Dawn of Titans MOD APK 1.42.0 (Free Shopping)

Dawn of Titans MOD APK 1.42.0 (Free Shopping)

July 2, 2021


Additional Information
NaturalMotionGames Ltd
5.0 and up
34.04 MB
MOD Features
- Unlimited Gems
- Unlimited Food
- Unlimited Gold
- Unlimited Portal stones
- Free Upgrades
- Free Shopping

Dawn of Titans Poster

Grab your weapons and take up arms as we begin your once in a lifetime experience in Dawn of Titans. Choose your giants Titans, lead your army, and take them into the battlefields against the other giants. Fight against your opponents in epic fights where you’ll engage in a massive battlefield.

Control thousands of different units and take down the enemies in epic real-time battles. Be the master of your troops and lead them to glory with your mastered strategic skills and abilities.

Find out more about this amazing game from NaturalMotionGames Ltd with our reviews.


The fire has erupted and the world shall know pain. With powerful Titans begin to raise their banners against each other, wars have become inevitable. Find yourself fighting against your enemies in large-scale battles that count up to the thousands.

Select your preferred factions, control your giant and powerful Titan commanders, lead your men into the battle, and guarantee them a victory against their enemies. Mastering the art of refining your economy as well as building your armies in Dawn of Titans.

Become the leader of your own factions and build your own armies to defend you from enemies’ attacks. Make uses of your tactical wits to outthinking and outmaneuvering your enemies. Be the one who would unite the world under one banner.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Experience console-grade gameplay on your mobile devices

Gamers in Dawn of Titans will find themselves enjoying a ridiculously great game on their mobile devices. You’ll find the in-game features extremely polished and in-depth. It makes the game a lot more like a console or PC game, instead of just a simple mobile game for your devices. That being said, you can right into your console-graded adventure with the mighty Titans and their armies. Join each other in epic and massive battles just like on the PC.

An addictive game that takes time to master

Right off the bat, Dawn of Titans isn’t a simple game that you can easily get used to. In facts, it takes quite a lot of time to master all the different tactics and in-game features. Not to mention that the constants updates with new features and gameplay might overwhelm you.

However, with an addictive gameplay featuring large-scale battles between the Titans and their armies, it would be quite difficult not to spend your time learning the mechanics in Dawn of Titans. Find yourself battling the opponents as you build up your powerful empires for hours on end.

Explore the large realms in Dawn of Titans

In the game, players will be introduced to a massive map where you’ll need to build up your powers and armies. Take them through exciting battles throughout the different realms. Participate in epic battles in varied locations and experience different seasonal/terrain effects. Take advantages of the unique effects and leads your armies to the victory.

Dawn of Titans screenshot

Be the master of your own fate

In Dawn of Titans, players will have their chances to build their own utopia where the people can live happily and safely under the protection of the mighty Titans and your armies. Provide them a great place to settle and thrive. Research new technologies to help with your developments. Wage war against other factions and let them crumble under your unique powers. Select your favorite factions and help them build a powerful empire. Increase your rank and prestige to allow you to join the world ranks.

Lead your mighty Titans into the battles

And to make the game more interesting, Dawn of Titans introduces gamers to a huge variety of different Titans who all possess incredible powers and skills that could help them with their battles. Dominate the battlefields with your colossal generals and battle those of your enemies in epic battles like never before.

Dawn of Titans screenshot

Upgrade and equip your Titans with the most advanced powers and weapons to help them win against your tough opponents. Take the fights to the extremes with your powerful Titans. Wipeout an entire force of the enemies single-handedly with your Titans. There will be over 100 different Titans with varied powers and traits await you.

Enjoy real-time battles with epic fights between armies

In addition, players in Dawn of Titans can take control of their massive armies which consist of thousands of troops. There will also be different units in your armies, each with its own roles during the battles. Depending on your tactical preferences, you can choose between dozens of different classes to help you battle the enemies.

