Alien Shooter TD MOD APK 1.7.2 (Unlimited Money)

Alien Shooter TD MOD APK 1.7.2 (Unlimited Money)

August 23, 2023


Additional Information
Sigma Team
71.25 MB
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Unlimited Money

Alien Shooter TD poster

Alien Shooter TD is an attractive monster shooter game that is very popular on Google Play. Alien Shooter TD comes with a defensive strategy style. We will build a defense battle squad with powerful guns. Download Alien Shooter TD to start the war to stop the onslaught of monsters.

Evil monsters are plotting to dominate the world. They attack in large numbers so that the player cannot stop them. However, we have a lot of help through the modern arsenal and can add it just having enough money to buy and upgrade guns that are powerful enough.

However, to win, we are not only dependent on the power of the guns. It is essential to deploy a defensive formation to stop the fast and dangerous army of monsters. On the map, there will be locations that are considered prime. The positions can attack them in three or four different directions instead of a single direction.

With each unfamiliar terrain, we need to find the right solution for that terrain. Through that strategy will decide your victory or defeat. Each game screen will have many waves of attacks. And each wave has many layers that keep coming out, making the games unable to return. The more powerful the monster will cause difficulties for the player.

General Information

In the tower defense game Alien Shooter TD, players will get used to using many warriors and upgrading their equipment to protect the base against the onslaught of creatures. The planet has a hideous appearance. Alien Shooter TD is a new tower defense game for PC designed based on the best features of the Alien Shooter series, but slows down a bit and adds tactical elements.

Although there is no intense gameplay like the previous versions, it does not mean that players cannot have grand entertainment while exploring this game. The Alien Shooter TD tower defense game is designed by the developer for casual players. The game rules of the new tower defense game for Windows Alien Shooter TD are almost identical to other games of the same genre, but there are still some differences.

The goal that the player should try to achieve is to defend the base against wave after wave of enemies by building towers near the enemy’s path and upgrading them to have opposing abilities. You will deal with an increasing number of enemy troops. The towers in the game Alien Shooter TD are warriors and the player needs to make sure they have the ammunition to continue shooting down the enemy. It is a tough challenge for many players.

Alien Shooter TD screen 0

How to Play Alien Shooter TD?

Alien Shooter TD is the first version of the famous action shooter game. Players will take part in the shooting with a diverse weapon system. However, Alien Shooter TD also has a secret weapon that not all gamers know. We will guide you on how to get this powerful weapon to experience.

Alien Shooter TD is a very popular shooting game among gamers. Attractive game thanks to game modes and systems of weapons and ammunition rich. However, not everyone knows a secret weapon that Sigma has installed in the game. This special weapon is powerful with infinite ammo and can shoot and kill many monsters with one shot, but with each shot, you will lose ten drops of blood.

  • Step 1: Go to Alien Shooter TD and create a new player in Campaign mode or you can use an existing player.
  • Step 2: Exit the game and go to Start, find Run and type “Regedit” in Run and then OK
  • Step 3: In the window Registry Editor, select Hkey_local_machine, choose Software and Eteam. Tap on the Player name that you just created or available.

Alien Shooter TD screen 2

Then look at the window that appears on the right-hand side, scroll down to find the keywords of PlayerWeapon0, PlayerWeapon1, PlayerWeapon2, and PlayerWeapon9. These keywords correspond to each weapon in the game that you have in the game.

  • Step 4: Select PlayerWeapon0, a small window Edit String appears, in the Value Data you will see the value as 0 meaning you do not have this gun, and change the number 0 to 1. Then click OK.

Besides, you can also change other values ​​for the components such as network, bullets, gender, level, points, and money like PlayerMoney or PlayerAmmo. Double click on the items to correct the number of bullets and money.

If you do not know what values ​​you have changed, you should not do it because you may not access your player account anymore if you correct the values. Once done, reboot your computer and re-enter Alien Shooter and you will see the surprise. When entering the game, if you want to use this gun, press 0.

Alien Shooter TD screen 1

Overall Assessments

During the tower defense game Alien Shooter TD, players can create a team at the start of a round and arrange many warriors at positions on the map. The player’s tactical options are not very rich. Players also have to reload each warrior. So, they will feel relatively pressured. The developer has used this approach to increase the difficulty of the Alien Shooter TD game, but this is exactly what many players are looking for.

The graphics of the new strategy game Alien Shooter TD for the computer are not too different from other games of the same genre. It is good news for those who cannot afford the latest hardware devices. Players will see the blood of the alien creatures scattered in this version of the game. Naturally, the player will not have the same feeling as when controlling a character holding a gun. A player needs to reload and complete levels.

Although Alien Shooter TD is not too much of a groundbreaking tower defense game, it has more diverse features than a normal game. This tower defense game can keep players excited for a few hours and recall glorious memories of the golden age of simple games. It has released the tower defense game Alien Shooter TD for the Windows operating system via Steam. First, install Steam on your computer. Then, download Alien Shooter TD now.

Alien Shooter TD screen 3

Hordes of zombies are coming towards you, and they never seem to stop. Last Hope TD is another goalie player among a series of games of the same genre on Android. But do not rush to ignore it because the game is invested carefully in graphics and has a quite creative way of playing.

In Last Hope TD, players will go into a world where zombies are attacking humans. Human life is in your hands when you will be the one to take on fighting against them, helping people here regain peace in life.

It will guide you on how to play on the opening screen. By blocking the roads leading to the village, try to combine the most modern weapons with cleverness to complete the mission to help the villagers escape.

Final Words

Alien Shooter TD MOD APK is one of the most attractive options if you love the line of defense games with gameplay similar to Plant vs zombie. However, the deployment of tactics in the game Alien Shooter TD will bring more combat methods, more diverse ways of handling than the angry fruit game we mentioned above. Download Alien Shooter TD to start the war to stop zombies.

The amount you get after killing the monsters will appear on the top left of the screen. Below is the number of attacks you will have to block through each level. For any mistake, start over. However, up to three armies to reach the area is considered a loser. Each battle will be one time to show wisdom when forming a combat squad.

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