Call of Mini: Zombies 4.4.2 (MOD One Hit Kill)

Call of Mini: Zombies 4.4.2 (MOD One Hit Kill)

February 9, 2022


Additional Information
Triniti Interactive Studios Limited
2.0.1 and up
86 MB
MOD Features
1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode
3. No ADS

Call of Mini: Zombies poster
The zombie apocalypse topic has never lost its interest among gamers, especially if they are also involved in epic shooting challenges. And with Call of Mini: Zombies, you’ll have access to all the enjoyable zombie shooter gameplay, and more.

That being said, aside from the addictive shooter experiences, the game also introduces gamers to the refreshing cartoony graphics with the “more friendly” zombies that look like your normal dolls. However, don’t get fooled by their innocent looks since they also crave for your flesh and brains.

Dive into the unique first-person shooter challenge as you pick up your favorite weapons from dozens of different types in your arsenal. Take on the nasty zombies with all kinds of uncanny powers and abilities as they charge themselves at you. Discover the rich gameplay through a variety of different game modes.

Find out more about Call of Mini Zombies with our reviews.

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In the game, gamers will find yourself as the sole survivors in your neighborhood after a devastating virus outbreak had turned the majority of the population into mindless monsters. Being the only one that survived, you’re now being attacked by zombies from all directions. Time to grab your powerful guns and knock the hell out of them

As your friends and families are not all turned into zombies, you’re all alone. Don’t fight for any others, instead, do it for your own survival. Fight for your life as you take down the nasty zombies in epic FPS challenges. Find out how many days could you survive until the swarms of zombies finally overcome you, or you will defeat all of them and get to a safer place.

Join millions of online gamers as you enjoy yourself in the ultimate online zombie shooter challenges in Call of Mini Zombies. Gather your squads of friends or random online gamers as you join forces to defeat the zombies in epic co-op missions. Or if you prefer, you can also challenge each other in addictive PvP challenges. Either of which, you’ll be sure to have a lot of fun.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive shooter gameplay

To start with, the game introduces Android gamers to the simple and intuitive controls that allow you to quickly get familiar with the shooting mechanics. That being said, you’re free to move and execute perfect shots with the virtual buttons and swipe gestures. In addition, the gameplay itself is also extremely addictive and enjoyable with the refreshing graphics and interesting zombies.

A variety of different available weapons with unique powers

With an entire arsenal of different weapons for you to choose, featuring the fast and light assault rifles, powerful and accurate automatic rifles, the powerful shotguns, and the devastating bazookas, gamers in Call of Mini Zombies will have plenty of fun taking down the nasty zombies along their way.

In additions, you’re also allowed to put on multiple types of armors with unique effects to defend you from the enemies’ attacks. Feel free to choose the best defenses so you can feel confident in your survival challenges with the zombies.

And most importantly, all the weapons and armors that are given to you can also be upgraded to increase their powers and abilities. That being said, you can fire faster, more powerful and accurate with your guns or even unlock their unique abilities with enough upgrades. The same thing goes for the fully-upgraded armors that can easily protect you from zombies’ attacks.

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Collect unique characters with amazing powers

Along with the powerful weapons and armors, you’re also allowed to choose between different characters to join your zombie killing challenges. That being said, you can start with Joe Blo – our normal character with no special powers, then move on to the Worker – a stout fella with amazing strength that allows him to carry different weapons with ease, the Nerd – who possess amazing aim capabilities, the Doctor – with the amazing “healing factor” that increase his HP overtime, and finally, our B.E.A.F – our superhuman soldier with buffed abilities in all aspects.

Hence, with a variety of different characters, featuring their own unique powers and abilities, you’ll find the zombie shooter challenges a lot more enjoyable and fun. Especially when you could get your hands on the legendary B.E.A.F, who would even take down the zombies with his bare hands.

Take on the zombies in the ever-growing challenges

And as you join the game, you’ll be introduced to the epic zombie shooter challenge where your main goal is to survive the zombies’ attacks every day. Start on day 1 where there is only a mild attack, you’ll need to progress through more and more challenging levels.

Work hard to collect golds so you may take down the zombies more effectively. And always be prepared for the worst-case scenarios where you’ll be confronted by the epic bosses.

Call of Mini: Zombies screenshot 2

Or take them head-on in epic PvP battles

And if you wish to compete with other online gamers, then the exciting PvP battles should be quite enjoyable for you. Here, you can encounter other games from all over the world in your incredible shootouts where only the best can compete in. Challenge them in the ranked battles and climb the leaderboards to become the world’s best zombie killers.

Join friends and online gamers in co-op zombie challenges

To deal with the more challenging zombie gameplay, gamers in Call of Mini can also join forces with friends and online gamers in exciting co-op battles. Play together as a team so you can deal with the zombies more effectively. Takedown the epic bosses and collect awesome loots for each member in Call of Mini Zombies.

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Free to play

And despite all the exciting features that are available in the game, Call of Mini Zombies is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything.

Enjoy the game even more with our mod

But if you still find the gameplay challenging, then our exciting mod might be what you’re looking for. That being said, all you need to do is to download and install our Call of Mini Zombie Mod APK on your mobile devices. With this, you can enable the God Mode while fighting with the zombies, which would make your hero almost invincible during the fights. Make uses of it and unleash powerful attacks to take down your enemies with ease.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple 3D graphics which allows most gamers to enjoy it on their mobile devices with little lags or stutters. But that doesn’t mean that it looks bad in any way. In fact, the uniquely-designed characters even make the shooter challenges in Call of Mini Zombies more enjoyable. Hence, you can find yourself battling with the zombies with a woodworker, a nerd, a teacher, or even a cowboy, which is quite cool.


With powerful soundtracks and accurate sound effects, the game introduces Android gamers to the exciting shooter gameplay with immersive and realistic experiences.

Download Call of Mini: Zombies Mod latest 4.4.2 Android APK

Fans of the famous Call of Mini Infinity and Zombie Diary 2: Evolution will certainly find themselves in for a relaxing zombie shooter challenge in Call of Mini Zombies. In facts, with smooth and satisfying gameplay, you will also enjoy the epic shooting challenges to the fullest on your Android devices. And finally, if you want to enjoy some useful hacks, our modified version of the game would surely satisfy you.

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