Drag Battle MOD APK 3.30.01 (Free shopping)

Drag Battle MOD APK 3.30.01 (Free shopping)

June 6, 2024


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High speed is a passion of many people. It will be very dangerous when you don’t drive carefully. But if you still want to experience a feeling of drive at high speed, Drag Battle will help you to do it. Drag Battle is a racing game that allows you to drive a supercar at different locations. Speed will depend on players. Drag Battle will bring the new feeling about the speed for you.

The most unique supercars

Drag Battle is the first game that has been offered by Ice Storm – a studio for web development create the high-quality exciting games for a broad audience. Later in 2016, Drag Battle was released to the mobile market. The game is available on both Google Play and App Store, so you can install the game on mobile devices and tablets. Drag Battle is free to download.

The cars are an essential of the racing game. The publisher has provided many cars with different colors, coloring types and shapes for the players. You can change the look and feel of your car, from headlights to body kits. Besides, a wide range of improvements allows you to create the unique cars. Visual, the form of body kit, wheel rims, body extensions and different types of payments, improvements affecting the technical characteristics of vehicles. There are also 50 cars of different classes in Drag Battle so that you choose and buy. From standard urban sedans to supercars and special dragsters.

In addition, 3D graphic is very realistic and beautiful. There are 4 regions with variety of locations in Drag Battle. You can see the street light or moonlight in the night. High-rise buildings in urban area, industrial routes. In the game, you can drive your car on a bridge and go to suburban. Moreover, sound is very lively. The sound when you are warming up the tires. Soundtrack is always turned on during the game. But you can turn off the sound in Setting of the game. Special effects will take you to the realistic race. Smoke from warming up the tires. Snow is falling off. They will make Drag Battle be more interesting.

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Start to control your car

Start the game, the players will be required choosing authentication method. Those are Google Play and Local Game. If you use Google Play, your progress will be protected and you can play on several devices. Then the game will instruct you how to play. Warming up the tires is very important. Keep RPM in the green zone to warm up the tires. The better the warmup, the better the road grip and the better the acceleration at start. Let’s press the GAS PEDAL button on the right to start the warmup. In drag racing, a good start is half the battle. A start with optimal RPM will give you a power and clutch bonus. Besides, correct shifting is critical in the race. Early or late shifting will result in power losses. If there is an opponent that is overtaking you, you can use nitrous oxide to temporarily boost the engine. To use, you need to hold button on the left till nitro ended. You need to remember the position and use of GAS PEDAL button because it won’t be displayed when you take part in the battle. It will be very difficult if you don’t remember them.

Drag Battle screen 3

After you have been instructed, your character will take part in the battle that the character’s friend hold. If you win that battle, you will be given one of the friend’s cars (Cobalt, 240 SX, M3 E30, Celica). There is a map in the game. The race will take place in a location on this map. Now you can race cars, earn money, build a reputation and win parts of your cars. Each level will have their own rewards. They will help you buy and upgrade your cars. But you are just allowed to choose one of three rewards. If you want receive all rewards, you need to have golds.

In addition, when you have reached the new level, this means you can get a new skill. For example, if you overcome level 1, you can increase your Shifter skill level. Quick shifting will help the players to gain a few hundredths of a second to win. There are dozens of new abilities that you need to learn. Let’s open the Character menu and select PERKS section to view a list of skills. The good skills will help you to achieve results better.

Drag Battle screen 1

A non-linear car upgrade model

To win many races, your car need to the strongest engine. Your competitors will usually upgrade their car so that it run faster and is easy to win the races. So the game has integrated the non-linear car upgrade model and provided a spacious garage to support you. To upgrade your car, you need to collect resources in the races. Sometimes money isn’t the main thing, you have to win some races to show that you are the best. After the races, you will receive the resources such as vent, toggle switch, throttle, … And hundreds of spare parts are waiting for your tweaks in Drag Battle. Besides, the game also will show you how to use them and make your car faster. With Drag Battle, you can become a real master for your car.

In addition, the game has provided 13 languages for the players. Those languages are German, English, Spanish, French, Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish and Russian. Many languages will help the player from many countries to understand requirements more easily. You will be chosen the language to display when you start the game.

Drag Battle screen 2

Become the best racing game

With an interesting topic, that is racing. Besides, great 3D graphics and vivid effects is also elements that have helped Drag Battle to attract over 10 million players. The players will experience the real races and adjust the speed at their discretion. In addition, you can drive in inside view manner. Look at everything through a windshield of the car.

With career mode, you will have an opportunity to experience 30 bosses, 10 tournaments and championships. This is also a big challenge for you. But it helps you to learn the new skills and improve the current skills. Moreover, the player can play Drag Battle everywhere you want. Because the game doesn’t require the Internet connection. This also helps you to take part in the races to entertain and reduce stress at work.

Because of the above things, Drag Battle has become the best racing game and stands out among other racing games.

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