CSR Racing MOD APK v5.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

CSR Racing MOD APK v5.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

February 22, 2024


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Unlimited Gold/Silver

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Fans of the world-famous drag racing game will now have the chances to experience the authentic and exciting gameplay of CSR Racing on their mobile devices. Get your hands on the wheels of the world most famous vehicles. Put your racing skills to the test by competing with the best drag racers from all over the world. Collect valuable loots and rewards to upgrade your cars. Find out more about this amazing game as we take a look at our comprehensive reviews.


In the game, players will play as a novice street racer who wishes to make it big in the city. Start by joining the underground racing world and put your skills to the test with the best drivers around. The game focus on speeding and upgrading your cars. Each car comes with a certain tier which you must work your best to get the higher-tier cars. The higher tier, the better speed and control your cars will offer.

There are two things that you must pay attention to in the game which are the money and skills. That’s all it takes to make it big in the city. You’ll need to collect as many gold and dollar as possible in order to make the upgrades and purchases possible. In addition, it’s also important that you hone your driving skills through many exciting driving challenges and modes. Develop diverse sets of skills to help you win against multiple enemies.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Choose your favorite ride among dozens of officially licensed cars

For the hardcore racing fans, CSR Racing is your best chances to get yourself behind the wheels of your favorite vehicles. That being said, the game features over 100 different cars which are all officially licensed. Here you’ll get to choose between dozens of your favorite cars that are all accurately-designed. Choose your favorite ride among the prestigious supercars from the world-famous manufacturers such as McLaren, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bugatti, and more.

Travel the city and take down the large crews

Gamers CSR Racing will start their journey by participating in small races around the neighborhood. Challenge the racing crews around you and take them down through crushing victories. Beat their bosses and rule the street as you advance to the next level.

Each crew in CSR Racing comes with a certain tier, start with the lower ones first. Once you’ve defeated the opponents, you’ll be promoted to higher tiers, which also means better cars, tougher challenges, and more skilled opponents.

Travel between different locations and have your racer takedown the strongest opponents. Earn valuable prizes and advance to the next locations.

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Choose the right parts and upgrades your cars

And along with having the better-tier cars, you can also improve your rides by having them upgraded using varied parts. Each car in CSR comes with seven parts that can be upgraded 5 times each. Choose to upgrade your engine for better speed overall, your turbo for better acceleration, nitrous for extreme speed boosts, the body for better sustain during collisions, new tires for better controls, and so on.

In facts, you can even take one some extreme upgrades that’re only available in this street racing game. That being said, you can take off unnecessary parts to reduce the weight of your cars, and more. The possibilities are limitless in CSR Racing.

Explore dozens of interesting customize options

And along with many exciting upgrades, players in CSR racing can also make uses of the exciting customizations that the game offers to “dress up” their cars. Start by choosing the cool custom paint for your cars. Select between dozens of models in the Paint shop or even have your cars painted using your own artistic creativity.

Or you could also give your car a new license plate. Carve on your favorite numbers and paint it with unique colors to make your cars stand out in the streets. You can even customize your engine and give it unique painting and parts to match your own theme.

And lastly, the game features awesome decals that can be easily put on your cars. Just select your favorite decals and have it on your cars in just a few minutes.

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Play the game in many exciting modes

Gamers in CSR Racing will never find themselves feeling bored as the game provides a lot of exciting game modes that would satisfy even the most skeptical players.

