Zombie Defense MOD APK 12.9.4 (Free shopping)

Zombie Defense MOD APK 12.9.4 (Free shopping)

November 14, 2023


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In Zombie Defense, you’ll encounter more than 100 billion people who were dead in the past but now come back for you. The game is a hybrid of strategy game and Tower Defense genre where the player has to protect the whole team of survivors from the hordes of the walking dead. Throughout the challenge, let’s show all your tactical skills to strike against those scary zombies with a powerful unit or robust weapons.

Published by Teen, Zombie Defense won’t disappoint the fans of any classic Tower Defense game. You would enjoy playing a lot, especially when it’s possible to level up all soldiers with the RPG skill system or utilize terrain for your strategy.

General information

Zombie Defense gives the fans an exciting twist on the Tower Defense game, where they can order all men on the virtual map. Join this Co-op survival horror adventure in the big yet chaotic city. The place has been sealed off to end up the outbreak of the walking dead. Don’t let all your attempts to fail, especially when your family and friends could be drawn into this cursed location.

Go to Complete only one mission: Eliminate the source of infection by surviving in the wave of the zombies with the use of your badass tactics and micromanagement. Do not give up or everyone in the city will be infected all. Recruit the elite soldiers and level them up before putting them on slots. Order them to them shoot up the upcoming waves of zombies on their own.

Join the vast base building system in Zombie Defense where you get to put a great variety of objects, from barriers, turrets, explosives to other military-grade components. Not only that, but you also have a chance to experience a bunch of weapons from deadly shotguns to ultra-precise sniper rifles. Also, the players can use Molotov cocktails to stop the break-in of zombies with a blazing inferno.

Once playing the game, you will see the way the players control all characters are quite similar to those of Ground Control II, Starcraft, Jagged Alliance 2, and Last Hope TD. Let’s power up your army force and use your epic weapons to create the best strategy than ever. Zombie Defense is a good time killer for sure, but it needs you to use your brain to defeat the horrifying zombies at every level.

However, it would be better if the game gives more coins and rewards whenever you complete a level. All weapons can get upgraded during the fight with the zombies, and it’s also done with more money earned from different missions, which are diverse. In case you’re curious, there are many kinds of equipment waiting for you to unlock, from the six-barreled turrets to bulldozers.

Every little thing will be boosted, such as grenades, armor, weapons, and other military-based tools. Also, the gamers encounter several types of zombies: The ones eating, crawling, and even the flying monsters. At the same time, you might see bigger zombie bosses that might be more challenging to cope with. Only hardcore players who desire endless excitement could handle them.

Though this game feels a bit repetitive since the modes have the same maps, the strategic and tactical part of it is exactly the ones keeping you more fascinated. You’ve got 40 missions in total to pass through and gain the victory. Four difficulty modes are available to conquer, consisting of the regular, nightmare, 3-man challenge, and TV challenge.

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Overall assessments

Zombie Defense is worth playing with its beautiful graphics and abundance of turrets, missions, addictive gameplay, and powerful soldiers. There are so many good things to talk about Zombie Defense, ranging from the intelligent variety of units, the logical rewarding system of upgrades to unbelievably fast enemy waves.

It’s beyond fun and unique to play. Once trying it out for the first time, you’ll fall in love with the upgrading system and how easy it is to modify the units. Along with the strengths, the game itself still has some defects that need fixing. After the recent update, the players complain that it suddenly crashes one second later. They tried reinstalling it, the same problem occurs again.

In other cases, for some reason, the gamers purchased all of the upgrades and were almost close to beating the level, they stopped playing for a while but then lost all their stuff. Zombie Defense is a fun game that can make you get into it easily.

However, as you view the description of the exterminator, it claims that the unit receives double the rewards when killing zombies. But if staring at the icon, it merely says only the sheriff and the survivor can get that. Secondly, it’s impossible to power up the towers as you can do with your unit. As a result of it, the towers become useless in the increasing waves of enemies.

Zombie Defense screen 1


Speaking of the gameplay, Zombie Defense involves pushing away the continual attacks of the walking dead. Through a certain level, you will see some marked points where the gamers can place fighter or stationary weapons available in the game. Every unit owns a personal set of weapons used to strike the non-stop zombies.

You can freely move to any free spot on the screen. For protection, let’s show your tactical skills and pay close attention to the weakness of the attacking zombies in time. Aside from the shotguns and grenades, there are heavy vehicles you can use to crush all those monsters on their path in a second. Or you might consider the laser-activated turrets to knock them down when they try to break in the base.

Devastating airstrikes and Tesla towers are also the players’ most favorite weapons to experience here.

Zombie Defense screen 4

With the airstrike, it offers you the bird-eye view of the map once the cursor turns into the red target. This is a great thing to use in emergencies, especially when the unit has low health and you have to encounter a horde of zombies. Be careful because the unit will overcome 8 types of enemies, from the shambling monsters to crawling predators.

Zombies Defense is free to play offline with the optional purchase of upgrades. The gamers have a wider choice of characters, soldiers, and turrets to utilize and upgrade as well. The difficulty of levels also rises, so gaining the final victory is not a piece of cake anymore. Just take priority over everyone’s sake as the zombies are so close to you. Let’s move to a safer place when it’s needed.

Just after completing each level, your collected coins can be availed for more cool upgrades. Well, if you’re not contented with the speed, how about increasing it right away?

Zombie Defense screen 2


Both sound effects and graphics are great except for the music that is quite repetitive. The character design looks less modern but good enough. For fighters and zombies, their performance is just brilliant, so you will love it at the first try. Besides, the blood splatter is so real, which could satisfy any hard-to-please player for sure.

Final words

If this is your first time playing Zombie Defense Mod APK, you probably said to yourself “this game doesn’t look good”, but once playing it, you won’t realize you were addicted to it. The game is a good combination of the classic Tower Defense game and strategy genre that will satisfy any taste in a second.

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