Bloody Harry MOD APK 3.0.4 (Gold Coins/Crowns)

Bloody Harry MOD APK 3.0.4 (Gold Coins/Crowns)

November 12, 2022


Additional Information
FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
MOD Features
Gold Coins/Crowns

Bloody Harry poster

You are a person who loves cooking and has a strong passion for the preparation and decoration of your dishes and kitchen. But no matter how clean the kitchen, how fresh the food is, it is inevitable that small but dangerous insects for your kitchen and food are inevitable. You must have been angry because of them, holding a racket to beat the insects, holding a broom to chase them, but ” Hit which one miss that ” This makes you angry? ^^  So to help you release this eternal feud, let you introduce to you a game called Bloody Harry – roughly translated as Bloody Harry. In this game, you are chef uncle Harry, and the other nasty insects are hungry Zombies, you imagine the Zombies in the game are insects destroying food and the kitchen of the game. let your anger down by how to destroy this crowd of Zombies this crowded ^^. And how to destroy it, please go to CH Play to download the game to your mobile phone and explore it together!

Description About the game.

Bloody Harry game of FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG game developed and released, Bloody Harry game mod apk completely new.

The game Bloody Harry is a great arcade game in the genre of Zombies. The main character in the game is Uncle Harry, a famous Chef. The game revolves around the story of the invasion of a swarm of vegetable and fruit Zombies around the world. Players will play the role of chef Harry, the player’s task is to use weapons to stand up to destroy bloodthirsty zombies that are making rain in the world. Kill the more zombies, the faster players complete the mission and unlock new levels. Show your skills to drive these bloodthirsty Zombies out of your world !.

Bloody Harry screen 0

The task – The rule in the game.

In the game Bloody Harry players will play the role of a chef, using weapons to destroy Zombies of different sizes, and must kill them quickly, the slower the Zombies are getting closer. The weapons will change during the game, many civil weapons such as  knives,  hammers, axes, guns, machetes, the saws …. will be used by the chef and perfectly destroy the Zombies. The destroy as many Zombies, the faster you will win and complete the mission and open the next level.

Bloody Harry screen 2

Every time you shoot down the Zombies, the player’s score is raised with gold coins and silver coins, and collect items that appear in the process of destroying Zombies to serve and support players in the battle match. And it should be noted that when you clash with giant Zombies bosses, the player must be very careful, because they can eat up your ammo if you use a gun to shoot it, so make use of the time. as well as weapons, skills to destroy these Zombies’ bosses quickly and effectively.

Bloody Harry screen 1

The graphics – The Sound.

The game with quite impressive, eye-catching cartoon graphics, character creation, and the Zombies is quite funny, fun but no less gore. Sound effects live and dramatic background the music, creating engaging and exciting combat.

Bloody Harry screen 3

Features of the game.

  • The mages, the graphics, and the colors with eye-catching and fun designs.
  • Unlimited the time, comfortable for players to experience.
  • With 15 types of powerful and unique weapons, and being upgraded continuously.
  • Power-ups increase the strength, armor, and longevity of the character.
  • The sound effects, background music, pictures in the game are full of life and charisma.
  • Commentary and very interesting voice from the uncle chef Harry.
  • Many diverse and challenging missions, as well as attractive rewards for players to conquer.
  • Bloody Harry is one of the games that are compatible with many models.

And now, do not hesitate anymore, download the game Bloody Harry to your computer and play the role of chef Harry full of talent in cooking as well as the skill of “Cutting down” the hateful Zombies and showing all his talents. The skills to fight Zombies, think that you are for a clean the kitchen, there are no insects that disturb your food, and you have more motivation and enthusiasm. For this reason, let’s stand up to destroy, wipe out all  Zombies in the game! And don’t forget to invite more friends to play with for fun!

Hopefully, in the future, the game will have more improved features as well as the sound, the images, helping players have a great experience when participating in playing the game Bloody Harry.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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