AGAMA Car Launcher MOD APK 3.3.2 (Premium Unlocked)

AGAMA Car Launcher MOD APK 3.3.2 (Premium Unlocked)

November 9, 2023

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AGAMA Car Launcher is a great app for mobile users who wish to have better multimedia controls of their vehicles with just a few clicks.


If you want to improve the multimedia control of your cars, then the powerful car launcher of AGAMA Car Launcher is definitely a great option. Designed to be used in dashboard units and audio systems, together with all your Android phones and tablets, the app provides all the important functionalities and advanced tools that you can enjoy.

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Clean and concise designs for car usage

To start with, you’ll have an intuitive app UI, which makes it super easy for users to interact with their multimedia features. Enjoy the clean and concise designs and accessible functionalities in the app as you enjoy controlling your car most comfortably.

Also, the many flexible settings in AGAMA will allow mobile users to match the app UI with the car’s interiors or your moods. Enjoy using the adjustable launcher UI while connecting to different drivers and vehicles.

Customizable buttons for quick-launch actions

AGAMA Car Launcher offers 24 customizable buttons for quick-launch actions to make it easier to control your media. Here, you can easily select your buttons and assign features on each of them. Choose your preferred customizations and enjoy various interactions with them.

Many useful widgets to work with

Here in AGAMA Car Launcher, Android users can work with many different widgets, each allowing them to make better use of the app. Use the Speedometer widget to have the exact speed of the vehicle, following GPS data. Enable the fully-featured music player widget so you can enjoy playing music from all Android streaming platforms or playback applications. Use the navigator widget to help direct your vehicle toward certain destinations. And always have the compass widgets enabled, so you can see the directions.

Monitor your device’s information

At the same time, AGAMA Car Launcher will let you monitor your devices quite comfortably, thanks to the display of information. Here, you can view the current Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile internet, Bluetooth, USB, and battery statuses. All of which will be available in the most comprehensive launcher UI.

Keep track of the weather

You can use AGAMA Car Launcher to follow the weather conditions and forecasts. Here, the app will let you update local weather information, depending on your current location. Use the 5-day weather data and accurate forecasts to make your plans while driving.

Self-adjusting brightness on your screen

For those of you who are interested, you can now use the self-adjusting brightness feature to automatically change your screen settings. The feature will work great while you’re driving and don’t have time to adjust manually.

Support your Android voice assistant

With voice assistant enabled, AGAMA Car Launcher users can simply talk to their devices and easily make certain commands. Use the voice interactions to tell the device to start playing music, plan your routes, check the weather, and so on. Enjoy the hands-free operations while you’re driving.

Enjoy our free premium app

And last but not least, if you want the free app but not the annoying ads and in-app purchases, our modded version of AGAMA Car Launcher will be useful. Simply download the AGAMA Car Launcher Mod APK on our website, then follow the given instructions. You can now enjoy the Premium Unlocked version with unlimited features and removed ads for free.


With AGAMA Car Launcher enabled, drivers can now enjoy casual and convenient multimedia controls in their cars. Feel free to have it installed on all your devices, so you can keep your mind free while driving.

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