Drag Racing 4x4 MOD APK 1.0.150 (Unlimited Money/Nitro)

Drag Racing 4x4 MOD APK 1.0.150 (Unlimited Money/Nitro)

Creative Mobile Games Unlimited Money/Nitro

Interested in a whole new way of racing on your favorite vehicles? Join millions of Android gamers on Drag Racing 4×4 as you dive into the epic racing and car tuning experiences. Explore a variety of different vehicles from cars, trucks, to even supercars. Make uses of the hundreds of upgrades that are given to you throughout your journey.

Become great at both racing and tuning as you turn your favorite vehicles into absolute beasts on the track. Feel free to customize your cars with added components, adjustable graphics, and so on. Enjoy the free and addictive racing experiences right on your mobile devices.

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In the game, Android gamers will have the chance to pick their favorite cars from a variety of different vehicles with unique stats. Start by getting involved in the awesome tuning and refining actions as you begin to turn your normal cars into the real beasts. Choose between multiple upgrade options and pick the best one for your cars.

Engage in epic races with the best players from all over the world in exciting PvP racing battles. Or create your own character and participate in your ultimate career challenge where you’ll overcome hundreds of different racing tracks across the globe. Challenge the world’s best racer and establish yourself as one of the greatest drag racers of all time.

Enjoy the simple and addictive drag racing gameplay when you don’t need to worry too much about the turning. Instead, your only priority in the race is to maintain a good speed throughout the challenges. And to do this, it’s important that you can time the gear switch properly so you don’t waste any seconds.

On top of that, it’s also important to keep your cars properly upgraded so they can give out the best speeding performance. Since the races are really short, you’ll need to maintain good speed throughout the races to win.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Pick your favorites among the dozens of different cars

To start with, gamers in Drag Racing 4×4 will have access to a variety of different vehicles from varied brands with unique features and capabilities. This includes Land Rover, Range Rover, Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, and so on. Find yourself driving in the world-famous cars, trucks, monster trucks and more.

In addition, with new upgrades being rolled out in the future, you’ll not only have the chances to enjoy racing on the current cars, but also hundreds of new ones that are featured in the upcoming upgrades. Hence, you can enjoy your racing hobby to the fullest.

Apply awesome upgrades on your cars to unlock their potentials

And as if that’s not enough, the game also features upgradeable and customizable cars with all kinds of awesome and incredible configurations that you can try on your rides. That being said, as much as you love and adore your stock trucks, it’s always a better to have them upgraded and test their powers in the racing tracks.

And speaking of which, with more than thousands of different upgrades that are available on your rides, gamers in Drag Racing 4×4. Let’s get under the hood where the real magic happens. Start by making changes and modifications on the engines so you can squeeze out some extra raw powers that could allow you to ride faster.

In addition, you’ll also need to pay attention to the grips of your cars to make sure that they don’t lose controls when you crank up the speed. In addition, as you upgrade the engine, you must also pay attention to all the other operating components to make sure that they won’t go explode out of overloads. It’s important for the best gearheads to find the balance between the powers and tolerations of your cars.

Feel free to customize your rides

And as you give your cars some awesome upgrades, it’s also recommended that you add some interesting customizations on your rides so they can look even more impressive. That being said, you can start by giving it a few personal touches like cool decals and graphics, new paints, new hoop, wheels, and more.

Enjoy the fair and rewarding gameplay on your mobile devices

Gamers in Drag Racing 4×4 will find themselves in for an absolutely fair and rewarding racing challenge where no one can cheat their wins. That being said, the game has to limited “fuel” so all gamers can immediately join their races as well as enjoy the game for hours on end without having to reload your tank.

In addition, while the game does feature in-app purchases, there will be no “Premium” upgrades that can help you gain advantages over other racers. The same thing also happens to them so you’re guaranteed to have a fair and enjoyable race. Your skills and abilities will be the key elements that decide who would win.

Not to mention that the game is also extremely rewarding by allowing gamers to collect awesome buffs just be being relatively active in the game. That being said, you can complete missions and challenges to collect Gold nuts that can fix your cars if they have accidents during the race and quickly recover after a crash. On top of that, you can also boost your car’s performance to counter that of your enemies.

In-depth drag racing gameplay with varied customizations and modes

In addition, in Drag Racing 4×4, you’ll also gain access to the customizable racing gameplay where you’re free to adjust the game to suit your preferences. Start by choosing your preferred racing distances, change the racing rules and requirements. The list goes on.

Enjoy the career mode where you become a legend

Find yourself walking the path of a legend in the Career Mode where you experience all the hardships in your road to glories. Play in multiple minor tournaments and win against all of your opponents before you could receive enough attentions to join the major leagues.

And even if you managed to race with the big boys, it’ll also take a long way to go before you can start playing at their current levels. This requires you to upgrade your cars properly, hone your skills, and collect awesome buffs that can assist you during the races. And even with all of that, you’ll also need lucks to pull things off.

Compete with other great racers online

For those who wish to enjoy even more challenging gameplay, Drag Racing 4×4 also features an enjoyable online mode where you could compete with some of the best drag racers from all over the world. With millions of gamers, your online challenge will be extra difficult.

In the online races, you’ll find yourself having access to multiple racing modes from the normal friendly races with random gamers to the epic ranked battles where you compete for the prestigious leaderboards.

Simple and enjoyable gameplay

For the new gamers, Drag Racing 4×4 should give you an easy and enjoyable experience on your mobile devices. That being said, the game introduces gamers to the simple and intuitive touch controls and tutorials. You’ll find yourself quickly get used to the game in no time. Not to mention that the simple racing mechanics which only require you to time your gear switch properly will be perfect for those who’re looking for simple drag racing games.

Enjoy the game in your preferred languages

And last but not least, the game also features multiple language packs for gamers from all over the world to enjoy the game in their preferred languages. This includes English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and so on. Never feel that you’re out of place in Drag Racing 4×4 because they always speak your languages.

Free to play

The game is also currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy on the Google Play Store. That being said, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. However, despite the free and rewarding gameplay, some of you might not like the in-app purchases and ads.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay with our mod

And if that’s what concerns you then our modified version of the game would surely be a great help. With unlimited money and the nitro hacks, you’re free to purchase multiple cars and upgrades in the game as well as crank up the speed whenever you want. All you need to do is to download and install our Drag Racing 4×4 Modded APK on your mobile devices.

Visual and sound quality


With stunning 3D graphics, gamers in Drag Racing 4×4 will find themselves in for absolute enjoyable experiences as you participate in the epic drag racing gameplay. With beautiful cars, amazing tracks, and awesome visual effects, each race in Drag Racing 4×4 will look extra realistic to you.


Featuring amazing sound experiences that allow you to totally immersed in the epic races. Drag Racing 4×4 is one of those great Android games that come with both amazing graphics and sounds.

Download Drag Racing 4×4 Mod latest 1.0.150 Android APK

Fans of the famous racing games like Drag Racing or Nitro Nation Drag & Drift will surely find themselves in for a great treat in Drag Racing 4×4. Experience a whole new gameplay with improved mechanics, refreshing customizations, and powerful upgrades options. Not to mention that it’s completely free to enjoy. You won’t regret downloading the game on your devices.

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