Wolf Online MOD APK 3.9.0 (Unlimited Points)

Wolf Online MOD APK 3.9.0 (Unlimited Points)

December 5, 2023


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When you first hear the name Wolf Online, you may think that this is the game about taking care of animals such as Pet World. But it is even more than that. Overall, this epic wolf game is about raising a wolf on your own. Put it precisely, it is about a gruesome and cruel war among three species of wolf. It is kind of a real network game of survival. You will not only hunt animals for food but you also have to compete against other species to survive by yourself.

The Wolf Online seems to be the best animal game that is played online. It is also followed by the series Life of Wolf that reaches 5 million downloads all over the world. Let’s take part in the game to join the fight and become the best warrior.


Game Theme

When playing the game, you start the survival hunting and the prosperity of the wolves. There are three wolf species including Snow Wolf, Mountain Wolf, and Wild Wolf. You select one of them and take part in as a member of these packs to hunt. So, to overcome the rough and dangerous hunting environment, you need to hunt animals endlessly. From that, you can master all of your skills.

If you win in all the battles among three wolf species, you can level up and grow faster. It is also a way to get trust from your wolf pack. In terms of hunting ground, there are 6 different characters. They can be plant-eating animals like deer, giraffes, and rabbits. But some other terrifying wild animals or beasts such as lions, rhinoceros, or tigers also appear. Of course, they will attack and threaten you.

Furthermore, the game also has some legend monsters. If you meet these monsters, you need to ask for assistance from your colleagues. You cannot fight on your own as monsters can make your sharp claws and strong teeth useless. So, you need your colleagues to come to help you. It means that this game seems to value unity when fighting as well. And when you are all set, you are willing to leave to the hunting ground.

Wolf Species Characteristics

As mentioned above, there are three distinct species. To be more specific, there are 12 wolves in total, comprising 4 kinds for each of the species. What is the difference between them? Let’s read some detailed information now.

Snow Wolf

Snow wolves live in Snowstorm. This area is covered in snow and cold ice. Among three species, Snow wolf has the fastest speed as well as the best agility as they are hunting prey.

Mountain Wolf

As the name can say it all, these wolves live in Stone Mountain. This is a mountainous area so it is dangerous and rough. The Mountain Wolf seems to have the best-balanced abilities out of three species and is the most harmonious wolf.

Wolf Online screen 1

Wild Wolf

This wolf specie settles in Wild Land. This place is the area of breathing and living souls from ancient beasts. And this wolf is notorious for its aggressiveness and brittleness among all of the species.

Features of Wolf Online

Numerous Battle Mode System

There is a lot of playing mode for this game. You can single-play hunt or fight with other wolf species which is called PVP. Besides, you can also cooperate with other wolf players throughout the world to defeat only on a rival that is the dragon. This mode is known as the cooperative raid fight. With the diverse playing mode, you will not be boring easily and you can play it the whole day.

Wolf Online screen 2

Training Yourself To Become The Best Wolf

As people often say, the best wolf is with his pack. After hunting animals, you can share these foods with other wolves in your pack. This is a way to strengthen the unity among wolves in the species. Besides, when sharing, you can get the trust and help from your teammates for the next hunting.

Furthermore, this game allows you to summon your friends when you feel tired. This is a creative and interesting feature. To be more specific, when you get tired of hunting or even if you may fall in a dangerous situation, you can call your friends around immediately by using the network summon function.

Wolf Online screen 0

Character Grows Faster Through Hunting

This is also another exciting feature from Wolf Online. Different from other simulating games which require you to complete tasks to level up, in this game, your wolf can grow quickly by hunting. By animal hunting and winning credit/ honor, your skill of attacking, defending, moving speed or stamina will develop.

Wolf Online screen 3

Some Other Engaging Features

Apart from ordinary animals such as herbivores and predatory animals, you can hunt creatures from myth and monsters as well. Some creatures can surprise you such as vampire, dragon, Cerberus, and chimera. That sounds interesting, right? Although this feature is not close to reality, it can enhance your excitement throughout the game.

Being designed with 6 different hunting or combat maps, the game cannot make you bored. Each of the maps has highly realistic features along with varying geographical backgrounds. They are Combat Field, Arcane River, Stone Mountain, Dragon Lava, Snowstorm, and Wildland.

Last but not least, you can chat with many other online players without limitations. And you can supply energy through the self and dead bodies by the energy supplement system in the game.

To evaluate this game, it possesses entertaining gameplay. However, its graphic effects are still slightly weak, so it may not attract players who like the colorful, vivid, and attractive graphic at first sight.

Final Words

The Wolf Online Mod APK is an interesting simulator of the wolves’ life, where players need to join the ranks of a wolf pack. Through hunting and defeating your opponents, you can gain many experience points. But is it safe when hunting alone? The answer is no. Therefore, it is better to go in an entire flock to make sure of the victorious success. Despite its fairly unattractive graphics, this game still worth playing and experiencing.

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