Call of Mini Zombies 2 v2.2.2 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Call of Mini Zombies 2 v2.2.2 (MOD Unlimited Money)

February 12, 2020


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Are you ready for some amazing zombie shooting actions? Enjoy taking down the nasty monsters in a whole new fashion? Then you’re definitely in the right place. With this new zombie shooting game from Triniti Interactive Studios Limited, gamers will finally have the chances to enjoy the unique experiences that they’ve had with the previous Call of Mini Zombies game.

Join other gamers from all over the world for a great adventure in Call of Mini Zombies 2 as you take on the nasty zombies to prevent their evil schemes for world dominations. Pick up your favorite weapons and take them down with your accurate shoots.

Find out more about the game with our reviews of Call of Mini Zombies 2.


The game follows the old storylines where humanity was almost wiped out during a zombie outbreak than has turned the majority of the population into mindless zombies that crave for fresh blood and brains. Fortunately, at the brink of destruction, there are also a few good men who would stand up against the zombies and stop their advances.

However, as we return to the present timeline, the zombies have somehow evolved and begin to make uses of their intelligent just like a human being. Now, they’re plotting their grand schemes to finally take over the planet and drive humanity to our slaveries. This, we cannot stand.

Thus, many heroes have gathered for a single purpose, to defeat the zombies and wipe them off the surfaces of the Earth. Now, you’ll be in for an entirely refreshing adventure in Call of Mini Zombies 2, where you’ll participate in epic zombie fights to defend the Earth and your loved ones.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive shooter gameplay

Find yourself enjoying the epic shooter experiences in Call of Mini Zombies 2 with the simple and intuitive controls that the game has to offer. In addition, the fluid shooting mechanics will also allow you to execute great combos with your characters. Dive into the awesome shooter title and unleash your powerful attacks toward the enemies.

Multiple weapons to make uses of

The game currently features more than 10 different weapons for you to make uses of. This includes the powerful machine guns that can unleash unlimited fires toward the enemies, the amazing shotguns that can send your opponents flying backward, and the powerful rockets that can take down multiple enemies at once. Feel free to choose between your favorite weapons and deliver devastating blow toward your enemies.

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Choose between different characters with unique abilities

Along with the powerful weapons, gamers are also allowed to pick up their favorite heroes from 5 different characters. With 5 playable heroes, each having their own powers and abilities, you will find yourself enjoying different tactics and gameplay in Call of Mini Zombies 2. Moreover, each character also features their own unique secondary weapons, which you would certainly find enjoyable. Take out your secondary weapon whenever you run out of ammo and smash the zombies as they try to approach you.

Challenge the toughest and nastiest zombies

And along with the large collection of different weapons, gamers in Call of Mini Zombies 2 will also be introduced with a variety of different zombies that they could take on during their zombie challenges. Feel free to smash your ways through the enemies who also possess their own unique abilities. Not to mention that, at certain points, you’ll even find yourself going against the epic bosses with incredible powers.

Call of Mini Zombies 2 screenshot 2

Enjoy varied gameplay in different environments

For those who’re interested in enjoying their zombies shooting challenges, then the amazing maps in the game will also allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest. That being said, with more than 8 different environments and maps, Call of Mini Zombies 2 introduces gamers to the epic shooter gameplay that they’ve always wanted.

Take on epic missions and challenges

Find yourself completing all kinds of missions with unique rules and regulations in Call of Mini Zombies 2 as you discover this fast-paced shooter title even more. Feel free to pick up your favorite shooter title and dive into the endless missions with enjoyable gameplay.

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Complete exciting daily missions for extra rewards

For those who’re looking for something new, Call of Mini Zombies 2 also features the Daily Missions where you can pick up certain missions and complete them within the day to unlock some extra rewards that can assist you with your main campaign.

Enjoy new contents with new updates

And most importantly, with new updates, gamers in Call of Mini Zombies 2 will find themselves enjoying the new and more interesting features that are offered in the game. Choose to play with new avatars, characters, guns, and so on.

Challenge the zombies in new game modes using your enhanced powers. And if you prefer, then there are also new bosses for you to confront, with the latest being Chef and Rugby Player.

Free to play

And despite all the amazing features, the game is currently free to play for all of you to enjoy on your mobile devices. Just download and install the game on your Android phone from the Google Play Store to start playing. However, since it still features some in-app purchases, you could find the game not very enjoyable.

Enjoy unlimited gameplay with our mod

If you find the ads and in-app purchases a little annoying, then our modified version of the game would certainly be a great help. Just download and install the Call of Mini Zombies 2 Mod APK on your devices to start enjoying. With this, you can have the game completely unlocked with unlimited purchases, ad-free experiences, and so on. Hence, you can enjoy Call of Mini to the fullest.

Visual and sound quality


With amazing 3D graphics featuring the unique zombie designs and visual effects, especially the real-time lighting effects, Call of Mini Zombies 2 allows gamers to fully immersed in the epic world of zombies and their giant bosses. Make uses of your powerful weapons to deliver powerful and beautiful attacks that’s enough to take down a bunch of enemies at once.


Find yourself discovering the unique and awesome audio experiences in Call of Mini Zombies 2 where you’ll find yourself completely lost in the authentic sound effects and addicted to the enjoyable soundtracks.

Download Call of Mini Zombies 2 Mod 2.2.2 latest Android APK

The game features amazing 3D graphics, addictive sound effects, and enjoyable gameplay, more than anything you could’ve wished for a great shooter title. Not to mention that you’ll also have access to our modified version of the game with all of its amazing features.

For those who’re fans of the famous Zombie Diary and Call of Mini Infinity, the game will be a great opportunity to relive that enjoyable feeling when you first play these games. And with new upgrades, you’ll find it even more enjoyable.

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