A Girl Adrift MOD APK 1.376 (Unlimited Money)

A Girl Adrift MOD APK 1.376 (Unlimited Money)

September 20, 2023

Role Playing

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A Girl Adrift is a simple role-playing game. It is about the world that has been flooded, and humanity consists only of survivors on small remote islands. Your character survives by living on a raft and catching tons of fish.

Every small human settlement needs you to fish for them. The game itself is tap – tap to release the fishing rod. You must quickly tap to fight a fish after you’ve caught one.

A Girl Adrift is a mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game mainly deals with a girl fishing on a wooden platform. The game consists only of catching any marine creature or object crossed at the time of hunting.

The developer set this fishing video game with excellent animation and has everything to the anime Chibi. Primarily, there is nothing out of that context. Everything is to the Chibi simulating game.

You can download this fantastic game via this link.


A Girl Adrift begins with the world being ravaged by many natural disasters. A cataclysm now engulfs the universe. The fishes in the ocean mutate and become giant. You, with a small fishing rod, will start your journey to conquer the sea.

Special Features

Relief/aid bags

The yellow item on the left is like a help. You can usually find these as relief or aid bags on your screen, always flying. As we have said, it is as an aid, since it can be used to fish at a faster time.


The thing on the right is the backpack. It will show how many pieces of sea creatures you can get. When you beat a specific rare monster or boss, you can sell or smuggle them.

Sea creatures when fishing themselves, except for rational type creatures can drop only those pieces. Although you can carry parts of animals, you can also take the junk that you accidentally fish or even pieces that will help you complete certain things. However, it must be done in a port.

Level and experience bar

When we finish with the bottom line, the level, and the experience will appear. The green bar is the experience that you gain while fishing or doing different things. And that bar to level up must reach 100%.

As we have said, the experience is obtained by doing different things or with the simplest thing. The higher the level of your prey, the more points it will be. And to the right of the experience bar is the time that you have entirely played throughout everything (it only tells you when the app is running).


As we said, when you press the button of rank, then press the option where a star and a fish appear, it will send you to the view of the fish, which is divided into three types: standard, rare, and boss.

There is a great variety of creatures in each type, and the most difficult to hunt are the bosses. Although you usually will easily know when a boss will appear, since a skull will appear on the map next to a specific place, from a certain level, these are very difficult.

Usually, when they have their HP bar in purple, it means that they are very complicated for your level. And if they are in red, you can’t hunt it at that moment. Otherwise, the rare and regular are found while fishing casually throughout your match.


Again, by pressing where it says “Rank,” then at the head of the character, we will see how many ranks there are. It means what the limit is and what prizes or rewards you can have when you are already at a certain level.

Also, we need to clarify that the level and range are entirely different. The level rises each time the experience bar reaches 100%. However, the field does not operate like the level.

It is entirely different since it takes time to rise. We honestly do not know if there is a certain level to move up each rank or by doing certain things. However, the class limit is 45, and so is standard, which is about +4000.


The objects to customize your character and platform/raft can be found by pressing the ship inside a bottle and saying “Skin” (at the top). The things to customize are seven items: cane, head accessories, hair, clothes, trimming, the edge of the ruffle, and lamp.

These objects can be obtained by buying them in ports. Each port will sell varied things. Besides, we mention that all items will not have the same price, and you usually can obtain those objects with the pearls.

When you go up in level, it will give you more options or more weapons to customize, for example, the cannon, machine gun, etc.


You can have the map by pressing the piece of paper that you have at the top of the screen and in the center. It is an extensive map in which you can see where certain places are located and to move from place to place.

There are also objects to speed up travel or do them in fast mode. You press the place you want to go, and under the map, a shell and a yellow arrow with wings will appear. These items will help you make a fast trip. However, it has its price, and every specific time they will charge you to use it again.

Usually, the map below gives you all the symbols that can appear, and it is easy to understand them. The logos are:

  • Anchor: the anchor symbol shows that it is a port. There will be a character who will ask you to do missions, and after doing them, return and claim your reward. Also, in the ports, you can buy your objects and sell parts.
  • Red dot: the red dot is an area to catch certain fish. Typically, you can find fish of all kinds. But, every first time you go to a red dot, you will get a boss-type creature.
  • Exclamation mark: this sign means that you need to go there. It is for an order that you have already fulfilled or for something necessary on a port.
  • Dove: the sign of popcorn but golden means that a site is ready to be revisited. Typically, these sites that have that popcorn are usually games or places to get certain things, especially money or pieces.
  • Fish signal: the yellow sign with a fish will mean that there is a rare creature there. You can see animals you have already seen and caught, or from time to time, new ones. And also, on some occasions, they can appear to you of the boss-type.
  • Skull: the skull means that there is a boss-type creature. Every time you see the head in a place, it will always be a new creature. These things will appear more times. But for the first time, you will see a boss type that will appear with the skull, and later it will come out with the fish signal.
  • Little head: the head of the character means where you are at that moment.

