Mini Golf King MOD APK 3.65 (Unlimited Money)

Mini Golf King MOD APK 3.65 (Unlimited Money)

October 27, 2023


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If you can’t get to the golf course regularly, then playing a game that simulates your favorite sport is a great option. We want to dedicate this article to many golf fans, reviewing one of the most popular sports games these days –  Mini Golf King.

This is an addicting game to test your virtual golf skills. Since its first release in 2017, Mini Golf King has reached over 10,000,000 accumulated downloads on mobile up to now.

This article will go through all about this fantastic game, including game rules, good and bad features, and tips for easy winning. This will help you get ready to become the King of Mini Golf.

Game Goal & Rules

Mini Golf King is a responsive physical environment minigolf game. It’s generally like golf, but smaller. There’s only one main goal: score more points than your rivals to win. You will face several game modes and challenges, but basically, the major rules are:

  • Each match has a 5-minute time limit
  • You play 5 holes in each match
  • Tap and drag to adjust the stroke’s intensity, speed, and direction
  • Try to bring the ball into the hole with as few strokes as you can.
  • The match will end when you complete all 5 holes or when time runs out.

You will play this game head to head, both players take turns to solve the same course. The winner is not the one who reaches the hole first, but the one who gets the most points.

It’s also not a regular golf game. This is a minigolf world filled with activities and adventures that you’ve never experienced in real life. You will have setting options with multiple paths to follow, making Mini Golf King a super exciting game. We will discuss this feature later.

What We Like About Mini Golf King

Vibrant Graphics Design

Mini Golf King is an enjoyable game with a lush design. It has 3D graphics that bring your favorite courses of golf to your smart mobile devices. Its colorful and cute animation can satisfy both children and adults. The image of the ball swinging back and forth before completely stopping is somehow graphically attractive. Plus, the music and sound are also entertained, helping you relax while playing.

Besides, the developers have created over 35 beautiful golf courses with tons of dynamic backgrounds. They also divided all the holes into 8 different stages, each has its own distinct theme.

Real-time Multiplayer

Mini Golf King offers a fascinating Mini golf duel in real-time online multiplayer. You will have chances to compete against players worldwide to bring home trophies and prizes.

Ease Of Control

The controls in Mini Golf King are simple and intuitive. It goes well with Android devices’ touchscreens.

It’s easier than ever to send your ball down the course. Sliding your finger back and forth on the screen to aim the ball, including determining the direction and the power you use when swinging. Then release to shoot the ball towards the hole. This drag-and-release feature makes Mini Golf King as easy as playing pool!

Besides, you should pay attention to the balance between the power and the shooting angle to rock the best shots. Before giving out a swing, you also need to choose the type of golf club. Each type delivers different speed and strength; therefore, it’s a significant aspect affecting each swing.

In addition to getting the ball quickly into the hole, you have to collect as many gems as possible. If your opponent’s ball is on your way, use your ball to crush them out and take away his/her items. Mini Golf King is simple yet still fun to play.

Endless Challenges

In Mini Golf King, courses contain only a single hole, so each match takes you just a couple of minutes. However, it doesn’t mean that this game is super easy and boring.

Every hole is unique with a particular challenge. You have to overcome more advanced stages all the way to the top. During this confront process, you can trot out your amazing skills in the Hole-in-One and the Tour Challenge. You can even participate in the leaderboard and tournament every week to win wonderful rewards and acclaim.

In the Hole-in-One Challenge, you simply sink every putt and get unique prizes. You can also enter the Tour Challenge to travel through more than 50 holes and win stars to get special rewards like virtual currency for a longer adventure. If you want to compare your game results, promote your chests and card prizes in weekly Leagues. There are also 3 tournaments waiting for you to conquer. By becoming the tournament’s champion, you will receive enormous rewards that you’ve never dreamed of!

No matter which challenges you are facing, you will experience various locations. The activities consist of passing through tubing slides, swinging on drawbridges, discovering pyramids, finding a way to get out mysterious mazes with explosion traps, utilizing accelerators and jump pads, etc. To go further and fly higher, you need to take advantage of all the tricks and obstacles during every golf match.

Custom it your way

In Mini Golf King, you can unlock chests and acquire new golf equipment to customize your gameplay. These tools could be drivers, irons, sand wedges, putters, clubs, balls, and gloves. In addition to obtaining new golfing facilities, you should also upgrade existing ones to improve your aiming and shooting.

