3D Driving Class MOD APK 31.104 (Unlimited Money)

3D Driving Class MOD APK 31.104 (Unlimited Money)

John 3:16 Unlimited Money

3D Driving Class is a popular car driving simulation game. Not only that, but the game can also change vehicles to motorcycle games. It is one of the best racing game genres. The game currently attracts over ten million downloads worldwide. The game comes with a diversity of maps, a variety of vehicles, and many unique features such as changing tires and repairing cars.

3D Driving Class also has diverse controls including accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel simulation. You will have nice 3D graphics that simulate the rider’s perspective, giving you a real driving experience. In particular, the game is like a guide to how to drive a car, the most basic.

General Information

They build a 3D Driving Class to train you to become an excellent driver. Your driving school environment ranges from magnificent cities of Berlin, London, Paris, and even the countryside. The graphics in the game are nice. You can control six types of vehicles as BMW, Honda, Scooter, Jeep, and Truck to pass 21 tests with three levels from easy to difficult. Unlike current racing games, know the traffic rules such as if you want to turn, you must signal. When driving, you will have a teacher follow you and when you break the law, his face will be very unsightly.

In the game, there are some oddities. For example, when you drive a BMW and crash a motorbike driver, it throws him out of the car. But only a few seconds later, you will watch a slow-motion video of the driver turning back into the car and keeping going. The sound in the game is also acceptable, such as the sound of the car running, the siren, and the signal light.

They build this game both for entertainment but also for educational meaning. So, we can ignore these weird things. If you feel you are good at driving and you do not want to test anymore, there is a Free Run mode in the game. With this mode, you will freely drive in the direction you like, such as visiting the magnificent cities with the roads you wish to set foot on.

How to Play 3D Driving Class?

Do you want to get a driving license and save time and money? 3D Driving Class is the driving simulation software with fine 3D graphics, easy-to-understand operations, and simulation with actual cars. Compared with many racing games, 3D Driving Class has many spectacular features.

3D Driving Class will help you master basic driving concepts such as turning, giving way to other traffic, parking under lights, and checking the rearview mirror. You can choose the third-person perspective and the first-person perspective to choose how suits you best.

In 3D Driving Class, we practice in big cities, with streets and signs, buildings, pedestrians, and other cars. The pupil sits in the car’s cockpit and walks through the simulated world. We must obey all the traffic rules. According to the acoustic guidance of the driving instructor, the learner driver encountered a variety of problems, such as granting the right of way, stopping, and observing the speed limit. Important realities must also be respected here, such as correct speed, signals, and brakes, attention to signs, the appearance of mirrors, or correct detection.

3D Driving Class understands that no two road trips will be the same. We can customize its simulations to reflect a range of different situations. For example, you will change the traffic volume to practice driving on quiet or busy roads. You can also add simulated rainfall with the consequent reduction in visibility and increased slipperiness. It also includes snow and night options to capture many driving conditions. If you are looking for an app to practice theory, we recommend you to download this game immediately.

It may be more appropriate to use teaching software to define this program. It features rigorous traffic regulations, complicated road conditions, a perfect driving license examination system, humanized coaching coaches, and a variety of actual cars and motorcycles. There is not much easy-to-use driving simulation software like 3D Driving Class. It lets players experience the details and precautions of driving operations in actual driving. The game is very suitable for learning to drive. Little buddies.

Key Features

Get the driving experience step by step in the small town. In this town, get ready to practice on the training ground, parking, driving cross traffic lights, turning right, and detection. Our virtual driving instructor has always kept his nerves. You can also drive in rain, snow and at night. You must know when to turn on the headlights and windshield wipers. We have city traffic in Berlin with hybrid rules and higher traffic density. You need horns when driving.

We also have designated special driving such as off-road tours on our secondary roads and large European highways connecting Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. In the European version, we are now also driving across Switzerland. Vehicle fleets for different driver license levels: Class B (5 vehicles), Class S (2 four-wheelers), Class A (3 motorcycles), A1, and our Pantheon scooter.

For driving on the left side of London, we have special signal rules and new road signs require all your knowledge. With defensive training in Paris, do not let yourself be irritated by our traffic noise. Also, we can experience the Virtual Madrid night tour. It is in the virtual historical city of Ghent, Belgium. The police game is suitable for people who like to drive faster.

The game needs to be controlled through the keyboard and mouse. Or you can use a DIY steering wheel with pedals. After the exercise, you will receive a report detailing your driving error. Statistics provide information about individual weaknesses. Or you can swing in the scene. You can even delete instructions from the driving instructor.

Recommended Alternative: Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer is a game that simulates a parking lot. Here is how to play in the parking lot. You can master the basic operation of the car or perform car traffic exercises on the multiplayer online. Then, you can also chat, have virtual parking gameplay, and feel the real 3D world. Especially use the driver’s unique skills to park the car in a proper position.

Car Parking Multiplayer is a game where there is proper city traffic and parking lot planning layout. You can enjoy the real parking world and drive the car here to park the car at the designated location. With multi-person parking simulation, you need to find a place to park in the gaps of many parking spaces. The game tests the driving skills of the old drivers. You can also collect cars when parking to enhance the fun of the game.

Players can own multiple luxury cars and enjoy the fun of car owners. World-famous cars and various simulation models can be driven here. Besides parking, we can connect multiple people online. The game is rich in fun. It not only has multiplayer online support. The old drivers can also win under the challenge of multiple masters and show their true driving skills and abilities.

Final Words

3D Driving Class is a casual game based on classic car driving where players will experience real car driving firsthand. The game comes with realistic graphics and operating systems. You will learn to drive in the mode required by the driving school. It allows players to better learn how to drive.

3D Driving Class is a racing simulation casual game that players can simulate various car truck driving. The game features a variety of different car models with new skins and styles. It also supports the third and first perspective driving experience. All kinds of road conditions will wait for you to conquer the scene. Always complete tasks through challenging levels to get gold coins to unlock more advanced vehicles.

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