My Horse MOD APK 1.38.14 (Free Shopping)

My Horse MOD APK 1.38.14 (Free Shopping)

July 8, 2023


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Choose your pet horse and become the horse racing champion in the fascinating My Horse Stories simulation game for mobile. Get ready for an exciting summer, compete with your online competitors, and even find your genuine love.

The story of My Horse is about a city girl who intends to melt the heat of summer with sea trips. However, her plan has changed because her parents sent her to central Kentucky for a vacation with her grandmother on a horse farm. With no other choice, the girl determined to become a horse racing champion to write her memorable story.

In My Horse, players will take part in daily training activities with their horses until they are ready to compete in international horse races. Dress up like a champion with the best cowboy boots ever. Dress up and take care of your pet horse. Feed him, groom him, and arrange for him an eye-catching saddle. Compete in exciting horse racing competitions around the world. Climb on My Horse chart and make your family feel very proud.

General Information

My Horse is an application that brings you a unique horse care game. It is a free app designed for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices. Join the application to have the experience of the daily life of a horse. My Horse is a highly interactive social networking application that allows players to live in the dream of owning and taking care of an actual horse. Besides, with this application, you can share your horse breeding experience with your friends via social networks.

My Horse is also an application that allows you to take pictures of your horse in different activities so you can track them. Join the application to have a useful game right on your device. It is a utility application that brings you wonderful moments of relaxation. As long as your device has iOS 4.0 or higher operating system, you can easily install and use this application.

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Key Features

My Horse is a simulation game that focuses on horse racing and horse riding. You will become a horse racer to train your beloved horse. By keeping him better dressed and training to take part in the competition, you will compete with players all over the world to win the championship. Realize the dream of owning and taking care of your horses in the game, you will share the experience with your friends. You ensure that it connects you to the game to get the latest content and features, and it saves your profile in time to prevent data loss in the event of an accident.

Exciting performances and jumping competitions are waiting for you! As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, through training horses to take part in a series of challenging events. The key to success is to keep the horses healthy and happy. Can you win the World Championships? You can also visit your friends’ stables and take care of their horses-unity. You can take pictures of every moment while the horses are playing and feeding in the paddock-as if you were there.

The primary task is taking care of your horse through grooming, feeding, and treatment. Build a deep friendship with it through a series of 3D interactive games. And when you are familiar with the game, there are eight different breeds of horses waiting for you to collect and take care of.

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My Horse is a mobile horse racing game. Players can have a horse of their own. You can experience feeding, training, and washing with your own hands. You can choose from seven types of horses to train them well. Speed ​​together on the track and win first place. Make the dream of owning and caring for an actual horse come true, and share the experience with your friends!

Take care of the horse by dressing up, feeding, and treating it well. Cultivate emotions in a variety of interactive 3D activities. And after you are ready, there are eight different breeds of horses for you to adopt and take care of. The exciting equestrian obstacle course is waiting for your participation. Practice makes perfect, you can take part in a series of quite challenging competitions through training.

Keeping horses happy and healthy is the key to success. Can you become a world champion? When the horses are playing and eating grass in the pasture, take pictures of their usual activities-as if you are there. Finally, visit your friend’s stables and help take care of their horses-everyone gathers firewood and the flames are high.

My Horse has a beautiful picture. Watch your horses move and how they use their ears to express emotions. Marvel at those piebald horses that each one is unique or enjoy the atmosphere in a grand obstacle course. My Horse will take you to a world that you will miss and forget to return.

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Overall Assessments

My Horse is an extremely attractive horse care game for devices iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With a highly interactive social network, My Horse allows players to live in the dream of owning and taking care of an actual horse while sharing practical experiences with friends.

Take care of your horse by hand with daily tasks such as brushing, feeding, and health checks. Build a powerful bond in a wide range of interactive 3D activities. And when you are ready, there will be eight good breeds to collect and care for. Exciting horse racing events are waiting for you and your horse to join.

Practice will give you the perfect skills to be ready for the challenge ahead in a series of challenging competitions. Helping keep your horse happy and healthy is the key to success. Will you be able to achieve number one in the world? The game lets you take pictures of your horse during various activities such as playing or eating in a barn. By visiting your friends’ stables, you will help them take care of the horses. More people joining can help get the job done better.

Your horses look great. See how they move and their ears will tell you what their moods and emotions are right then. The magic lies in the Pinto horses. Each horse comes with its unique appearance. Or stir the air in one of the most exciting horse racing ever. My Horse will take players to a world you never want to return to.

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Final Words

Download My Horse MOD APK for a chance to take care of your horses. Players need to be connected to the Internet and stay online to access the latest content and features. Then, ensure that your profile is saved when there are any changes. Players should also note that My Horse is available for free on iOS smartphones and tablets, but contains a few items that need to be purchased with actual money. You can switch the purchase mode on or off in the menu Restrictions on the device.

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