Bubbu School MOD APK 1.39 (Unlocked All)

Bubbu School MOD APK 1.39 (Unlocked All)

March 23, 2024


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Bubbu School poster

The school is a place where will bring much new knowledge for you. And if you like a game about the interesting school, Bubbu School will be a good choice for you. The game’s full name is Bubbu School – My Cute Pets. Bubbu School is the game of the educational genre. In the game, you will rule in the school. Besides, you can meet virtual pets here. There are many attractive things at this school. Let’s explore them now.

High – quality HD graphics

Bubbu School is one of the games that has been built and offered by Bubadu. They are a developer in Klagenfurt, Austria. You just can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System, because Bubbu School is just available on Google Play. Bubbu School is free to download. But certain in-game items and features may require payment via in-app purchases which cost real money. So you need to notice when buying the items or using the features in the game.

In Bubbu School, the publisher has designed the school very fully. You can see a lot of learning tools and the furniture here. Chairs, tables, printer, or school bags, and so on. Besides, HD graphics is very beautiful and colorful. This will help you to feel comfortable while you are playing the game. Moreover, the sound of the game is lively. You can hear the pets talking to each other in their language. A cheery soundtrack is always turned on during the process of play. If you don’t want to hear that sound, you still can turn off it in the Setting of the game.

Bubbu School screen 7

Start to explore the school in Bubbu School

The school will have many different classrooms. The school in Bubbu School is the same. Art, gym, music, language or maybe math. Those will be subjects that you will be taken part in. Now let’s start to find out about those subjects.

Art will be the first subject that you need to find out about. In the art classroom, you can draw a painting with a perfect set of colored pencils. In addition, your creations can be decorated with a collection of beautiful stickers. Furthermore, an exciting coloring mini game or make some crazy decorations with fruit and vegetables will spark your imagination. The second subject is music. With Bubbu School, you can play a musical instrument easily, from guitar, piano to drums, trumpet, … Moreover, you can establish a band and hold shows. Decorate the scene with a fog machine, confetti and disco ball. Dress up and fix the makeup.

A good health will help the pets to learn better. So physical education will an integral part of the school’s curriculum. To improve the pet’s health, you can organize an hour of gymnastics or shoot some hoops. It’s always exciting to go down the slide or swing with a friend. Math and language are the last two subjects. You can play with geometric shapes or learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at the difficulty level of your choice. Learn some basic English words or train your writing to master the alphabet. Especially, the restaurant of the school can help you to become a master chef. You will Prepare delicious sandwiches, sweet fruit and salad for the hungry pupils or serve them a yummy birthday cake.

Bubbu School screen 4

The new friends, interesting puzzles and languages

In Bubbu School, you can meet many visual pets. There will be 9 pets in the game. Bubbu , Duddu dog, Bunny, Crocodile, Piggy, Hedgehog, Owl, Penguin and Panda. Some pets will need gold coins to unlock. But the other pets will require you to watch a video to unlock for 10 minutes or use real money to buy. Besides, the game has also provided a lot of outfits, hats, glasses for the players. Let’s dress up your pets in unique many outfits and start with your favorite subject.

Bubbu School screen 6

In addition, you can collect all the puzzles from the pet’s memory album, put them in the right place, and reveal what memories they hide. With 28 types of fish, you can create a beautiful fish tank for yourself decorate the animal school with a relaxing aquarium full of all kinds of beautiful fishes. Unlock a unique colorful fish for each album page.

Moreover, there are up to 25 languages in Bubbu School. For example: Chinese, French, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, and so on. These languages will help many players in the world to understand the missions of the game better. They also bring many new words for the players that are learning one of the languages in the game. You can choose the languages to display in the Setting of the game.

Bubbu School screen 5

The great game for children

With simple gameplay, the player will do different jobs in the different classrooms. Play the mini games, meet your favorite virtual pets and make learning in the animal school awesome. The beautiful high-quality HD graphics and vivid sound also are elements that help Bubbu School to attract many children. Besides, the game doesn’t require connecting the Internet. So you can play Bubbu School whenever you want. This also will help you to relax after a long day at work or when you feel tired.

In addition, you can take part in many different classrooms. Art will express your creativity in this pet game. Learn how to draw with the cute animal games and coloring for kids. Music will help you to learn how to play piano, play music for kids or prepare a concert with your favorite instruments. You can enjoy a single instrument or a whole band with the guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, violin, cello, harp and singer. Get some air & exercise or play in the schoolyard. This will make your pets’ health be better and also help them to learn better. Let’s install Bubbu School, discover educational games with your virtual pet and experience a lot of interesting things.

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