertisements, many of you might find it quite annoying. Thus, you might want to change the game a little bit by installing our mod instead.

With it, you’ll have the game completely unlocked, which means that there will be no ads or in-app purchases to bother you. Everything is completely free and free. Just download and install the Zombie Road Trip Mod APK on our website and you’ll have every ready.

Visual and sound quality


Enjoy the thrilling and addictive zombie escape gameplay with the dynamic zombie demolition physics on Zombie Road Trip. Here, you can find yourself smashing through the line of zombies with your powerful car engines, sending them all over the places. In addition, the high-definition and detailed graphics also allow Android gamers to truly enjoy the game. Not to mention that its undemanding graphics will ensure that your low-end devices can still play the game smoothly and enjoyably.


Dive into the endless survival runs in Zombie Road Trip as you help to guide your character to his safe. Using the powerful engines to shove them off, crush them with your guns, and blow them up with the incredible rockets. The realistic sound effects will make everything extra realistic and fun.

Download Zombie Road Trip Mod latest 3.30 Android APK

Fans of the famous Earn to Die and Earn to Die 3 will certainly enjoy themselves in this latest game of Zombie Road Trip. Find yourself in for an epic adventure, taking down zombies as you go, picking multiple vehicles, and trying out all kinds of weapons and buffs. And of course, enjoy the completely free gameplay on our mod whenever you want.

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