Call of Mini Double Shot MOD APK 3.6.2 (One hit kill)

Call of Mini Double Shot MOD APK 3.6.2 (One hit kill)

September 30, 2020


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Triniti Interactive Studios Limited
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One hit kill

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Triniti Interactive Studios recently launched its next mobile game called Call of Mini Double Shot. It is the next mobile online game on the list of the Call of Mini game series. It is the series of games that made Triniti Interactive Studios famous with the previous versions that debuted before, such as Call of Mini Dino Hunter and Call of Mini Infinity.

Unlike the previous parts, the mobile game Call of Mini Double Shot gives players breakthrough gameplay and many additional features. As a TPS shooter mixed with tactical role-playing elements and ARPG gameplay, taking part in the game, players will have recruited characters capable of fighting to add to the lineup.

With those members, gamers will pass through the form of escape to step into the sweeping battles of zombies that are destroying the city and attacking innocent people. Each hero will carry a career associated with guns and special skills. Players can recognize it through their appearance.

The characters also have their potential stats such as rate of fire, attack power, defense, HP, and dodge. So, players can make a choice based on these powers and choose the optimal in the squad.

General Information

The matches in the online mobile game Call of Mini Double Shot will take players to gun battles. In these matches, gamers will have controlled their team to destroy all the zombies and the boss zombies with an extensive amount of HP and special skills with high damage.

Completion in each level, it will rate you a maximum of three stars through two criteria of completion time and HP loss. To complete the game, gamers will need to overcome three modes from easy to difficult as normal, nightmare, and hell.

The difference of Call of Mini Double Shot from the other games is that the battles in the game follow the usual fighting mechanism of the RPG game genre. Specifically, through two virtual levers (dual-stick), players will use them to control their character to move and attack in the direction shown.

With up to five members in a squad, gamers can switch between characters to control the behavior of one of them. Meanwhile, other warriors will still fight automatically and move according to the character being controlled by the player.

Gamers should try to pass as many levels as possible with a three-star rating to get the maximum amount of experience. Regularly follow the achievement board to complete the goals set in it to earn more diamonds.

All players should work hard to complete daily tasks to get the maximum bonus for the development of team heroes. Although it is possible to switch between characters, players should not do so. Just use the virtual movement. Meanwhile, the characters will automatically attack in the direction and players just need to base to use the skill.

Players should not waste the diamonds earned to unlock characters too soon. You should use them to unlock the maximum number of members in the group because the mobile game Call of Mini Double Shot will provide players with full five characters when leveling.

Call of Mini Double Shot screen 2

Background Story

You are an RPG shooter enthusiast. You love free shooting mode, like adventure, side by side, fighting with your teammates to destroy the enemy. All that will appear in the super attractive Zombie shooting game called Call of Mini Double Shot.

Joining the game, it will transform you into a hero who was lucky to survive the global zombie pandemic. Your task now must be with your brave teammate’s side by side against the bloodthirsty zombies to preserve lives. The prospect of the devastating Call of Mini Double Shot appearing before the player’s eyes seems to be the severity of the zombie epidemic.

The city seemed to have collapsed completely. The world population is now the hungry and cold-blooded zombies. The fragile life is in the hands of the people remaining after the pandemic. What do you have to do to deal with that? You will own a massive arsenal of different goods.

They give you an eye-catching feeling of destruction. At the beginning of the game, you only own two simple pistol stages. Unlock them through each different mission of the game. With a large context, a diverse arsenal, along with levels of difficulty, different large and small zombies, you will have very interesting entertainment moments with this game.

Unlike other blockbuster titles, Call of Mini Double Shot gives you a sense of lightness with simple but beautifully polished graphics with impressive sound and explosion effects. The gameplay system is straightforward. You can completely manipulate and fight within a few matches.

You can also hire more mercenaries at each level. What could be better than having more helpers in this ferocious battle? If you are looking for a thrilling game for after-school entertainment and stressful work, Call of Mini Double Shot can completely satisfy you.

Call of Mini Double Shot screen 3

How to Play Call of Mini Double Shot

Call of Mini Double Shot is a zombie shooting game with excellent 3D visual effects, a passionate battlefield, and full-featured weapon upgrades. There is a strange virus that has spread in the town. You need to pick up the machine gun and bazooka to fight side by side with your friends to defend the town.

In Call of Mini Double Shot, players need to survive in a world full of zombies, fight side by side with their comrades, resist the tide of zombies, and survive. There are nine levels in the game. Each with 500 difficulty levels. You need to deal with battles that gradually increase in difficulty, and this kind of shooting game is nothing more than a long-lasting rally battle.

The background of the game describes the town by the lake being attacked by corpses. You are an unknowing truck driver. Trapped in it, it will force you to kill those zombies to survive. Faced with the deadly new species of bio-engineered zombies, only you and your partner are the only ones to trace the source of the infection. How long can you withstand the zombie attack?

To play this game, you must choose a friend. Because the protagonist of the game is two people, you and your partner will fight side by side. If you do not choose him, there is a super-weak policeman assigned to the player. So, urge your partner to practice and become stronger. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to fight alone.

In the Call of Mini Double Shot game, we can play single-player (the computer will act as your comrade-in-arms), or fight side by side with friends. On each level, there will be different zombie prey. With the corresponding level, the difficulty of the game will increase a lot.

On each level, there will be different zombie prey. With the level, the difficulty of the game will increase a lot. Besides fighting side by side, there are also some useful items in the game, such as oil barrels. Guide the zombie group to the side of the oil barrel and then explode the barrel to produce an explosive effect.