Optional Permissions

The developers provide you with 2 permission options: storage and camera. You can allow Mini Golf King to store and load caches and game configurations. You can also give your camera permission to scan your friend’s QR code for new in-game items.

Users with Android 6.0 or later can activate or disable permissions in the Setting section on your device. Go to “Setting” tap on “Application Manager” access “Mini Golf King” and switch the “Permissions” button on or off. For Android under 6.0, you need to update the operating system to control each permission. Otherwise, you have to uninstall the game.

Facebook Integration

You can log in to Mini Golf King through your Facebook account and play online courses with your family and friends. Moreover, you can send and request free gifts to anyone on your Facebook friend list.

What We Don’t Like About Mini Golf King

On the downside, the Mini Golf King isn’t available offline currently. You will need an internet connection to enjoy this game.

Another minus of this game is that it contains overextended ads. Even though ads are an indispensable part of free download mobile games, some players still find it annoying.

Furthermore, you can’t swing again until the ball absolutely stands still. This slows down game progress, plus the fact that all matches have limited time, making the gameplay less exciting, especially for those who like speed.


Q: Can I change my in-game profile?

A: Yes, but only Facebook-connected users can. After linking your account to Facebook, you can change your personal information through Facebook or directly on your in-game profile.

Q: Is Mini Golf King fair?

A: As we mentioned before, the Mini Golf King is a PvP game. You are automatically paired with players of a similar level, but you may not be playing simultaneously.

More importantly, the order and place of holes and obstacles are random and ensured to be the same for both players. Therefore, only more accurate and faster trick shots than your rivals will help you win the game. No cheat is included.

Q: Can I communicate with my opponent during our match?

A: You can tap on the speech bubble at the bottom left of the screen to send emojis to each other. Unfortunately, online chatting is not supported.

Q: How many points does each gem resemble?

A:  Small gems usually score 100 – 200, and large ones are 200 – 300 count per item. The color variety is only for decorating; there is no color-based value or point.

Q: What will happen if two or more players have the same score in tournaments?

A: In this case, the game decides the result based on the tiebreaker rules in the following order:

  1. The player firing fewer shots in the previous rounds wins.
  2. The player who plays more matches wins.
  3. The player bringing the ball into the hole first wins.
  4. The player joining the round first wins

Mini Golf King Tips & Hints

Practice makes perfect

Mini Golf King is a game of skill; it’s all about the experience. Practice focusing on the power meter and the wind direction. See how far these 2 factors make the ball travel and whether it goes in the correct route.

Ensure that for every round, you check wind changes and make the necessary power and target changes. If you adjust it right, the wind will carry your ball in the direction you want, and you won’t have to put too much strength on the ball. It will take a lot of practice to master the adjustment skills depending on the random wind.

Try to get Hole-in-One

Regardless of which bonuses you get, a Hole In One is more valuable. Not all holes can be made in one strike; accept this fact and prepare for 2 or more strokes. Don’t rush!

Collect the gems

The game’s goal is to earn as many scores as you can. It’s nothing if your ball gets to the hole first, but your score fewer points than your rival. Therefore, try your best to let the ball “eat” gems on its way. Each gem contributes an additional 100 points to your final score, so you should pick them up whenever possible.

Don’t forget your old equipment

This game gives you a stimulus to upgrade all the golf equipment. You will receive a bonus when updating any item, even old ones, unlike other games in which old tools are useless.

Additionally, upgrades a fantastic lasting boost because a little bit will go a long way. Remember to distribute your coins and cards to both new and old equipment and keep boosting your collection.

Final Words

We can say with certainty that you will enjoy Mini Golf King Mod APK if you’re a fan of PVP games like the infamous Clash Royale. It brings a fascinating breadth with a vibrant arcade theme that really suits a minigolf title. It’s a great chance to be the next minigolf champion you don’t want to miss out on.

Moreover, together with the detailed review of this mini golf game, we want to suggest another name for those keen on golf. Golf Clash is one of our top golf game picks for Android, alongside Mini Golf King. This game manages to stack up awards for every move yet still maintains the overwhelming ease of use.

After experiencing Mini Golf King, you should give Golf Clash a try to explore your favorite golf courses in a different style.

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