Zombieville USA 2 v1.6.1 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Zombieville USA 2 v1.6.1 (MOD Unlimited Money)

April 2, 2020


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Enjoy yourself in another awesome zombie shooter experiences with the latest installment from the famous franchise Zombieville USA. Find yourself as the lone survival after a devastated zombie apocalypse. With the town being flooded with mindless zombies who’re only hungry for flesh and brain. There is little that you can do beside find your way out of this mess and leave things behind.

That being said, gamers in Zombieville USA 2 will now have their chances to dive into the endless zombie shooter experiences where you’re allowed to dive into endless zombie killing experiences. Make uses of your massive arsenal featuring all kinds of unique and interesting weapons. Take down the nasty zombies in styles as you advance through a series of exhilarating levels.

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The game is essentially a sequel of the events that happened in the first Zombieville USA game. Here, gamers will find themselves suddenly wake up at night during a zombie apocalypse. With everyone starting to turn into nasty monsters, you – the only lucky survivor have no choice but to run for your life.

But with the streets being filled with these monsters, there is no way that you can escape without a fight. That being said, in the game, you’ll find yourself taking on all kinds of zombies with unique powers and abilities. Explore the incredible weapons with devastating effects on the zombies as you win against them in epic fights.

And with this new game, you’ll also have access to a variety of different missions and game modes. As for the zombies, they’ve also evolved and become more difficult to kill than the previous game. Thus, you’ll find yourself in for an even tougher challenge.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive zombie shooter gameplay

To start with, gamers in Zombieville USA 2 can quickly find themselves getting familiar to the gameplay thanks to the intuitive controls. That being said, you can easily move around and perform epic attack moves with the available virtual buttons.

As for the gameplay, it’s even more straightforward as you only need to head toward your enemies and take them down during exciting and exhilarating shooter experiences. Find yourself taking oddly looking zombies in a relaxing shooting gameplay.

Make the most of what you’ve got to get through the levels, never waste the ammo, and try to go for the best scores in each level.

Explore dozens of different weapons with unique powers

And to assist gamers, Zombieville USA 2 also features a variety of different weapons that you can pick up whenever you want. Feel free to choose between dozens of unlockable contents including the different weapons and equipment.

Make uses of their unique powers to effectively deal with the nasty zombies. Try to level up and collect money so you can unlock more powerful weapons. Shot down the zombies with your precise snipe shoots, blow them away by using your shotguns, or even take them down using your flamethrowers or freeze guns.

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Choose between different characters with unique abilities

In addition, the game also features multiple characters that you can play as while taking on the different levels. With varied powers and abilities, these unique characters will make your quests a lot more interesting since you can pick the right ones for the right jobs. Just make sure that you can collect enough money to unlock them.

Customize your character before heading into combats with certain buffs

Together with the unique abilities, gamers in Zombieville USA 2 can also customize their in-game characters using multiple buffs that’re available throughout your quests. With three available slots for each characters, gamers are allowed to varying their characters even more with tons of amazing buffs. Increase your health, speed, firing rates, damages, and even gain some unique quirks if you want to.

Connect the game to your Google Play Services account for additional contents

And to unlock even more interesting gameplay, gamers in Zombieville USA 2 are also allowed to pick up dozens of exciting contents by having your Google Play Services account linked to the game. With this, you’ll unlock interesting features and gameplay.

Start with the awesome Achievements where you can compete for awesome rewards. Gamers can also take on the epic Leaderboards where they can challenge friends and online gamers from all over the world for the first places.

And lastly, you’ll also have the cloud saving feature enabled so you won’t lose your progress no matter what happens. With everything properly synced between your different devices, you can easily enjoy the cross-platform gameplay whenever you’re ready.

Enjoy exciting gameplay with friends and online gamers

And for those who’re interested in playing with friends, Zombieville USA 2 also features the exciting online co-op multiplayer mode where gamers can challenge friends and online gamers by joining in the dedicated servers. Play with anyone and at any time you want in this latest zombie shooter experiences of Zombieville USA 2.

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Have the game completely unlocked with our mod

Finally, for those who’re interested, you can have Zombieville USA 2 from our website for completely free without having to pay anything. All you need to do is to download our Zombieville USA 2 APK file instead of the game on the Google Play Store.

With modified contents, you can now enjoy unlimited money hacks so you can easily purchase whatever you want without having to pay. Explore the entire game without experiencing a single annoying ads, and more.

Visual and sound quality


While the game doesn’t feature impressive next-gen graphics or stunning visual elements, you’ll still have the chance to experience the relax and satisfying zombie shooter experiences thanks to the smooth and fluid animations. Combined with the 60fps gameplay, gamers will find themselves quite satisfied with Zombieville USA 2. Not to mention that the undemanding gameplay also make the game quite playable on most of your devices.


Dive into the epic shooter experiences with Zombieville USA 2 as you guide your characters throw a series of epic actions. Experience incredible gunshots, swordfights, and explosions with the massive arsenal in the game. All will feel extra realistic and relatable thanks to the accurate sound effects in the game. Get hooked to the catchy soundtracks that’re played throughout the game.

Download Zombieville USA 2 Mod latest 1.6.1 Android APK

Fans of the famous Zombie Diary and Zombie Age 3 will find themselves in for another great zombie shooter experience in Zombieville USA 2. And if you love having the game completely unlocked, our modified version would certainly satisfy you.

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