The game is mainly about level upgrades. On the map, you can enter the store, connect with your friends, or perform single-player challenge levels. In the shop, besides using the gold coins earned in the game to buy equipment, you can also buy skills. It also divides skills into different levels, which can increase the excitement of the game.

In the choice of weapons, you can also purchase new guns with money through upgrades. We recommend that if you earn money, you can upgrade your weapons first. The stronger the weapon, the easier it is to survive in a sea of ​​zombies.

After clearing the level, you will get star-level achievements and extra money. If you die in the game, you can also re-enter the level and start again.

Call of Mini Double Shot screen 1

Overall Assessments

Game developer Trinity’s signature work Call of Mini receives many positive reviews from players on both iOS and Android platforms. It’s a simple operation, rich gameplay, and bloody and refreshing battle screens left a deep impression on people.

Call of Mini Double Shot, as the latest one in the trilogy, naturally continues all the advantages of the first two. The first is the vision. The models of mini heroes and zombies are cartoon squares, which makes the bloody killing game cute.

Although the level scene is decent, it creates an exciting game atmosphere. The second is the sound effects. Simple but not simple is the most appropriate phrase to describe the sound effects of this game. Without too much magnificent background music, just a few small melodies can drive the players’ emotions.

The richness of the game is the most successful place. A variety of weapons, various costumes, and special attributes keep players motivated all the way. Mission battles, survival battles, and resource battles enrich the single-player gameplay. And the multi-player online mode is even more eye-opening.

Finally, superb control is the guarantee of everything. The game adopts dual virtual joystick control mode, the left side moves, and the right side shoots, which are smooth to play. Since it is one of the trilogies, Call of Mini Double Shot also has its uniqueness.

From the name of the game, we can see that this time we are no longer single-handedly, but have partners. In the game, you can hire a gunman to accompany you around, help you shoot, and block bullets for you. The back-to-back fighting style is like a gunfight movie. He will not get hurt, so don’t worry about him.

Keeping a certain distance and formation between the two can achieve better results. Zombies are coming, and the excitement continues. Call of Mini Double Shot inherits the advantages of the Call of Mini trilogy and innovates new gameplay side by side, which is worth a try. Excellent control, high-quality pictures, and sound effects, and rich game content make this series outstanding.

Call of Mini Double Shot screen 0

Call of Mini Dino Hunter

Call of Mini Dino Hunter for Android is a dinosaur shooter combining attractive action elements from developer Triniti Interactive Studio, who is the developer of the famous Call of Mini series. With unique graphics, attractive gameplay, and a diverse leveling system, once you enter the battle in the game, it will be hard to step out.

Call of Mini Dino Hunter is part of the popular Call of Mini action shooter series. This time, players will join the war against prehistoric reptiles in the rainforest. To defeat all the bloodthirsty dinosaurs, you must use all available weapons and take advantage of hunting skills, while combining defense and attack, to protect your life.

Dinosaurs emerged from the ancient forest after hiding for decades. As descended from a prominent family of hunters, you continually hone your skills towards your desired goal to fulfill your father’s expectations. Now is the time to prove yourself. Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter, transform into a dinosaur hunter, and get ready to confront over 30 ferocious dinosaurs.

The game offers over 20 types of weapons, and you will not own these weapons from the moment you enter the game. Instead, each new gun will be unlockable during the game. Call of Mini Dino Hunter has the same upgrade system as the role-playing game, countless levels, weapons, armor, and upgrades for them. Next to the main quest are side quests, where players will receive a bonus for logging into the game every day and completing specific missions.

You can use money and items awarded after completing missions to upgrade weapons and equipment or buy new weapons. The upgrade is very important because it increases the strength, increases the number of ammo and damage.

Thanks to that, you will easily defeat dinosaurs. Hunting alone will not be as fun as hunting with teammates. So, do not miss the interesting Co-op mode. Team up with friends or players around the globe and experience quality hunting trips.

Call of Mini Infinity

Call of Mini Infinity is a shooter game played in the form of online squads with funny and funny content. Your mission in Call of Mini Infinity is an adventure to the future world to fight the aliens to protect a planet called Caron.

Call of Mini Infinity puts players in a rather tricky context. Humans have discovered a new planet, Caron, but have to experience the war against other aliens who are also trying to annex this planet. Together with your friends, you will build your team, support, and cooperate in the fight against bombs and storms on the battlefield.

Shooting skills and the power of modern weapons are factors to help you win and survive. Call of Mini Infinity is the shooter genre and online play with many other players, it will distinguish each team by two colors, blue or red.

Besides the attractive game modes, there are special tasks in each stage such as placing bombs on enemy bases, defending against waves of enemy attacks. Bonuses earned after each completed mission will upgrade weapons and speed up combat.

Final Words

There are too many shooting games to slaughter zombies crazy on the iOS platform. We have reviewed the Call of Mini Double Shot MOD APK. Besides the gorgeous graphics and weapons, we can also connect this game with friends to fight side by side. There are over 500 levels full of challenges and excitement.

The screen of Call of Mini Double Shot is not as delicate as other games. But it is a dual joystick shooting with the concept of fighting side by side. And you can play against your friends. Even in a single-player mode, you can fight zombies together with the computer.

It is also very diverse in the diversity of weapons, equipment, skills, and level abundance. If you think this game is fun, you can also join friends in the Game Center and enjoy the thrill of killing zombies.

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