Rush Rally 3 MOD APK v1.157 (Unlimited Money)

Rush Rally 3 MOD APK v1.157 (Unlimited Money)

January 24, 2024


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The Android with its tilt functionality and the touchscreen is undoubtedly a great platform for racing games. And speaking of high-speed racing, Rush Rally 3 is definitely a great game to enjoy at your free times. Find out all about this awesome racing title with our review.


Join the journey of a passionate racer who always dream that one day he could become a great driver at the World Rally Tournament. Follow his adventure, you’ll learn about the aspects of a racer’s life as well as the experience behind the wheel while riding at an extreme speed.

With realistic and dynamic elements, the game is undoubtedly one of the best racing games that are available on Google Play Store.


Here are some of the best features on Rush Rally 3 that you’ll definitely fell in love with:

Realistic experiences

Although it’s only an Android game, you’ll have the experiences of playing a AAA title on your console or PC. With a smooth FPS of over 60, every turn and curve you make would be extremely satisfying. On top of that, Rush Rally 3 features up to 72 different stages with different racing tracks. Hence, you can experience the joyful racing gameplay on different maps and terrain.

In additions, the game features a huge collection of different cars for players to gain access to and explore. The realistic racing mechanics allows gamers to truly immerse themselves into the thrilling actions of the world-class racers. As you get yourself deep into the tournaments, you’ll notice that your vehicle would gradually get deformation. As a result, you must take a good care of your car if you want it to stay functional throughout the tournament.

Rush Rally 3 screenshot 1

Challenges world-class racers in the tournaments

For those who love to learn about the many aspects of a racer, you can join the career mode, in which you’ll start as a fresh recruit in your team. Do your best to prove yourself and earn valuable titles as well as prizes. Your ultimate goal should be gaining the title of “World Champion”. You can do that by keep challenging the best racers in the world and improve your skills while keeping your gears upgraded.

Each tournament in Rush Rally 3 is extremely realistic as it follows the rules of an actual tournament. You’ll have to get yourself through the group stages in order to reach the finals.

Explore the garage

Tweaking and customizing your cars have never been so much fun with the Garage mode in Rush Rally 3. You can literally make hundreds of upgrades and customizations on your cars to make them more powerful as well as having a cooler look.

The options range from the main components like wheels, motors, handles, to even the windshield. And you must take a good advantage of the upgrades to make your car more efficient in different tracks. For example, if you’re riding in the winter, it’s best to put on snow wheels to increase the friction. In additions, you can also change the color of every item on your ride to make it stand out from the others.

Rush Rally 3 screenshot 3

Join millions of gamers online or compete with your friends

Apart from the offline gameplay, you can also join millions of different players from all over the world competing for the champion titles. That being said, the game supports real-time racing online racing as long as your devices are connected to the internet. To follow your progress, you can track your position on the leaderboard to see how well do you do against the other. In additions, you can choose to play online matches with real players even when they’re not online using the Ghost racing features.

For those who like to race against their friends, you can log in using your social accounts and join the races with any friends that you wish to go against.

Customizable controls

The touchscreen and tilt functionality on Android devices allows the developer to provide a dynamic control in Rush Rally. As a result, the game becomes a lot more fun and consistent. In additions, you can customize the control options by going to the settings and drags the buttons to your desired positions on the screen.

Rush Rally 3 screenshot 2


The game features amazing 3D graphics with an incredible level of details and dynamic. You’ll feel like you’re actually in a race, especially when you’re playing in a big screen with high definition resolution. Being able to maintain the average fps of 60 is also a major improvement for Rush Rally 3, as you would only get the average of 30 fps on most current titles.

Having a better fps means that your games would run smoother and the overall experiences would be undoubtedly more satisfying. The transitions, visual effects, all would become more natural. In additions, you’ll get realistic environmental effects with mud shooting off your wheels while riding on wet conditions. And every time you make a crash with your opponents, you can even see the sparkles.


The game features immersive music tracks that immediately get you into the racing mood. Right the menu, you can listen to energetic songs which would make you want to take the wheel right away. During your races, most of the physical contacts are accurately depicted with realistic sound effects including the car crashes, collisions, sounds of your engines, and the cheering sounds of the crowd. All adds a great level of excitement for the game.

Final thoughts

The game is extremely fun and entertaining and would be a perfect choice for spending a couple minutes of your time. Those who love playing racing games on their PC or console would probably surprise of how much excitement you could get from racing games on Android devices. All thanks to the creators of Rush Rally 3.

That being said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t download and install the game on your devices right away.

Download Rush Rally 3 Mod latest 1.157 Android APK

You can Rush Rally 3 on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and, respectively. Just download Rush Rally 3 on Apkdone and install it. The game does come with optional in-app purchases and some usual ads, but they wouldn’t have too many effects on your gaming experiences. Plus, you can purchase other items later in the game too.

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