Door Slammers 1 MOD APK 1.24 (Unlimited Money)

Door Slammers 1 MOD APK 1.24 (Unlimited Money)

October 9, 2020


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Horsepower 1 Studios
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Unlimited Money

Door Slammers 1 poster

Door Slammers 1 is now available to download. The game has been elevated to offer more choices of vehicles, more functions, and better racing. Door Slammer 1 appears to be better than racing. If it’s just speed, you have a lot more options. But if it’s about speed and vehicle knowledge, Door Slammer 1 proves one of the best.

In comparison to current racing games, Door Slammers 1 prevails by informative descriptions and illustrative visuals. The game imposes an excellent chance to study engines, car construction and test your expectations. It thrills you at showing your garage and again on the racing field.

General Information

Door Slammers 1 proposes an interacting game where you can feed up the hunger of knowing about cars and racing them. It provides entertainment for both solitude and competitions hence.

In the time of solitude, you can access the garage with plenty of new cars. The exhibition includes specifications, records, and relating quotations. All information mimics the real car so that users get an authentic feeling for the model.

Door Slammers 1 also proposes racing. The competition happens at your request. Hence, you can test the performance of different vehicles at the same time. The system holds the competition with practical quality. Not talking about visual effect, the organization of the race promises to satisfy groupies.

The game lets you interact with other users through competition. Available tools will support you evaluate the game regarding speed, operation, and reaction to the field. These qualities make sure players of Door Slammers one of the most thorough apps to learn by playing.

Background Story

In 2012, classic Door Slammers debuted with the same idea, but the old version appears bulky with detailed tuning. Door Slammers 1 now accelerates the operation to be simpler and faster.

The game tries to bring practical experience to players even though actions are in cyberspace. Competitions are on air from scratch when you choose your beloved from the garage, bring it out to the field until the final evaluation when you can see the result’s analysis.

The game remains permitted for accessories. You can change the engine, replay the game, or make some fixing on your vehicle as to the way you want.

Cost references on parts are exposed on display. It is one of the most informative online games that car people should not miss.

How to Play Door Slammers

The ground rules

There are no rules applied to the game, as it is purely for passion. It’s just competition among cars but in the more detailed version. You have access to the stores, get your car reviewed in the necessary information, and get changed if necessary.

The competition happens after your invitation is received. You take the race and speed up, get the result, and prepare for the next round.

Door Slammers 1 screen 0

Building the car

Before turning up on the racing field, your car must get ready, and you can customize your choice.

The garage will show you what you already have, and also, there are new cars available to pick. Inside these options, you can find bodies that provide you a general look. Also, the engine and tune bar will lead you to other customization. These must be the trickier since they present your specifications and devices inspired by reality. It would be exciting to study cars in real life, and now you can do something with that knowledge here.

Do not forget to finish your beloved by carefully dressing up cool chassis and modern painting.

Building a car would take time, and you need to test. Then, when you’re ready, the competitions are ahead.

Door Slammers 1 screen 2


When you want to have your vehicles tested, come to Heads up. The field always seems up for racing when people can start a race not long after entering.

On display, you need to watch out the signal for pre-stage. The race only starts after both stage lights are on. The signal sent is the green light turned.

During the game, specifications about burnout, speed, and horsepower remain on the screen. Winning or losing the game accounts for gaining and losing cash.

The money is needed for your car building.Door Slammers 1 screen 1

Special Features

Abundant Garage

The garage is insanely colossal. You can find almost everything here, especially bodies for the car. There are modern designs but also ones from the past. If you are interested in cars, this would be a library you want to visit every day.

Not only the bodies and engines, but this place also helps you expand your creativity in decorating your beloved racing machine. It offers an out-of-the-box outlook and sets you free in customizing accessories.

Have you ever had in your mind an idea of a non-existent car? There would be nothing impossible with Door Slammers 1.

Practical but Creative

The procedure of building and racing proves practicality. Step by step provides sufficient information as you are in a professional workshop.

Besides, they still boost your creativity. You can always rebuild the vehicles, enhance or adjust them the way you are, as long as you win enough money for your operation. Will it sound fair enough?

Decent setting

Graphics for parts, paint, and frame look decent. But, the best of all is the field setting.

The moment your car races on a beautiful lightened street, with festive flags and well-stretched lanes, it must be proud. Door Slammers 1 provides precisely that effect.

Along the road, there are lamp posts blanketed by shimmering moonlight. Won’t it be a joy to race?

Door Slammers 1 screen 3

Drag Racing, like Door Slammers 1, proposes similar practice. Drag Racing prevails in graphics as its colors seem vibrant.

Unlike the Door Slammers 1, this game provides multiple lanes for more than two players.

Final Words

Door Slammers 1 Mod APK has a reputation for creativity and graphics. It only gets better and better. There may be many games with the same idea, but the vibe of vintage and power together in Door Slammers 1 always imposes a thrill.

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