Drag Racing MOD APK 4.1.9 (Unlimited Money)

Drag Racing MOD APK 4.1.9 (Unlimited Money)

May 18, 2024


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Creative Mobile Games
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Unlimited Money

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For Android gamers who’re looking for a straight racing game like Hill Climb Racing but have more elements of speed, the Drag Racing is definitely a great game for you. Being released for a quite a while now, the game is still considered one of the best racing game that you could experience on mobile devices. That being said, let’s take a look at this amazing game from Creative Mobile Games as we provide your honest reviews.


In the game, players will be playing as a novice racer who has just started his racing career. Choose your first cars and let’s hit the tracks for some actions.

Drag Racing features a relatively simple racing mechanics which only involve simple speed up and gear switches. However, you’ll find the game extremely addictive through the vast contents and many in-game racing modes.

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Let’s take a look at all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls

Spend no time getting used to the game and engage in high-speed racing actions. Jump on your favorite cars and let hit the streets. The game features relatively simple controls that only require you to focus on achieving the highest speed through accurate gear switches.

Dozens of different cars to choose from

Here you’ll find yourself dozens of different cars to experience. Choose between over 50 officially licensed cars with some of the most realistic features. Pick any cars from the dealer as long as you show him enough cash. Be the best in Drag Racing and only ride the best vehicles.

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Enjoy varied racing modes with Drag Racing

And to make the game much more satisfying for gamers with different preferences, Drag Racing features varied racing modes which take you through some of the most enjoyable racing experiences.

  • Quick race – start by participating in exciting quick races where you’ll go against some of the best racers. Compete with each other in short tracks of ¼ and ½ miles and earn yourself some bountiful cash.
  • Career – those who prefer the long campaign could take on the career mode where you’ll face racers with varied skill levels. Start from the bottom and earn your rights to play with the big boys.
  • Pro Leagues – and if you’re looking for some serious challenges, the Pro Leagues is definitely the place you should go. Join the epic racing experiences and race against the best racers. The competitions can have up to 10 racers at a time, so make sure you can withstand the heat. Win against the competitors and earn yourself valuable prizes.

Ride on different locations with varied maps

Gamers in Drag Racing will be introduced to varied locations around the cities. Participate in epic racing events as you ride on multiple maps and terrains. Burn up the streets with your extreme Nitro boosts and send your opponents back in smokes.

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Play the game online with real racers from all over the world

For the bored offline gamers, Drag Racing also offers the online game modes where gamers can share their racing experiences with the best racers from all over the world.

Challenge each other in varied racing activities and earn your reputations.

  • Face to Face – if you’re looking for a quick online challenge, this is definitely the best place to start. In this mode, players will be introduced to a random online player. Battle all the opponents that come at you and defeat them to earn prizes.
  • Drivers battles – for those who’re looking to make their names, the online racing battles would definitely satisfy you. In this mode, racers are allowed to join others racers in a multiplayer racing event. You’ have to take down your opponents one by one to earn the first place.
  • Bet and race – and if you’re so confident about your skills, how about challenging each other in an epic Bet and Race match. Choose your bet and let any daring contender who can afford that to race with you. The winner will take all the money and glory.

And last but not least, gamers can also connect to their online social accounts and find friends who’re also interested in the game like they’re. You can look for their racing records and try to beat them. Brag with your friends about your recent progress and achievements

Complete daily tasks and racing events to earn prizes

Along with the main gameplay, Drag Racing also introduces gamers to the exciting events and tasks that they could complete. Log into the game and choose between several racing events that are available. Compete in varied events and earn your deserved prizes. And don’t worry, each event is carefully selected to fits your capabilities so they won’t be too hard on you.

Perform epic tunning and customizing in the Garage

And if you’re looking to turn your old vehicle into a beast, there are no better places that the Garage. Here you’ll gain access to all the epic tunning and customizing options that are currently available on your cars. Give it a new engine, exhaust, tire, and so on. Give your cars enhanced Nitro tank so that you can gain better speed and have a decisive advantage over your opponents. You can even change the painting and logos on your cars. Customize it to how you like it.

Beat the world records and set your own

The game also features the world records panel where you find the specific information about different records. The names of the contenders, the events, the rules, and so on. Then, you can choose to beat their records if you’re confident in your skills. Let your name be known to the whole world.

Free to play

Although the game still has in-app purchases and some ads, the fact that it’s completely free to download still surprise many Android users. That being said, if you’re looking for an authentic and satisfying straight racing game, Drag Racing will offer you everything you need, and more.

Unlimited gameplay with our mod

As for those who would like to get rid of all the ads and in-app purchases, our mod will introduce you to the unlimited gameplay. Just download and install our Drag Racing Hack APK file on your devices. Follow our instructions to have the game available on your system.

Graphics and sounds quality


Immerse yourself into the realistic and authentic straight racing game where you’ll get access to the officially licensed cars. Ride on the stunning cars, experiences accurate visual effects, and be the one who sends your opponents back home.


With powerful sound experiences featuring engine growls, cheering crowds, and so on, you’ll feel like you’re truly caught in the races.

Download Drag Racing Mod latest 4.1.9 Android APK

If you’re looking for a new racing experience that doesn’t involve any steering actions, then Drag Racing is definitely the best game for you. Look no further as you’re only seconds away from enjoying this amazing straight racing game.

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