Dawn of Titans screenshot

Exciting gameplay with tons of different campaigns and events

As you join your adventure in Dawn of Titans, you’ll have the chances to participate in exciting campaigns where you’ll take on epic challenges and missions. Takedown your worthy enemies and earn yourself epic loots.

In addition, there will also be tons of unique events that’re available randomly. Find yourself fighting tough enemies and collect unique rewards.

Join an alliance and take the battles to the global scale

And if you wish to prove your skills and abilities as the commander of your own force, Dawn of Titans also features its exciting online gameplay where you can compete with other Titan commanders from all over the world.

And most excitingly, you can join an alliance or create one of your own. Meet up with your powerful allies and have them battle alongside you with the incredible enemies. Participate in exciting Alliance War where you can take the battles in Dawn of Titans to a whole new level.

Feel free to communicate with your friends and allies during a match or outside the lobby using the convenient voice chat. Change your tactics, give attack orders, and likewise during a fight in Dawn of Titans to make sure that you win the game.

Dawn of Titans screenshot

Free to play

The game is currently free to play for mobile users to download and install anytime they want. Immerse yourself into the epic world of Dawn of Titans and have your fight against the massive enemies without having to pay anything. Still, the in-app purchases might slow you down drastically.

Enjoy unlocked features with our mods

To deal with this, we have just the right thing for you. Experience the epic mod for the game as you’re free to purchases anything you want, get any upgrades you need, and of course, free from the annoying ads. Just download and install our Dawn of Titans Mod APK on your mobile devices to start enjoying its amazing features. Make sure you follow our instruction thoroughly to make sure the game is stable.

Visual and sound quality


Dawn of Titans will introduce gamers to a whole new level of immersive gameplay. With stunning 3D graphics, accurate and enhanced visual effects, you’ll find yourself playing through the exciting battles like you’re living in it. Find yourself enjoying the detailed graphics which are shown on the single units out of thousands.


With powerful and immersive music and sound effects, you’ll find yourself fighting your enemies in epic battlefields that feel just like the real thing. Listen to the metal clashes, the screaming soldiers, the terrifying screams of your Titans, the explosions. All combined to deliver gamers a once in a lifetime experience that they couldn’t find on any other title.

How To Install Dawn of Titans APK with OBB Data File

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.naturalmotion.dawnoftitans. Ensure that the OBB file (main.2465860.com.naturalmotion.dawnoftitans.obb) and (patch.2465860.com.naturalmotion.dawnoftitans.obb) sits within the com.naturalmotion.dawnoftitans folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Dawn of Titans Mod latest 1.42.0 Android APK

For those who’re interested in strategy games, Dawn of Titans is definitely one of the latest game-changer. That being said, for the first time, you can enjoy large-scale battles with your enemies which could number up to the thousands. Have yourself fight against the epic enemies with your giants and powerful Titans. Combine the tactical and action elements to the fights. Get ready to spend hours on end discovering the features that the game provides.

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  1. Emils837 says:

    Worked great but after entering 3 times the game stayes black

  2. Arvan says:

    Anyone have a link to a new version that works?

  3. Whatsoever says:

    Please just fix the ban, make an anti ban mod

  4. Aravind says:

    … Not working.. hanging up on loading screen..

  5. Alexandro says:

    Nao adianta fazr download se nao existe antí ban …perca de tempo .

  6. JasonKing says:

    This is not working man ! It says please get the app from legitimate source. I have followed the right procedure.

  7. EvilNik says:


  8. Mike says:

    You say it’s 1.34 version but in downloads you have 1.33 … the 1.34 has not been moded yet from what I see online…

  9. CCCP says:

    Game crashes, after first time playing, the game only just has show a big icon on screen.

  10. Amedeo says:

    Bongiorno questa mod ha bisogno di un anti ban altrimenti è pari a zero
    Ciao buon lavoro

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