Duskwood MOD APK 1.10.14 (Free Shopping)

Duskwood MOD APK 1.10.14 (Free Shopping)

September 20, 2023

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Researches have shown that there is a significant increase in criminal movies, series, documentaries, and most of their fans are teenagers and young adults. Yet, to some people, they are not genuine enough. Teenagers and young adults start to find the most suitable games to satisfy their interests, such as “7Days Mystery Puzzle Interactive Novel Story”. Fortunately, in 2019, developer Everbyte Studio released one of the most intriguing detective games, and its name is “Duskwood: Crime & Investigation Detective Story”.

“Duskwood” is an interactive thriller type of game, and players will have to choose their own adventure. Players can experience this game to the fullest through characters’ dialogues, finding clues to save the victim while discovering some hidden features, solving puzzles. Remember to make the smartest move, and different choices will lead you to different paths. For further information, Everbyte Studio regularly releases new story chapters so that players do not feel bored and can continue their journey.


This horror mystery takes place in the city of Duskwood, where the legends revolve around its mysterious forest that nobody really knows about. People rarely get lost in the forest, but when they do, it is described to be dreadful, and no one knows what has happened to the lost ones.

It has been 72 hours since Hannah Donford went missing without any trace, many things have happened, and the villagers are more concerned than ever. Before Hannah disappeared, for some unexplainable reasons, her last action was to send your phone number to her boyfriend – Thomas. He has a list and adds you to a group with several people who are her sister and her friends. You are tasked with investigating a peculiar kidnapping case. Each character has their back story, and it is up to you to find out who is the real perpetrator.

The game is played in WhatsApp style, with your main mission is to go from place to place, collect the pieces of evidence and find out the truth. There is no back story, players will have to put all the information together given by each involving character. Remember that every piece of information is very crucial to save Hannah and stop yourself from becoming the next target.

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Fascinating and authentic gameplay

Out of nowhere, you are trusted to uncover the truth of the disappearance of Hannah Donford. Players will have to use their phones to communicate and collect clues from potential suspects online. Each person that you encounter has their own backstory and a contrasting life, each information fits what the characters post on their social media and their hobbies.

Players will have the ability to monitor others’ behavior on their social media, hack into cloud storage, look through some old photos, or even privately listen to and read through the conversations.

Out of nowhere, an anonymous hacker texts you and says that everyone is not what they appear. Thanks to the hacker, you can even access Hannah’s cloud, which might show some main clues and what roles Hannah’s friends have played in her kidnapping. Be careful and do not get caught!

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Think carefully and make smart decisions

Different choices result in divergent outcomes. Reactions can positive or negative. Players are expected to create their own adventure alongside multimedia files to search through, locations to visit. The game starts slowly and will keep your eyes on it for a long time.

Every action is done as if you are using your character’s phone. It feels like you are actually texting to these people in personal or group chats. Players are given choices that will decide what they can follow, who they can trust, and decode things for themselves. Moreover, players can search other characters’ profiles, their Instagram, or through numerous social media platforms. They can also make new friends but always stay alert for who to trust.

After a certain number of clues, you will be able to send one among pre-written texts, make video calls, or even voice messages. Use your finesse and intelligence to choose what feels the most right to you.

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A game inside a game

“Duskwood” has no fighting, shooting, or combatting. In this game, we use our intellect rather than physical weapons. The secondary mini-game is called Match-3, players will have to complete some of them to continue with the main story and collect credits. It is recommended that players should finish most of them at once so that they do not have to stop the main mission to do these mini challenges.

Up to seven episodes available

There are currently six episodes, and the seven is in development. Through each part, more and more secrets will be revealed, leading players closer to Hannah Donford and the kidnapper.

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Free Shopping

Earning credits from mini games are not enough for some players, therefore, Duskwood Mod APK has supported the free shopping feature for them to put away the money worry and fully focus on the storyline of the game.



The game is text-based with custom messenger themes to use, from cute pink to wicked dark. The graphics are quite simple and familiar since the game basically looks like WhatsApp or Messenger.


There is nothing much to talk about the music besides the sound of the crows when you open “Duskwood” and the sound of the texts. Even when there is barely any soundtrack in the game, it is still entertaining enough to keep your attention.


Duskwood is such an addictive criminal story game as it is made by the author of the famous “Dead City”. The answers are strained, and the language is hilarious, yet quite unnatural and awkward. There are numerous and realistic touches that add to the atmosphere. If you are unfamiliar with this game title, now is the best time to dive into these stories and become the best detective you have ever dreamt of. Duskwood is not perfect but will surely bring an immerse mystery that feels personal.

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