  • Regular races – start by enjoying the offline racing games as you participate in regulation races. Choose between three different difficulties and racing time, then go against the toughest crew members in your neighborhood. Collect valuable cash rewards, the more difficult the challenges, the better the prizes.
  • Daily Battles – For those who’re looking for quick and rewarding racing events, these races will definitely satisfy you. Gamers just need to play the game for a few minutes every day to collect awesome rewards. Every day, there will be certain events for you to enroll, with each event completed players will have the chances to unlock valuable prizes without having to do too much work.
  • Ladder Races – And if you want to take the game to another level, the Ladder Races should definitely satisfy you. Start by playing in simple races, the difficulties will slowly increase, allowing you to experience tougher challenges as you progress.
  • Crew Battles – This is your main gameplay and is where you’ll compete with the toughest crews on the underground world. Take them down and progress to higher levels. Unlock new Tier to have better cars and rewards.
  • High Stake – Once you’ve beaten the crew leader of a team for at least 3 times, this mode will be available. Gamers will have the chances to challenge the crew leaders in a bet in which they’ll earn money if they and lose the money if the leader wins.
  • Restricted Races – And if you think you’re good enough to take the races to the extreme, CSR Racing also offers restricted mode in which some of the cars stats and upgrades are not allowed. Hence, gamers must make uses of their skills instead of their better cars.
  • Car Specific – Race against other racers using a specific car model. Master all vehicles to beat the game.
  • Manufacturer Specific – It’s like Car Specific, but the choices are little more varied as you can choose cars from a single manufacturer.

Put your driving skills to the test in the big tournaments

Here in CSR Racing, gamers are also introduced to the exciting tournaments, in which you’ll get the chances to compete with the real racing monsters.

  • World Tour – Participate in the epic racing event and compete with other racers in varied racing modes. Have your racer drive in a total strange car that is given during the Test Drive. And compete with other racers using the same cars with identical stats. And after the World Tour, players can challenge others in a rematch if they think the results are unjust.
  • The International – Compete with the best racers in the biggest drag racing event. Ride on multiple cars in a series of ¼ mile races. All the results will be taken into consideration while deciding the winner. Or experience in the Replay events and drive on all the different cars in your collection. And finally, gamers and test their luck and skills in the Slingshot challenge. Have the random cars are given to you and your opponents and compete in a balanced race. The one with slower cars can have the right to start first.

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Enjoy the exciting online gameplay

And it would be a shame not to have online gameplay in such a great racing title right? That being said, in CSR Racing, players are also introduced to many exciting online racing games along with their offline challenges.

That being said, you can compete with friends who’re also playing the game by having your Facebook account connected. See your friend’s progress and challenge them in one-on-one races anytime. Take them down and show them who is the real boss.

In addition, the game also features the annual season mode where you can compete with online gamers for the grand prizes.

Collect valuable prizes in the game

CSR Racing is one of the few racing games that comes with awesome rewards. That being said, you can easily collect daily rewards by participating in daily races. Or take on the exciting racing events and win your valuable loots. Most importantly, all the best racers in CSR Racing all desire the seasonal prizes, which could tempt even the most skilled racers in the game.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play on the Android platform. Which means that you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices without any charges. In addition, the rewarding prizes also make it extremely exciting for online gamers.

Unlock unlimited gameplay with our mods

Still, some of you might find the in-app purchases somewhat bothering. Which is why we’re more than happy to deliver you our CSR Racing Mod APK that comes with all the incredible features that you would want.

That being said, you can easily make any purchase on the store without wasting your money, speed up your upgrade process and gain access to the supercars in no time. Find out more and more exciting options as you progress in CSR Racing.

Visual and sound quality


CSR Racing is one of the great racing game that you could enjoy on your mobile game without being disturbed by lags or stutters. Despite the beautiful 3D graphics, the game is still relatively optimized, making it possible for the game to be played on low-end devices.

Experience high-speed racing with accurate physics, mind-blowing visual effects, and more with CSR racing.


For the first time, gamers are exposed to the realistic street races in CSR Racing. Get ready to engage in authentic street races where you’ll be surrounded with trash talks from your opponents, crazy screams from the crowds, growling engines, and more. All combined to deliver a unique experience like never before.

Download CSR Racing Mod latest 5.1.3 Android APK

For the hardcore drag racing fans, CSR Racing is everything you would want, and more. Never have a dull moment in this ever evolving game.

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