Zombie Frontier 2: Survive 3.5 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive 3.5 (MOD Unlimited Money)

July 12, 2020


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The war between mankind and the zombies are still long until it finishes as humanity are still finding themselves being outnumbered by these nasty monsters. However, as you progress, many groups of survivors are starting to fight back and drive these undead out of their lands.

Experience the awesome fighter gameplay in Zombie Frontier 2 as you guide your group of survivors in their challenges against the nasty zombies. Take up arms as you dive into awesome shooter challenges. Take on a series of missions and explore various stories as you progress in Zombie Frontier 2: Survive.

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In the game, Android gamers will find themselves being confronted by monsters and enemies from all front as the undead has taken control of the planet. And despite the resistances humanity are still heavily outnumbered in our fights against the enemies. It’s time for the heroes to step up and take down these nasty monsters as you bring the wars to an end.

After the previous events on the first Zombie Frontier game, things have significantly turned in our favor. Hence, more and more survivors are being located and had started their wars against the zombies. And in the lab, many brilliant scientists are working to introduce their ultimate cure to prevent the plague from destroying the planet.

However, with the zombies themselves also evolved and spread through other areas of the world. The fights against the zombies are still far from over. There are many things that need to be done if we wish to have any slight chance of completely wipe out these nasty creatures from the surfaces of the Earth. Hence, you, being the heroes of the story, should be the ones to take immediate action.

Form your own roster and take them on epic shooter challenges against the zombies. They may outnumber us in brute forces, but we also outgun them. Hence, it’s going to be a close and epic fight. Take on the nasty zombies in awesome combats, wipe them out as you progress further in the game.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Thrilling and immersive shooter gameplay for Android gamers

Following the success of the previous Zombie Frontier game, Android gamers will find themselves experiencing a new and refreshing gameplay with Zombie Frontier 2. Explore the devastated worlds that were long ravaged by the nasty zombies. Help the survivors to fight back against the nasty zombies through multiple missions. Unlock your huge arsenals with various weapons. Take on epic fights against enemies, and more. Embark on the epic wars with the undead.

A variety of different weapons and equipment to pick up

And to make the game more interesting, gamers in Zombie Frontier 2 will also find themselves taking on the nasty enemies by using your new and capable weapons system. Have access to an amazing arsenal which feature more than dozens of epic weapons in various categories. Feel free to choose the right weapons for your characters so they can effectively deal with the enemies later on.

Plus, with the new superweapons, which comes with the same variety and much more capable firing powers, you’ll find yourself having a lot of useful options when it comes to guns and other weapons. Get ready to unleash your devastating attacks toward the enemies whenever you have the time.

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Multiple upgrades to apply to your equipment

And for those of you who’re interested in exploring the availability of your weapons and equipment, the game also features various upgrades that you can try on them. Feel free to boost up your firing powers, reloading speed, penetrative bullets, and so on. But most importantly, the awesome upgrades will make your character much more capable during your fights against the zombies.

Build up your team with various characters

In addition, gamers in Zombie Frontier 2 are also allowed to build up their own ultimate roster from various available characters, each having their own unique and interesting abilities. Feel free to hire mercenaries from different origins and having varied roles in the battles. Build up your ultimate team with absolute capabilities.

Simple intuitive and addictive combats

Find yourself completely hooked to the awesome in-game challenges in Zombie Frontier 2 as you dive into intuitive and addictive combats. Have your characters fight and defeat the zombies in awesome battles using the convenient controls. Feel free to move your aim around the screen using the drag controls, tap on certain buttons to shot or aim, unlock your special moves or make uses of the available buffs with just a few simple moves using the touch controls.

Various character developments to explore

And for those of you who’re interested, you’ll also find yourself exploring the in-depth character developments with varied levels of customizations. Choose between different paths to upgrades and level up your heroes. Turn them in mighty individuals that are capable of dealing with even the nastiest zombies.

Complete challenges and advance your ranks

As you progress in the game, you’ll find yourself being introduced to a variety of interesting missions which feature incredible challenges and objectives. Feel free to complete your missions to the highest extent as you earn enough prestige to advance your ranks. Unlock more interesting features with your new ranks.

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Daily tasks and rewards for you to enjoy

Along with the main gameplay, Android gamers in Zombie Frontier 2 will also find themselves exploring the rewarding gameplay just by being active in the game. That being said, you can do this by returning to the game every day to enjoy daily tasks and unlock your daily rewards. With stacking prizes, it would be nice if you could spend your time to log into the game from time to time.

Free to play

And despite having all those amazing features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Hence it’s always possible for you to download and install Zombie Frontier 2 from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

Moreover, with a few ads and limiting in-game purchases, some of you might find Zombie Frontier 2 being somewhat limiting. Hence, you might find it being a much better choice to have the modified version of the game installed on your mobile devices instead. With this, you’ll have access to the unlimited money hack and ad-free gameplay, which is absolutely phenomenal. Just go for the Zombie Frontier 2 Mod APK instead, and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


And for those of you who’re interested, the game also features excellent graphics and animations that would make it extremely enjoyable. Feel free to dive into awesome combats with the nasty monsters through powerful visual experiences, awesome graphics, and fluid animations. In addition, the optimized gameplay will also make the game extra smooth and satisfying on most of your Android devices.


Together with the powerful graphics, gamers in Zombie Frontier 2 will also find themselves exploring the powerful and incredible sound effects. These would make you feel like you’re completely present in the game.

Final thoughts

Experience the fun and satisfying zombie shooter experiences in Zombie Frontier 2 as you dive into the endless and immersive gameplay. Enjoy unlimited money and awesome in-game actions in this awesome mobile title. And most importantly, have access to all of its amazing features for completely free.

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