WolfQuest MOD APK 2.7.4p4 (Unlocked)

WolfQuest MOD APK 2.7.4p4 (Unlocked)

June 13, 2022


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For all those who now find that the arcade or RPG mobile games are too crowded and hectic, WolfQuest is a simulation game made to explore unspoiled nature and free the most animalistic instincts. This game aims to find a mate, not to have virtual sex.

The game’s context is about responding to the animal’s need to preserve the species. The winner is the one who makes offsprings and forms their pack. As in an ethology manual, the player will discover level after level when it is difficult enough to be alone in a world full of dangers and enemies.

Your primary task is defending a carcass from the onslaught of ferocious coyotes or chasing a speedy prey. No simulation game has ever been so real like WolfQuest. The installation is simple. By visiting this link, you can download the first animal life simulator in a mobile game version.

General Information

The Minnesota Zoo developed the game in collaboration with other US natural parks such as Yellowstone, Phoenix, and Washington. The fundamental goals of WolfQuest is to support the Wolf International Center, a center dedicated to studying the protection of wolves around the world.

The project director Grant Spikelmier explains that WolfQuest is dedicated above all to teenagers, and students who have long ago stopped visiting zoos and natural parks, preferring video games to nature. It interests the young players in the game.

The game successfully brings back their memories and makes them pay attention to the wildlife and animals’ world. Besides, the real purpose of the creators is to transmit the concept of conservation of the species. For this reason, the one who forms their herd wins.

Only the first episode of the series is available, we will launch the other three in 2008 and will show how a young wolf’s life strengthens in the passage from the solitary stage to that of an animal of the pack. He will have to mark the territory to become the group leader, face enemies increasingly dangerous as grizzly bears, and raise cubs by teaching them to survive.

We can download the game for free from this link and are compatible with Windows and Mac. Players can perform this game individually or in multiplayer mode by choosing teammates among the many users of the WolfQuest forum and chatting with them in a social arena.

On the site, you can learn all the gray wolf secrets through detailed technical sheets that describe the characteristics of the species. You will have basic knowledge from weight to coat, diet, and behavioral aspects and chat with biologist experts. There is also a section dedicated to students that offers fun exercises to understand the behavior of animals.

Background Story

To enter Yellowstone Park, create your wolf avatar by giving it a name. Then you choose a coat which varies from shades of gray to tawny. Your wolf, as the chief character, should have a physical form and balance speed, strength, and endurance. And finally, the best simulation game can begin.

An introductory screen informs you that your game character is a two-year-old wolf born in the Northern Range of the Amethyst Mountains in Wyoming. He has always lived with his pack and learned to get along with a strict nature life. And now, the time puts his teachings to find a mate, reproduce and build a family. Accompanying the adventure is a background of country music and the chirping of birds.

It starts from a vast expanse of grass. The first thing to learn is to live as a wolf. Run through woods and clearings, hunt moose and hares. Control the wolf to follow and hunt the weakest animal by measuring strength and counterattack until the wolf is ready to kill.

A graphic appears on the screen that keeps you updated on the wolf’s physical form and that of the prey. A small compass shows where the closest animals are and which enemies you can meet. By typing the “M” key, a map of the park will appear to orient the animal.

Special Features

Creative Storyline

WolfQuest is a 3D simulation game developed by Minnesota Zoo and eduweb. It is free to download with 3D simulation graphics and great music themes. You can also learn a lot of knowledge, such as animal behavior and ecology. All at once for about one or two hours.

From our perspectives, the game is worth trying not only for fun but also for students. What’s even better is that multiple people can also play the game, introduced slowly below.

For the game storyline, Amethyst Mountain, this location is where Yellowstone Park reintroduced the wolf pack in 1996. And it is also the map of episode 1 of this game. When the map’s actual satellite image in the game starts, the player is a two-year-old gray wolf.

Although it is a gray wolf, players can set the value of coat color, strength, endurance, etc. at the beginning of the game. So, you can turn your virtual wolf into a black male gray wolf with significant power but short endurance.

The players can set a creative name for their wolf character. Like a wolf in Yellowstone National Park, all you have to do is find a companion on the large map of Amethyst Mountain. In finding a companion, you will be hungry, so you have to find a way to find food.

Fortunately, there are many wild animals in Yellowstone Park, such as rabbits, coyotes, elk, and grizzly bears. Except for grizzly bears, you can hunt all remaining animals. If you cannot track them, you can pick them up occasionally on the road to eat.

WolfQuest screen 0

Character Controls

Sometimes, a grizzly bear or a coyote will act as a scavenger next to the carcass. But when you get close to it, it will flash away. When we first started playing, we found that even the rabbit was running faster than my wolf. We were so frustrated.

