Sentence MOD APK 1.254.537 (Unlimited Money)

Sentence MOD APK 1.254.537 (Unlimited Money)

February 10, 2024


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The horror genre always attracts a lot of people. Sentence also is a simulation game that ranges among the horror genre. The game is started by black and white video, a girl in the white dress, syringe, … Those refer to the brutal murder. They brought a feeling of fear for the player. You are a fan of the horror game. Let’s discover the secret of the game and what will happen next.

Real messages and calls

Sentence was released by Guts United in May 2019. Guts United is a Russian independent game developing studio founded in January 2016. Until January 2020, the game had 6 million downloads. The player can install the game free on smart mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. And the game is only for single player and needs the Internet connection to play.

Interface of the game is the same as an application. The player can send the messages or call the characters in the game. Specifically, your messages and calls are always answered. Besides, sound is very realistic. From fearful sounds in video to the sound of the phone ringing, the voice of the characters when you call. And time is also a special thing. Time in the game is like real time. These things blur the line between fiction in Sentence and reality in your life.

A journey to find the killer

In Sentence, you are the provincial town that is shocked by the brutal murder of Ted Barns. Victims are young girls. They were kidnapped and killed each person. All forces are thrown into the search to find the killer. Finally, they arrested the killer, who is former police officer Henry Thompson. But the real serial killer is still free. Your mission is to investigate the murder and find the real killer among us. This isn’t easy and will take a long time.

Begin the investigation, the player will do the things that are the same as the things in reality. Eavesdrop, chat group, send the messages or call, … Clues will appear in those conservations. You need to analyze them to find the serial killer. In addition, the player has to deal with personal conflicts. Because the game has built the complex relationship between the characters. The player need to dive into the intrigues between the characters. Crimes will have loopholes so that you prove their criminal acts. Innocent people can still participate this search.
Don’t judge too quickly unless you will make mistakes.

Besides, memories of the past will usually appear in the conservations. That can be an image. You have to choose between two things. Put the memories down or dive deep into the mind palaces. This helps you to get one step closer to the mystery. Moreover, the conflict between emotions and reason makes Sentence become more practical than the class murdering games. Investigate and analyze the information from the characters. Your actions will decide you can arrest the killer or let them go.

If you usually investigate criminal case, a notebook will be very necessary for you. Because of this, Sentence has provided “Notes” for the players. “Notes” is the same as the conversation and only you can see the notes here. In addition, the information and the images that need to be noted are available. This helps you to investigate more quickly. Let’s try to find the killer early.

An opportunity of learning different languages

There is a special feature in Sentence. That is the multi languages feature. The game has provided 7 languages for the player. Those languages are English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian. You can choose the language to display in Setting section of the game.

Sentence is not only the entertaining game but also a place where the player can learn the different languages. The messages that you and the characters sent is usually common sentences. You can learn ways of greeting or introduction to yourself. Besides, the phone calls help you to improve your listening skill. But you need to prepare well before listening. Because they happen very fast. The game makes learning the language easier. Look for your own way of learning.

In the survey process, the player will hack into the crime lab database thank to Michael’s help – the character in Sentence. There will be folders in the laboratory. When you open the folder, a mini game will appear. Gameplay is very simple. you just need to connect points that are the same color. But if you don’t meet the goal of mini game, you will lose a live and the important thing is you can’t continue the next step. After you have overcome the goal and collected enough the amount of the star, you can continue.

The game with many challenges is for you

With a unique plot, Sentence MOD APK described the criminal case. The game has attracted many players. You will have to eavesdrop the different characters, analyze the clues to find the killer. Besides, you need to handle the personal conflicts. This will help you to improve your observation and analytical skills.

In the game, the murder crime mixes with good people. You easily arrest the wrong person. So be careful and you shouldn’t be too trusting of people. The challenges of the investigation will stimulate your passion for solving the crimes and finding the real murderer. If you have enough courage, let’s try your strength in Sentence.

In addition, you can play the game and learn the language at the same time. Common vocabularies to specific words in the investigation into the murder. The black and white videos and images create the feeling of horror for. But they will take you from the present to the past. Furthermore, the phone calls with the voice from the game can make you surprised. All things have created the realistic and exciting thriller game – Sentence.

Sentence will bring many levels of emotions for you from strained to fearful.

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