Nitro Nation MOD APK 7.9.6 (Always Perfect, Time Delay)

Nitro Nation MOD APK 7.9.6 (Always Perfect, Time Delay)

March 1, 2024


Additional Information
Google Play ID
Creative Mobile Games
1.83 GB
MOD Features
2. Always Perfect Launch/Shift // Launch/Shift is always perfect
3. Auto Perfect Shift – Green // Hack automatically shifts your gear in the Green Zone
4. Auto Perfect Shift – Red // Hack automatically shifts your gear in the Red Zone (for some advanced cars)
5. Time Delay // Choose a time delay between 0 to 1000ms to make the gear shift seem natural (legit)

Experience this awesome racing gameplay in Nitro Nation as you pick up the world’s most incredible supercars and ride it to the horizon by making the most out of the engines. Participate in intense races where speed is all that you should care about. That being said, the game introduces gamers to extremely short races which allow participants to race with each other to find out who has the better technique as well as better cars. Timer perfectly to switch your gears and increase your speed to the max. Find out more about this amazing game from Creative Mobile Games with our reviews.


In the game, you’ll join the ultimate journey of a daring street racer who dreams of riding on the fastest cars in the whole world while challenging other great racers for the championship. Here, you can hop on multiple vehicles with varied stats and features while racing to the finish line in your top speed. No turning or drifting, your main concern is to deliver the best performances on your cars by allowing it to reach the maximum speed as quick as possible. Since the tracks are only ¼ mile short, you’ll have to be quick and accurate. In addition, the game is also your perfect chance to pick up some useful knowledge about upgrading cars and the tuning that you could try on it. Combine all of these to achieve the best speed that you can have on your cars. Take them out for a ride and defeat your opponent in dominating fashions.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Multiple vehicles to choose

To start with, gamers in Nitro Nation will find themselves having access with multiple cars that fall into different categories including Classic, Modern, Sportscar, and more. Each car will have its own stats and traits that’re different from the others. In addition, higher-tier vehicles will also perform better compare to their counterparts. So make sure you collect enough cash to purchases the best cars. With more than 100 different cars that were based on real-life designs, gamers will find themselves having access to some of the most desirable vehicles from famous brands like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and more. Feel free to pick whatever you like and let’s hit the road.

Explore the awesome upgrade options

In addition, gamers in Nitro Nation are also introduced to the awesome upgrades that they could perform on their cars. With 33 different available components that come in 3 different tiers, gamers in Nitro Nation are free to let their imaginations shine. Come up with multiple upgrades on your cars so you can make the most of its powers. Make your dream of ridding behind a super-speed Subaru possible by having the best upgrades on it. And whatever you do, make sure that the upgrades are worth it.

Customize your ride with unique looks

On top of that, the game also features the exciting personal customizations that you can apply on your cars. Start by changing the paint colors or adding new graphics, you can also change the rims, bumpers and more. Feel free to let your creativity do the job and drive the most prestigious rides to the streets.

Realistic and authentic racing game

Find yourself racing with the incredible CarX Physics Engine that allows you to experience the most realistic and enjoyable gameplay. With everything look just like they do in real life, it’ll sometimes hard to tell whether you’re playing a game or actually driving. In addition, before each races, you’re also given the option to freely tune your car with detailed specs. Take a look at the immersive graphs and charts to extend your knowledge on cars.

Fair game with no performance advantages

And if you’re looking for an absolute fair racing title where all gamers are equal, then Nitro Nation is definitely a perfect game to enjoy. With no ridiculous stuffs like the limited “fuel” or “premium” upgrades, gamers can easily find themselves enjoy the game without having to pay anything for in-app purchases. It all depends on your skills and dedications as a driver and mechanic.

Take on multiple racing challenges as you learn to become the best

Gamers in Nitro Nation will have the chances to take on the ultimate career mode where you’ll need to go through a series of epic driving challenges. Find yourself racing against players with varied skills and experiences. Take on any challenges that come at you in Nitro Nation and thrive over them to become the best. Learn everything you need to know in your paths to claim the world championship title.

Unlock new racing tracks as you go

And to make the races a lot more interesting, you’re also allowed to participate in epic races in multiple tracks along your journey. Find yourself racing in multiple tournaments and unlock new racing tracks whenever you go. Feel free to ride on whichever you choose.

Challenge online racers in epic gameplay

And if you find the offline gameplay not so challenging anymore, you can totally join other gamers in exciting online races. Pick up your favorite cars as you cruise the beautiful highway. Choose your preferred racing distances, and test your driving skills with some of the best Nitro Nation racers in this enjoyable online game. Feel free to create your own racing team and compete with other teams for the awesome loots. Join weekly tournaments as you work up the ranking tables. Reach the Worldwide Gold Elite Racing division as you become one of the big boys.

Interesting racing facts that you’ll fun surprising

In addition, to satisfy racing fans, the game also introduces interesting facts about cars, their upgrades, racing tournaments, and many more that you would find interesting. Learn how a famous model was created, useful tips that would be helpful during your rides, and more.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for Android gamers to enjoy. You just need to download and install it from Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Still, the game features in-app purchases and ads that you might find annoying.

Have the game completely unlocked with our mod

Hence, if you find these annoying, you might want to take a look at our amazing mod. With it, you’ll have the game completely unlocked so you can be free to make unlimited in-app purchases and get rid of the ads that’re bothering you. All you need to do is to download our Nitro Nation Mod APK and install it on your mobile devices.

Visual and sound quality


With stunning 3D graphics, it’s hard to find many games on the Android platform that share the same visual quality as Nitro Nation. This amazing game features immersive racing tracks, detailed vehicles, and awesome visual effects that would certainly entertain you. And most importantly, the smooth and satisfying physics will make each ride in Nitro Nation a lot more interesting.


Gamers in Nitro Nation will find themselves completely hooked to the races with the awesome sound effects, from the passionate cheering from the crowds, to the awesome engine roars. Everything will be extremely enjoyable and satisfying in Nitro Nation.

Download Nitro Nation Mod latest 7.9.6 Android APK

Racing fans will definitely find this game interesting, especially when they’re too familiar with the classic racing games in Asphalt or Need for Speed. That being said, other than racing, the game also allows gamers to experience the addictive tuning and configuring on their cars, which are extremely enjoyable.

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