Later, we realized that we forgot to press the “Q” button. It turned out that the “Q” button switched between walking and running. However, although it can run faster, the wolf still cannot beat the grizzly bear. We tried to hunt the grizzly bear, but it dashed, and our stamina was insufficient so we couldn’t catch it.

As an impatient black puffy gray wolf, the smell is also essential. As long as you press the “V” key, you can switch to the olfactory mode. The traces of all animals walked by are visible before your sight. And you can even know which animal walked a few minutes ago. It is imperative to find a partner or find an elk.

When a wolf follows the smell and finds an elk, he usually sees a bull elk (male deer) with several cow elk (female deer). Do not run over stupid because they will speed up instantly. Your black puff gray wolf cannot compare with these elks. So, press the shift key to let the wolf walk quietly to elk with his head low, and then bite down hard.

After biting, the elk will not die immediately. It will run away. So it is faster than anyone else with muscular endurance and enough blood. Because you bite an elk, it will kick you. If you encounter an elk with too much blood, your main wolf will die.

So, before biting, you must first test which animal is suitable to bite. There is only one wolf fighting alone. Do not challenge the bull elk (big male deer), but only cow elk is not healthy enough. So, from this point, you can see that the game designer’s intentions have allowed players to learn this knowledge inexplicably.

WolfQuest screen 1

Graphic Designs and Special Effects

The scene of this game is very realistic. As long as the mobile screen’s dimension is good enough, you can also set the shaking of light and shadow, water waves. And then, by changing the camera’s angle of view and changing the shooting angle, the screen will be so beautiful that you feel you are watching the National Geographic Channel.

Climbing to the commanding heights, you can also have a wolf howl, and it is super exciting! Wolf howling is useless in episode 1, but it is useful when we get married and have children. You can declare the field and make the wolves love home more.

In finding companions, every area of ​​the wolf pack on the map has to be visited once. Find a two-year-old outlying female wolf like you. But if you play as a female wolf, then the male wolf has to be found.

WolfQuest screen 2

Challenges and Obstacles

As a high-level consumed in the ecosystem, the number will not be as ubiquitous as the hare. So, it is not so easy to find another companion. Finding a partner requires the help of the sense of smell.

After entering the other wolves’ territory, start looking for other people’s urine traces and then determine how long ago you stayed and wait until you find a large urine trace. You usually see a strange wolf in front of you. When you see a peculiar wolf, you can choose from many behavior patterns, such as lying down and biting each other.

Each action has a different meaning. You will go to great lengths to run through all areas and meet male wolves. And it was so ignorant. After running to the mountain to watch the scenery and enjoying the shade, you must continue to run again, and finally, you will meet a female wolf.

After finding a partner, episode 1 is over, but the player can continue to play. You can take your wolf to challenge the giant male deer, although both may die. Or put it second, you can challenge the doe, it is easy to hunt the two deers together!

There is also a multiplayer mode in the game. We think it will be a way to challenge the male deer. Episode 2 aims to find a suitable and safe nest, give birth to four little wolves, protect them, and feed them. You also have to teach them to stay by the nest and wait for their parents to bring food back.

They have to pee to mark the area to resist uninvited guests, such as coyotes, grizzlies, etc. When they are big enough, then take them to a larger size, so that the entire episode 2 is over. The easiest part of the above tasks is to find the nest. The location set on the game map is Slough Creek, which is almost the same as the actual location.

Just like the three migrations of Mengmu, a good nest is difficult to find. A good nest must be far away from other wolves’ territory and close to the hunting grounds.

Therefore, you may have to explore all the nests at once and assess the safety before you can live. After this mission is over, the next step is to raise the little wolves to 15 pounds and then move to a far distance to establish our wolves’ territory.

WolfQuest screen 3

In Wolf Online, you will play as a wolf living in a large land with countless other animals. You can choose from three character types, including hill wolf (most balanced), snow wolf (speedy), and finally grassland wolf (focusing on attack power).

Your mission in Wolf Online is to survive and become the king of the jungle. By doing this, your task first is to hunt down small animals to gain experience and then fight other leopard species. Even increasing the game’s difficulty, Wolf Online also appears to have mythical creatures like dragons or dinosaurs for you to try.

Final Words

WolfQuest MOD APK is an adventure simulation game produced and released by eduweb. The wolf has been far away from most modern people’s lives, but as an animal that needs protection, people don’t know enough about them.

The primary purpose of WolfQuest is to let more people know and understand the wolf’s mysterious animal, and enter its life through the perspective of the wolf. And understand the importance of protecting nature and animals.

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