Mini Golf 3D City Stars MOD APK 33.4 (Unlimited Money)

Mini Golf 3D City Stars MOD APK 33.4 (Unlimited Money)

December 7, 2023


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Mobile Sports Time
39.74 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Mini Golf 3D City Stars is an exciting 3D sport game. You will control many small golf balls, and try to become King of the golf match. The game supports offline play, and you try to win with money and diamonds. You challenge the world, and compete with real-time multiplayer on minigolf magic competitions. The game allows you to display your own avatar, and many modes of practice before the actual competition. Like “Golf Clash“, the game unlocks new achievements, standard chat capabilities, and compete with real players from around the world. The game also supports cloud saving, and you have plenty of time to relax, experience a great golf game. Get ready to join the mini golf tournament, and become the # 1 minigolf champion in the world.


Mini Golf 3D City Stars does not talk about many things, but focuses on rival conflicts in Aztec El Dorado World. The game builds a free mini golf paradise with amazing 3D effects. You have many great experiences in the game, and more content and functions are added on a regular basis. The game has 245 putt-putt paths, and each is designed with its own unique challenges. Your mission is to help the golf ball run in the right direction, and become the ultimate winner. Gameplay is simple, but it takes time to get used to. You carefully choose the right angle with the arrows, use the power button appropriately, and find creative ways to put the ball in the hole before the turn runs out. You have to overcome fun challenging obstacles, and animated objects like jumps, spinning bars, ramps, holes and loops. If you show your best mini golf skills you will win. The game features single-player golf, and real-time online PvP multiplayer.

Mini Golf 3D City Stars offers many interesting options. After each victory, you collect coins and diamonds to buy the coolest upgrades. You can choose from basketball, soccer, baseball or even a small tennis ball; You can choose your country’s flag; if you’re a nature fan, then you can choose from Lightning, Milky Way, Northern Lights, and other cool shadow upgrades; You can also choose the animal balls with Giraffe, Zebras or Cheetah skin. Like “Golf Clash”, you can check out many great things, and pick a cool flag for your favorite golf.

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Mini Golf 3D City Stars helps you test your minigolf skills with lots of fun. The game belongs to the genre of Arcade- interesting sports. You will enter dozens of great golf holes, and try to beat the right target with your precision. The game has a lot of different challenging levels, and you can play wonderfully through the obstacles. Your task is to help the ball reach the end of the field, and you must hit the ball in the hole in front of your opponent. Although the gameplay is as simple as “Golf Clash”, the game is not that simple to complete. You have to pass the limited number of hits, and you will face problems like bottomless falling points, impossible curves, confusing mazes and moving objects. You can come up with the right strategy through the number of turns in the upper part of the screen.

Mini Golf 3D City Stars is not only attractive with the interesting game mode, intuitive interface, but also the number of about 200 different interesting levels. The game supports real-time multiplayer competition. From here, you can play against hundreds of players from all over the world, and you need a lot of skills to beat good players. Try to be the first to hit the ball in the hole, and you will enjoy the feeling of victory. If you want to play against an online competitor, then you have to place a bet. Of course the reward will double if you win.

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Mini Golf 3D City Stars has a very intuitive game interface. You can easily use the buttons on your phone. Simply slide your finger around the screen to find the perfect angle, and determine how much force is needed for the perfect shot. You need to make sure you control your speed so that your ball won’t go out of bounds. In addition, you have the option to play alone, or compete with other players. You need to show off great skill through hundreds of different levels, and each challenge is meticulously designed. Like Golf Clash, Mini Golf 3D City Stars game is really a suitable choice for golf fans. You can easily experience your favorite sport on smartphone. You can easily make a realistic choice in the wacky style game with fantasy mini golf courses.

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In short, Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade is a favorite choice for those who love golf sport. The game has simple gameplay, attractive gameplay and beautiful 3D effects. You will certainly be drawn in through the challenges, as well as a lot of content that is regularly updated. The game has a lot in common with “Golf Clash”, and you enjoy about 200 amazing golf challenges, and each round is individually designed with a unique set of challenges. Try to carefully choose the right angle, use the right strength, and creative tactics to win.

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  • Cute 3D cartoon graphics, many amazing effects.
  • Explore over 200 different challenges, and more monthly content.
  • Intuitive interface, fun gameplay, and easy finger control on smartphone devices.
  • The feel of the ball moves, and the physics mode is very real.
  • Interesting experience like playing Golf in real life.


  • There are not many breakthroughs in gameplay.
  • Multiplayer mode is limited.

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