The Wolf MOD APK 3.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

The Wolf MOD APK 3.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

May 18, 2024

Role Playing

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Swift Apps LTD
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Unlimited Money

The Wolf poster

The Wolf is a mobile RPG game developed by Swift Apps, available on Android and iOS operating systems. Up to now, it is one of the best wolf role-playing games on mobile.

When joining The Wolf Online Simulator, players will transform into wolves and have to survive in the wild game world of dangerous animals. In addition to training yourself alone, you can explore the whole new world with Online Real-Time Multiplayer.

But before you dive into this addictive time-killer, we want to show you through our detailed review about this game. We hope this article would be a guide to help you make the most of the game and enjoy every moment after downloading it.

Gameplay & Instruction

As we mentioned above, you will be a wolf in The Wolf, and you do what a real wolf would do. Living your life as a wide wolf, you need to hunt prey and explore the natural world with your animal friends. The most important goal is to fight hard against enemies who prevent you from becoming the bravest Alpha of your pack.

Also, there will be epic bosses to increase the game’s difficulty besides the normal missions and help you gain more valuable experience and items like any other game out there.


All of the control buttons lie at the bottom of the screen consisting of:

  • The joystick: big button on the left

This button works as a moving and direction handle. To move your wolf, drag the handle towards the direction you want, and the wolf will make a move.

  • The chat keyboard: only allows you to type short sentences at a time
  • The arrow icon: shows your wolf’s attributes.

Health, Defence, Attack, and Speed are the four attributes that make a wolf. Go to your Character Statistics to see the exact value of them. You can increase them by using coins to buy. The highest value for Health and Attack is 300, while that of Defence and Speed is 60.

  • The small lightning icon: shows your wolf’s skills.

The wolf can choose among four skill types, including Basic, Auras, Special, and Totems. Each group has about seven to nine skills. You can try all of them out to find the most suitable one for yourself.

The basic group appears in copper-red color and consists of skills that damage, slow down, or poison the enemies. The Auras group has a pastel blue color. It includes skills that support health, increase HP, boost abilities for you and your allies. The Special group appears in purple, including the external environmental attack such as fire, cold blast, hurricane, icy spikes, or thunder. The Totems group contains skills that work as obstacles and deploy the enemies.

The Wolf screen 1

  • The champion cup icon: so-called the Scoreboard

The Scoreboard is a chart of the active players’ current status and achievements. The player who has the best results in hunting animals or killing enemies is labeled the pack’s Alpha.

The Alpha wolf has the power to open a portal at a location he wants, and other wolves in the pack will teleport to this spot. If you become the Alpha, use the howling button placed above the attack panel to open the portal.

  • The teleport icon: enables den teleporting. 

The teleport requires an amount of time to load completely. Therefore if you move or touch any button during this time, the process will get disrupted. You can use this feature when you want to howl without teleporting.

  • The attack panel: big scratch icon on the right

The big scratch icon lets you attack either the prey, the enemies, or the bosses. When you touch it, four small buttons representing four skills will appear. Besides, there’s a trap button at the top right, but you need to unlock it first.

The Wolf screen 2

Other Specifications

Each level requires an extended amount of exp. You will gain exp, coins, and gems during your gameplay. As you may know from the above information, the kills determine your rank in the Scoreboard. Meanwhile, coins and gems are used for buying attributes and upgrading your skills.

You can also use gems to buy the Premium version. The Premium fastens the leveling progress (plus 50% XP), strengthens your wolf (plus 50% coins), and makes it look groundbreaking with premium skin.

To track these above data, you can look at the buttons on top of the screen. Two small bars on the upper right corner displays the coins and gems you own. Touch the plus sign to buy more of them. Meanwhile, you can see your ID, your name, your team color, alongside your level, and current XP on the right corner.


At the start of the game, you can select your character from different types of wolves. During the game, your wolf will improve its strengths and skills using the exp and money you gained.

The customization options, combined with the character creation system, allow you to create your own special wolf.

There are five types of wolves, from the standard one to the superb everyone wishes to have.

The Gray Wolf is the most popular type of wolf that a beginner could own. Although the Gray Wolf is kind of ordinary, it’s already mighty with sharp teeth to fight against any adversary.

The Black Wolf is an ideal type in forests and grassland, where it can locate and attack the prey in half a second.