Overall Evaluation


Speaking of the characters, we only have one to use throughout the game. Although you can customize their clothing, which is hair, accessories to the head, and clothing. You can also customize your platform where it is going and your boat.

Usually, there are many things to put, or rather many things to buy for your character and her weapon. And you will not get all the pieces to customize cheap or easy to get that kind of money required.

There are three chief objects, but in reality, those objects are purchased by our money. It gets each one in different ways. Notably, the most used objects are pearls and fish food.

  • Fish food: Fish food, which could be said to be the most essential and vital, besides being the easiest to get.
  • Pearls: Pearls are already money. So, it is more challenging to get, and you do not get a lot of them. These items can be obtained by selling certain products in sports, in games to earn money, doing missions, or something else in particular. Pearls help you get customizable things. With them, you can buy accessories for your character to improve some of your weapons.
  • Dark plates: This kind of money is more difficult to get. However, if you can by doing missions or going to a special place to claim them, in this case, decide whether using dark plates or pearls to upgrade your character. If you choose the dishes, they will give you tiny amounts. However, they will help you to improve your weapons drastically.


You start from a pointless point in the ocean with the girl and the raft. The first thing you need to do is wake up the little girl who is sleeping. You can then fish for your first fish. Release bait by pressing and holding on the screen.

The longer it holds, the longer the bait sinks, and the higher the chance of encountering large fish. You will meet some fish that you cannot catch for the first time.

After fishing and getting acquainted, you will move to the first boss fishing location. In the game, there will be characters giving you a task. Doing quests will provide you with more money and resources to upgrade or buy necessary items.

Speaking of upgrades, your girl is wearing an old dress. But don’t worry about this, as you will have lots of opportunities to receive new items. A Girl Adrift is not too bloody, so it is easy to unlock new things.

Graphics and Sound Effects

It is not surprising that with a simple game like this; the graphics are not too unique. IThe developer designed everything in the game with a cute Chibi style.

The sound is well done, and the music is lively and comfortable to hear. In the game, there is music dedicated to when not fishing and at the beginning of the fighting phase.

Gamer’s Reviews

Anyway, A Girl Adrift is quite a fun and addictive game. At the beginning of playing, it can make you overwhelmed for a little while. But after understanding it and seeing all the options it presents, it is a fantastic game.

It comes with a traditional Japanese Chibi style. This beautiful fishing game can make you have a good time and more because you want to discover what this video game can contain.

This game has many positive things, such as excellent graphics, suitable difficulty levels, and a good plot. To be honest, being a fishing game is something that does not attract the players much.

However, A Girl Adrift is creative, fun, and sophisticated, and an excellent game to hang out with friends. Notably, the game does not need the Internet, so you can play it wherever and whenever you want.

So, if you give this fishing video game a try, be prepared because, at certain times, the creatures will not let go and will provide you with a proper pain in your fingers. These times can make you squeeze the screen consistently and quickly. Sometimes, your arm will hurt because you try to hunt them.

If you have never played a game of fishing or related to a particular activity, we think this video game can be an excellent option to start. It gives you a lot of fun in the Chibi anime style.


A Girl Adrift MOD APK is a relatively simple game suitable for those who have little time because everything in the game is easy to find. The game lets you control a small floating on a raft, swimming to landmarks around the world to fish.

And the actual standard game kills leisure time effectively. If there is nothing to do, you can sit and watch the screen for nearly an hour without getting bored.

The gameplay is simple, just drop the fishing line, wait for the fish to bite, then press the screen like Titan Tap to catch fish. Catching fish will give you a fishball to upgrade items. You also need to do quests to get gems to buy the skin to increase stats and take a long time to go to the witch to get the EXP to upgrade skills.

On holiday, you have nothing to do, then play this game to feel cuter. If you need a game to change the mood after intense battles, it will be the right choice.

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