CSR Racing 2 MOD APK v5.0.0 (Free Shopping)

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK v5.0.0 (Free Shopping)

March 23, 2024


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NaturalMotionGames Ltd
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CSR Racing 2 is a realistic mobile drag racing game where players can collect, customize cars, and upgrade components for enhanced performance and aesthetics.


Racing fans, get ready for your biggest adventure ever in CSR Racing 2. Join the next chapter of the world best racing game as you engage in realistic and authentic racing experiences. Hop on the most desirable vehicles and break all barriers of speeds as you challenge your opponents in epic street races. Find out all you need to know about this amazing racing game with our reviews.


The latest installment of the world-famous racing game features improved graphics and gameplay that would surely satisfy even the most skeptical racing gamers. Join players from all over the world as you engage in epic races between supercars. Cruise through the most popular locations and have fun in varied racing tracks. In addition, you’ll also gain access to powerful cars as well as incredible tuning features. Enjoy racing with bots, online players, and even on your own with many exciting game modes in CSR Racing 2.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Pick your favorite supercars and take them into the real races

In the latest racing game from Natural Motion Games, players will have their chances to pick up some of the best supercars that’re currently available on the market. Sit behind their wheels and feel the powers of the engine as you lightly tap on the pedal. Here the engine screaming and feel the Adrenaline pumping in your blood.

With over 200 officially licensed cars from popular brands like Ferrari McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, and so on, you’ll have no problem finding your dream cars. What’s left to do is to hit the street and let the races begin.

Or pick up the old legends on epic adventures

Have you ever been dreaming about getting on the old legends, sit behind their wheels, and enjoy the sensations? I guess we all have that dream back in the old days when we’re still young. Well, this is your chance to make that dream come true. With CSR Racing 2, players will gain access to dozens of the legendary cars, from the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole, to the Aston Martin DB5, and so on.

Choose your dream cars and bring them back to the street as you engage in epic racing actions. Perform impressive tuning on your cars and give them new upgrades. Show to the world that there’re still great potentials in the old legends. Win your races with the old cars and fulfill your childhood dreams.

Gain access to a wide variety of different customizations

Speaking of which, to make your vehicles more capable, drivers are introduced to impressive upgrade features. Pick your favorite cars and take them to your garage to ready try out multiple tuning options. Change your engine, exhaust, wheels, and more to add more juice to the cars. You can even put on the Nitro tank for incredible speed boosts.

On the other hand, your cars would also require some customizations to make them look more impressive as you join others in the underground races. Pick a new paint, decals, rims, or even changing the interior of your cars to make them more badass. Let highlight the races with your appearances.

Simple and intuitive touch controls

And to allow gamers to enjoy their races without any problems, CSR Racing 2 features a simple and intuitive touch controls system. Using the clean and simple touch commands and gestures, you can easily guide your cars through the crowded roads, get past obstacles, take down your opponents, or even turn on the Nitro boost. Sit behind the wheel and enjoy authentic racing experiences with comfortable controls

Enjoy the single player racing mode as you claim our dominance over the underground world

It’s time for you to join other racers in the city’s most famous night events. Prepare for the epic street races as you go against the best racers from all corners of the city. Start your journey as a novice racer and slowly work your way up to the ranks. Gain your reputations as you take down cops and enemies in thrilling street races. Collect cashes and rewards to get new parts for your cars. Increase your win rate with upgraded vehicles. One day, you’ll dominate the whole underground world

Challenge online racers in epic battles for the leaderboards

On the other hand, if you’re so confident in your skills, the game also introduces the online races where you’ll face off the with best racers from all over the world. Prepare your cars and participate in epic races with the world-class street racers in the biggest racing event. Win against your opponents as you claim the top position on the leaderboards. Be the champions and earn yourselves valuable prizes.

Thrilling and exciting real-time street racing

Experience realistic 3D racing gameplay as you challenge your opponents in this fast-paced multiplayer racing game. Hop on your favorite cars and immerse in epic racing experiences where your timing and controls will be decisive. Boost your Adrenaline to the limit as you break the speed barriers with powerful Nitro boosts.

Explore the AR racing mode for the first time

Moreover, you can even show your supercars with your friends and the online CSR Racing community with your AR photos. Stand next to your in-game vehicles in a mixed virtual and reality experiences like never before.

Complete achievements and challenges to earn valuable buffs

For those who’re looking for other ways to enjoy their games, CSR Racing 2 also offers varied achievements and challenges that you can participate in. Complete difficult challenges and earn yourself valuable buffs and loots. Unlock epic cars as you overcome your challenges.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play so that every Android user could have it installed on their devices. Just access the Google Play Store and look for the game. Download and install within minutes as you start enjoying this incredible street racing title.

Unlock all content with our mods

Get ready for your ultimate racing experiences as you’re now free to make all kinds of in-app purchase that you want with our mod version of the game. Unlock all of your cars potentials by giving them the best upgrades and tunning.

All it takes for you to make it happen is by downloading our CSR Racing 2 MOD APK. Install it on your Android devices and get ready to get your mind blown away.

Visual and sound quality


By using the impressive next-gen graphics, the creators of CSR Racing 2 have delivered incredible gameplay with their beautiful cars, realistic visual effects, and interactive environments. Enjoy enhanced racing experiences with the latest racing game from Natural Motion Games. Plus, you’ll also have the options to tone down the graphics quality if you want to, allowing for smooth and satisfying gameplay on low-end devices.


With realistic and accurate audio experiences, CSR Racing 2 introduces gamers to authentic street racing games where you’ll be exposed to all the aspects of the races. The crazy crowd, screaming engines, and intensive music will make it almost impossible to get your hands off the wheels once you’re in the races of CSR Racing.

Download CSR Racing 2 Mod latest 4.8.0 Android APK

Beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, satisfying audio experiences, and intuitive controls, racing games couldn’t get better than this. That being said, CSR Racing 2 is, without a doubt, one of the best street racing games that you could get your hands on at the moment. And the fact that it’s a free to play title makes the game even more appealing to Android gamers. Now, besides the Need for Speed or Asphalt games, you’ll have another great title to enjoy.

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    Works for me but not with purple star cars when buying with gold the cars come with 0 stars and unable to buy new cars eg ones that are usually for real money

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    Didn’t work for me either. I got it on the phone and
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