Like any other animal with white hair in real life, the White Wolf can survive and hunt under extreme cold weather conditions.

The Mexican Wolf is born for fighting in ambushes. It shows superior intelligence and speed in this topographic.

Finally is the fast and furious Dhole Wolf, a real predator in any environment. It’s fast, flexible, and incredibly powerful, making it a perfect choice when facing the most formidable enemies and bosses.

Game Modes

You can challenge your power in either one of two modes: Cooperative Multiplayer Hunting (CO-OP) and PVP Battle Arena (PVP).

CO-OP mode

The CO-OP Hunting mode lets you hunt prey with other players to gain exp. The targets vary from small animals like rats and rabbits to raccoons, does, and foxes. Sometimes the targets are big and strong animals like bulls and bison, for instance. Thus, you need to form a gang together with other wolves.

There are five maps to choose from in this mode, including Green Hills, Dark Forest, Wild Tundra, Legend Mountains, and Mammoth Creek. The higher level you reach, the more maps you can unlock. The species to hunt in each map are diverse, and they vary according to different natural ecosystems.

PVP mode

The PVP mode is like a combat mode; it divides your pack into two teams. In our opinion, this mode is a little harder than Hunting mode because besides hunting your prey, you need to beware of the opposite team who are always ready to beat you down.

In this mode, the game sends you randomly to one of four maps. You can’t select which map to enter. Like the Hunting mode, you will unlock more maps when leveling up.

The Wolf Good Stuff

Real-time Multiplayer

The Wolf Online Simulator, as its name indicates, is a real-time online multiplayer game. This feature lets you play with various players from all around the world.

If you don’t like strangers, you can create a team of friends and keep in touch with them through your friend list and chat options on the screen.

The Wolf screen 4

Excellent RPG Element

The role-playing system really fits The Wolf concept. There’s nothing more realistic to discover a wolf’s world than letting you live your life as the wolf and do what the wolf does.

The developers offer no predetermined direction or instruction to follow. You can develop your wolf in your own way, decide which attributes the wolf should have or which skills should be upgraded first to achieve your specific goals.

Your destiny is in your hands; there’s no fixed formula to win this game. Each player has a different way to become the Alpha Wolf. We’re sure you will find endless challenges and interests in this RPG.

Breathtaking Graphics Design

Swiss Apps did a good job of simulating the stunning environments with full 3D visuals. The game includes most of the natural topography in real life, such as a lake, forest, tundra, mountain, snow land, etc.

Moreover, all the animals look realistic to us. Not only the prey or bosses but also each type of wolves have detailed differences as they’ve just walked straight from the wild world into your mobile device.

Various Game Modes

Whether you want to play alone or fight in combat, The Wolf will meet your demands. The CO-OP mode lets you explore and search for prey freely, or team up with your friends when needed. If you’re the competing type, go for the Battle Arena mode to declare war with other packs.

The Wolf screen 3

The Wolf Bad Stuff

Everything has its downfalls, and so does The Wolf. But keep in mind that the following are just our feelings; your experience could be different.

PVP Mode Is Not So Diverse

If you spend enough time exploring the PVP mode, you can realize that there are many empty servers in this mode. Besides, each area has just one room. It’d always be the same room from time to time you enter a random server, leave, and then enter again.

We hope the developers will update the PVP servers more in new versions.

Redundant Tasks

Some quests in this game are a little incomprehensive and somehow useless. The rewards are sometimes not worth the skills and attributes used for the tasks and not proportional to the current level..

About The Modification Version

We are pleased to introduce the modified version of this game with unlimited money and coins. You can use these coins for limitless free use of Health, Defence, Attack, and Speed. The unlimited gems are for free upgrading skills.

These features will buff your wolf’s strength significantly compared to normal players. Thus, the game will become not so tough and more satisfying..

Our Verdict

To conclude, The Wolf is definitely worth your download and time-spending. It has everything that defines a hit game: interesting gameplay, stunning 3D graphics, challenging game modes, online multiplayer simulator, etc.

Although the rewards seem fewer in new updates, the mod version is here to get you out of these problems.

Be ready to explore a wonderful world, grow your character, and update your skills to become the Alpha of the pack via this link. Thank you, and we wish your experience with this game is more than you can expect.

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