Pro Series Drag Racing MOD APK 2.20 (Unlimited Money)

Pro Series Drag Racing MOD APK 2.20 (Unlimited Money)

July 16, 2020


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Battle Creek Games
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Pro Series Drag Racing is a fun and exciting simulation game developed by Battle Creek Games. You will play a role as a professional racer and experience many supercars with incredible speed. Pro Series Drag Racing is the most realistic and fascinating drag racing experience ever on mobile devices.

You can build, race, and adjust your car until it reaches the absolute peak in its performance. In the beginning, you can get your experience in career mode, then take it online for competition and go to the ultimate online multiplayer mode.

Many reviews praise that the Pro Series Drag Racing is the first drag racing with just you, your car, and your competitors. The game has simple gameplay, easy to understand, which will help you have moments of useful entertainment after stressful working hours.

Player Modes of Pro Series Drag Racing

Professional Career Mode

The career mode of the Pro Series Drag Racing offers four different racing cars that have a gear head suitable for each gear. There are streetcars, Pro mods, funny cars, and top fuel changed cars.

The career mode is an in-depth look at what a real drag racing game should be. Its design and graphics work efficiently through drag racing and even give a test to the most potential players.

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Online Mode with a Complete Customization

Pro Series Drag Racing also gives you complete control over your cars’ appearance, such as custom paint, packaging, wheels, and complete body kits. You can even change the color of the roll bar of the Pro Defense Department car. There are millions of distinct combinations and can allow you to style your car the way you want.

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Online Multiplayer Mode

With online multiplayer, you can challenge other drivers from walks of life. There are three types of multiplayer modes including bracket racing, heads-up racing, and grudge racing. If you are not familiar with these types, please do a study about the game’s instructions. Each of the racing challenges has its difficulties and obstacles.

What Makes Pro Series Drag Racing Stand Out?

Diversification of Models

In Pro Series Drag Racing, you will experience the feeling of racing with excellent 3D graphics. You will be somewhat assured of the game quality, right? And yet, the racing driver has never been a straightforward job even for professional gamers. However, when coming to this game, you will find it is not as difficult as you imagine, it is all. The manufacturer optimizes the game control. So, even if you are a newcomer, you are still incapable of completing the task of conquering these challenges.

Today, you will own the most modern supercars from many world-famous car manufacturers such as BMW, Acura NSX, Spyker C8, Ford, Aston Martin Rapide, Renault, and Daimler AG. And if it does not satisfy you with the car manufacturers to provide, you can completely customize your car more aggressively or modernized.Pro Series Drag Racing screen 2

Accessible Gameplay

Pro Series Drag Racing has straightforward gameplay. You will play as an experienced racing driver. You will play each stage with original car models, and each series will have differences in style, volume, structure, speed, and engine sound. And the control panels are also different in these stages.

Your task is to control your vehicle through the operation of pressing the mobile screen. So, the car remains stable and speeds up quickly to overcome the opponent and finish first. The game has increasing difficulty after each game stage. If you want to win all of them, you need to understand how to operate the vehicle you will drive and control so it reaches the maximum speed when starting the match.

In the Pro Series Drag Racing, you can get complete control of gears, speed limiter, suspension, timing, fuel delivery, supercharging, and launch control of your car. The included track allows you to test the changes made and make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Tuning is almost limitless if you want to run a short tail and a top gear or launch it. The tuning aspect is so in depth, you can even adjust the bar with high off-wheel wheels off the ground.

How about screwing up your tune? Don’t worry! Just visit the mechanic in the game, and he will reset to the tone. The Pro Series Drag Racing also provides you with an unlimited amount of tested positive-tuned races to ensure that your car is the best that it can be.

There are many other versions of the Drag Racing mobile game. The No Limit Drag Racing is a standout version because of its impressive innovation and updated car models. If you want another choice, we strongly recommend this alternative version.

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Graphics and Sound Effects

Pro Series Drag Racing has minimal 3D graphics, realistic designs, and beautiful colors. The details in the game are elaborate meticulously and subtly from the models and accurate figures such as a proper car, the engine of each car, beautiful racing to the speed regulator, and steering wheel when the control board.

The sound of the game is authentic and sharp. You will recognize the engine sound of each vehicle is different. The music will also change with the fast or slow speed of the car. Therefore, you will feel the authentic racing atmosphere while playing, bringing excitement and authenticity. Also, the game has lively background music sounds that help you not get bored before each race.


In the Pro Series Drag Racing, you will not be around for a long time to survive in A-class cars. Therefore, the game maker has given you over 300 different modifications to the traversal class to keep up with the other racers.

There are different engine blocks, air intakes, valve transmissions, exhaust pipes, tires, etc. When you change your car, continue on your tune to change your car’s ability slightly every time you change it. To maintain the best performance, please make sure you always test and adjust your songs or hire a team leader, and they will take care of it for you!


Pro Series Drag Racing is entirely free to download to smart devices. However, many users complain about a massive amount of advertisement’s appearance. If you want to disable them, you need an extra-purchase for ads removal.

Final Words

Drag Racing is a realistic and lively racing simulation game. The game will give you moments of relaxation and vivid experiences about the speed, sound, shape of each supercar while driving. Hurry and download the game to your phone and start the fiery race.

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