ZooCraft: Animal Family MOD APK 12.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

ZooCraft: Animal Family MOD APK 12.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

May 28, 2024


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Do you love animals? Do you want to try managing a job? If the answers are all yes, we recommend you a fascinating game to try- Zoocraft. This version is called Zoocraft: Animal Family.

Zoocraft illustrates the modeling society in a zoo, visualized by vibrant graphics. This game will be a blast regarding both graphics and content. Children or adults, Zoocraft: Animal Family will become your first choice in breaks.

General Information

Zoocraft: Animal Family has been present now on multiple pages for mobile apps. And it’s free. We find it compatible with a broad range of mobile phones since it runs well on Android version 4.4 and up.

Even though the app takes up not so much space (less than social media apps like Facebook or Instagram), you should make sure it will not slow your device down.

ZooCraft promotes a game for everyone, which contains no violent factors or acute visual effects. So, don’t hesitate to try the game now.

It promises similarity to Monkey Legend but something closer to reality and friendlier context.  It will be best if you can experience the game in person.

Background Story

Games about planning and managing have bloomed in recent years because they consume time flexibly and bring the connection to real-life or fantasies. Zoocraft 1 famous for the idea of building a zoo resembling reality. However, it contains no less surprise than Monkey Legend.

The story surrounds creating an ordinary zoo from scratch. In particular,  there will be management teams, facilities, spaces, and the best of all- breeding. The content includes practical matters, except for breeding experiments. As we said, surprise!

How to Play Zoocraft

If you had played Money Legend or Farmer Game, Zoocraft would be easy for you to understand. The rules are merely making business and constructing a fictional society from that business.

Here, your job is to make a zoo, manage it, and expand it. Because there are no limits in developing a business, the game promises long-term entertainment. Here are the activities in the zoo:

ZooCraft screen 0

Construct facilities

There would be nothing more than a vast bare land when you start, so be prepared. In the beginning, you have limited choices for facilities and animals. But, baby steps!

When the number of animals increases, expand your zoo with more specialized rooms. The further you get, the more things you can buy.

Let’s see some favorite options:

  • Habitats: It’s essential to put an animal into appropriate living environments. So, it would be your first task to pick habitats. The facilities vary according to animals. Pick and distribute them!
  • Kiosks: Kiosks for foods and drinks are essential for the zoo’s business. They help to boost the venue by giving visitors the amenities they need for the wandering.  Kiosks in Zoocraft come in different shapes and sizes. Cheap ones are mobile and small stalls that you should opt for in the early days. When they happen to be multiple, merge them up into a building.
  • Decorations: To attract more visitors, you should make your zoo stunning. Decorations are flowers, plants, and statues where you can manage around. It will cost some money.

Buying decorations will be one of the missions. Surprisingly, your spending money earns you money.

Collect and take care of animals

Animals are your gold package, so be nice to them. At first, collecting new animals could get you little rewards. Please keep your eyes on them in the future while looking for more lovely ones.

Animals in the zoo must be fed. Besides, there is a vet who can inject vaccines and take care of sick ones.

Collecting animals occurs consistently during the game as you have to create a more abundant zoo, the better. Breeding will be another way to boost the quantity, but you always have to manage ordinary animals. This job will grant you money immediately.

How to find new animals?

After finishing some missions, a brand new animal will come unlocked for you to buy. It’s quite the same as getting new facilities.

Create new breeds

Create fascinating animals to attract waves of visitors. Breeding will happen in a laboratory, with support from a scientist. There will be an experiment first to see if it’s possible. It’s an excellent chance for anyone who wants to adopt unique pets as the game allows for insanity.

It’s an action to boost creativity. And, don’t miss out as cute breeds can breed money! Tips to increase tourism: making unique nuclear families and putting them in creative habitat.

ZooCraft screen 2

Manage visitors

Going around the zoo, visitors must have a lot of questions. Being a good manager, you are supposed to help them. Don’t be afraid there are strict orders. Most of the time, they want to know where a specific animal lives, where they can buy something to eat, or the trash bin. Easy-peasy jobs give you money.

Clean up the zoo

Every visitor wants to wander around a fresh and well-organized zoo. Therefore, you must maintain your surroundings in the right conditions. It’s not only buying more plants and decorations but also cleaning garbage. Sometimes, the system will remind you of trimming bushes and green lawns.

Visit other’s zoo

Other players build fantastic zoos around. It’s encouraging to go around and learn how other businesses are going. Who knows if you could come up with a new idea!

Walking around the neighborhood, you might see new animals collect or initials for organizing.

ZooCraft screen 3

Special Features

Realistic factors

What happens in the game corresponds to reality. For example, building living spaces for a specific animal must be based on knowledge about their suitable habitats. The procedure follows inevitable factors such as time and price.

The only thing that’s not about reality is mixing breed. But it’s still exciting anyway.

Lively graphics

Zoocraft happens in 3D graphics, where images about animals appear stunning. Designers have put more work into visualizing animals more than humans. The collection includes at least 160 natural breeds and an unknown number of half-blood animals.

It is familiar to players as it recalls the old game of organizing.


Zoocraft provides grand space for communication. There are always dialogues popping up from the system and guests to show you requests or instructions. The game promotes interaction and quick reactions.

We see this game potential for children. They can learn to differentiate objects as well as enhance the reaction.

When you want to experience a less complicated zoo environment, come to Zoo 2: Animal Park. Here is a chance for you to practice creating your space with different animals, learning about habitats. The ecosystem consists of animals and a caregiver. No visitors appear.

Zoo 2: Animal Park could be a great pre-game before you conquer the complex in Zoocraft.

Final Words

Zoocraft MOD APK promises a unique experience. It boosts creativity but appears not so competitive. We suggest it for a time-killing game that you can cling to for a long time. No stresses. And you can visit the zoo at any time.

This game seems compatible with any group of players regarding ages and genders. The content provides information about animals, habitats, and social skills that anyone should know. Why don’t you try it now?

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