Into the Dead MOD APK 2.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

Into the Dead MOD APK 2.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

March 26, 2024


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What would you do if you suddenly wake up after your horrific plane crash, and find yourself surrounded by blood-thirsty zombies who want to nothing more than having a taste of your own flesh? Now, this is exactly what happened to our main character in Into the Dead.

Spend time and explore the devastated post-apocalyptic world as the undead has taken over the surfaces of the Earth. Find yourself engaged in this addictive and unique runner game. Experience the thrilling like never before with this new adventure of yours in Into the Dead.

Find out more about this amazing game from PIKPOK with our reviews.


In Into the Dead, players are introduced to a simple yet addictive runner game where you’ll have to help your character to survive in this devastated world. Keep moving forward and stay away from the obstacles or zombies that stand in your way.

And unlike other game where the only thing that you could do is running away, Into the Dead also allows gamers to grab on their weapons and take down these nasty zombies with styles. That being said, you can choose between dozens of badass weapons such as knives, guns, and even a chainsaw.

Slide through the swarms of zombies as you trying to fight for a way out. Advance to more difficult levels featuring tougher and faster zombies. Travel to varied places with unique zombies tailing you.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intense zombies fighting actions

For the first time, Android gamers will have their chances to get involved in the intense and thrilling actions with Into the Dead. Throw yourself into the swarms of zombies hoping for a way out. Take them down cold using the most brutal weapons and avoid their attacks. Be quick on your feet and accurate with your attacks to survive this harsh world of the zombie apocalypse. Do whatever you have to do to survive.

Simple yet addictive gameplay

While the gameplay can be quite straightforward, gamers in Into the Dead would still find themselves enjoying the game thanks to its addictive elements. Spend hours on end discovering the massive world as you travel to multiple locations, complete unique tasks, and unveil the stories. In addition, the simple controls will make the game a lot more accessible.

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Collect dozens of useful weapons

And to help you with fighting the zombies, Into the Dead also features dozens of awesome weapons that you could make uses. Choose between different types of ranged or melee weapons, and even some toxics that work on the nasty zombies too. Choose the right one for you and upgrade them so that they could be more effective during your run. Exploit all the perks and advantages to get yourself out of the insane zombies.

Complete varied missions and challenges along the way

Unlike other runner games, your ultimate goal in the game isn’t just to run away from the zombies, but also to investigate them and collects clues about the hidden secrets. Having said that, you can select between hundreds of different missions and challenges to complete. Plus, they are also good chances to collect some epic weapons.

In additions, the game also consists of exciting achievements that you could choose to complete. Kill certain zombies with certain weapons, complete the stages in certain amounts of time, and like wises. Also, find yourself awesome prizes that aren’t available anywhere else.

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Support multiple resolutions on different devices

To enhances gamers’ overall experiences as well as making the game a lot more accessible, the developers at PIKPOK also introduce the game in varied devices with multiple resolutions. Hence, you can enjoy a more immersive gameplay or your large-screen tablet, or a more portable gameplay on your smartphones with ease.

Enjoy the addictive and hilarious online gameplay

And those who’re confident in their skills and abilities could also take the competition online. Compete with “zombies” runners from all over the world in the leaderboards. Climb the highest places and collect valuable prizes.

In addition, you can also have your social accounts linked to the game. This would enable you to see your friends who’re also playing this game. Visit their profile to check their progresses, compete with each other in varied maps to beat each other’s high scores.

Never lose your saves

Another benefit of having your social accounts connected to the game is that you’ll never have to worry about your save files, which are always safe. That being said, whenever your account are linked to the game, all of your processes will be automatically saved online. Hence, you can delete the game, switch your phone, and never lose your saves.

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Constant updates with interesting features to look for

And if you think that’s not enough for you, then don’t worry since this game still has a lot more instill for you. Get ready for dozens of exciting updates that’re promised to be available soon. Explore tons of exciting new features with new game modes, in-game contents, and so on.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, Into the Dead is still free for Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, although it still comes with some unavoidable in-app purchases and ads, you’ll have this amazing game for completely free. Have the game installed on any of your devices and start your journey in Into the Dead.

Unlock unlimited content with our mods

However, if you’re bothered by the in-app purchases and ads, we’ve just the solution for you. That being said, our mod version of the game will have all the features unlocked for completely free. And the only thing you need to do is download our Into the Dead Mod APK file onto your devices. Follow our given instruction to properly install the game. Then, you can start enjoying its amazing contents for completely free.

Visual and sound quality


Visually speaking, Into the Dead could considerably a good mobile game. However, what makes it so awesome is the immersive environments. Follow your journey, the dark and gloomy atmosphere with a bloody feel is all that you can see. In facts, you can even smell the unique smell of the zombies. Feels like you’ve just been brought in the actual game. Plus, its undemanding graphics will make the game a lot more accessible for mobile gamers.


Combined with the realistic and accurate sound effects, you’ll find yourself experience thrilling chases like never before, especially with your headphones on. Feel the breaths of the zombies behind you, their claws trying to reach you, and their insane growls. Into the Dead with probably an unforgettable zombie experience for you.

Download Into the Dead Mod latest 2.8.1 Android APK

If you’re into the thrilling and chasing genres, then Into the Dead will be everything that you would want. Plus, the game also features exciting actions with awesome weapons that you’ll never see on other similar titles. Not to mention that our mods will keep you entertained for hours on ends thanks to the unlimited gameplay.

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