EXILE Survival MOD APK (Dumb Enemy, Game Speed)

EXILE Survival MOD APK (Dumb Enemy, Game Speed)

ITPINI OU Dumb Enemy, Game Speed

Exile is a thrilling Survival RPG that allows players to explore a wasteland world, craft weapons and armor, and defend themselves against formidable adversaries. With intuitive gameplay, stunning graphics, and a wide variety of game modes, Exile: Wasteland Survival RPG is the perfect game for anyone who loves RPGs and survival games.


A deserted world with little to none survivors. Wasted lands and its scarce inhabitants. A survival gameplay that will be worth every minute.

Enjoy the exciting gameplay of Exile, where you roleplay as one of the lone survivors of humanity civilization. After the series of apocalyptic events, you’re lucky to still be alive. But the world has been reduced to ruins, and thus beginning your survival journeys in this new primitive earth.


A classic survival gameplay

Have access to the classic survival gameplay in Exile where gamers are tasked with a simple goal, to survive. Explore the wilderness and find yourself necessary resources to maintain your vitality. Unlock opportunities to open new paths to your survival challenges. Adventure through the wasted lands to look for items and resources that would be most useful to you.

Make uses of the crafting features to design and customize weapons, clothes, items, and more. Engage in epic fights against the warmongers that are roaming the deserts while also locating other survivors to create your own community.

Immersive roleplaying survival experiences

Enjoy the addictive and immersive survival challenges in Exile, where gamers get to design their own stories and choose their own paths. Explore realistic and authentic in-game simulations that are well-executed to the very details. Embark on amazing adventures, as you explore the open-world RPG environments. Craft your own survival experiences in the game with exciting role playing experiences and a cool storyline awaits.

A massive wasteland to discover

The game features a huge in-game environment, with different locations, terrains, and stories to explore. Follow the paths of your characters to explore the great deserts, abandoned cities, and more. Engage in exciting combats with enemies of all sizes and types, from the surviving bandits to terrifying predators. Enjoy exciting adventures and action gameplay, all the while discovering the world and looking for a path for humanity, going forward. Progress and unlock new locations so you can have more fun playing the game.

Interesting survival gameplay mechanics

Enjoy some of the most interesting and in-depth survival mechanics in Exile, which would make the overall experiences a lot more life-like. Have the environments fully simulated to the best that they can be. Enjoy full interactions with objects, props, NPCs, enemies, and other items in the game.

Make uses of brilliant crafting mechanics and amazing ideas to come up with new designs and contraptions. Craft weapons, items, armors, machines, shelters, and all other things that you’ll need to survive, battle, and thrive in the wasted world.

Enjoy the multiplayer in open-world settings

To make the game more interesting, Pride Games also offers online gameplay with the open-world maps for mobile gamers to enjoy. Find yourself playing the game with friends and online gamers in the multiplayer mode, which offers realistic and exciting survival experiences like never before. Now, you’ll not be the only one trying to survive the wasted lands. Make friends and help each other throughout exciting missions and challenges. Unlock new locations and engage in exciting survival gameplay in Exile.

Intuitive controls and exciting combats

Have access to the most intuitive and exciting combat experiences in Exile. Make use of the optimized and customizable touch controls to freely navigate on the maps and interact with different terrains. Enjoy casual touch buttons and impressive gesture controls, which will keep you hooked to the combats and adventures.

Have access to our modded app

To make the game more exciting, we are now providing the modded version of Exile for all Android gamers to enjoy. Feel free to enter the in-game MENU feature and unlock dozens of different features that aren’t available in the original gameplay. Plus, we also offer the powerful God Mode settings, which will allow Android gamers to become invincible. Feel free to play the game in your own ways without having to pay for your downloads.


Exciting gameplay, interesting mechanics, immersive survival experiences, amazing missions, and captivating stories. Exile has everything to keep you hooked for hours on end.

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