Survival Island 2 MOD APK v1.4.27 (Unlimited Money)

Survival Island 2 MOD APK v1.4.27 (Unlimited Money)

October 20, 2022


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GameFirst Mobile
92 MB
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Unlimited Money

Survival Island 2 poster

Survival Island 2 deserves one of the best offline adventure survival simulator games about the Stone Age. The game brings a new wind to the survival role-playing genre, and the gameplay is extremely attractive. The game has a compact capacity, and is designed for low-profile phones. You are an ordinary anonymous person. You survive on a raft in an ocean full of sharks – no easy task. Have you survived to continue the adventure that is not over on the desert island. After the storm, your raft is washed ashore on a wild island in the middle of the ocean. You are alone because you are the only one on the island. You will do many things against the wild dinosaurs that live on this island. Your adventure continues, and you try to get by with the difficult island life.

About Gameplay

Survival Island 2 is made and developed by GameFirst Mobile. The game belongs to the genre of adventure survival emulator, and supports offline processing so you can play the game anywhere. You start by surviving a shipwreck. You drift into a wild island in the ocean, and the raft becomes useless. Your mission is to survive, and find ways to survive on the vast island. The island is deserted, many kinds of trees, but dangerous dinosaurs appear. You explore the island, challenge and use resources to create weapons to hunt dinosaurs, ancient animals. You try to tame dinosaurs, and build your own shelter.

Survival Island 2 is the sequel to the game of the same name. The player is once again trapped on a desert island. You will learn a lot of wonderful things about the basic rules of survival. If not, you will surely fail. Your only goal is to survive the nightmare on a deserted island. You are not alone, as the island has a lot of dinosaur caves. You can find a cave of different dinosaurs, and collect rare resources. You roam, and explore the caves on the island, and encounter many dangerous dinosaurs. You mine rare resources, gather resources, use craft tools, craft weapons, and build a solid house on the island. You have a lot to do, and you have to work hard to survive.

Survival Island 2 introduces dozens of new weapons and important resources, the game has many improvements compared to part one. Apocalypse on a desert island is extremely exciting, and you must also survive to experience the wonderful journey. You can craft popular weapons like axes, bows and arrows. Good weapons will help you hunt for food, and protect you in tough battles. You exploit resources, and craft weapons to survive. You become a real dino hunter, and enjoy a fierce survival experience. The game features different types of dinosaurs, and you enjoy a huge collection of dinosaurs / wild animals. You choose Dodo as your best friend / guardian against the dangerous Kentrosaurus. You try to tame wild Pterodactyls to increase your strength in the battle. You collect all the eggs and get interesting Nasutoceratops. You choose between taming or hunting for dinosaurs. All interesting dinosaurs are waiting for you to discover.

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Survival Island 2 successfully simulates the wild, and solitary world. You need to improve many kinds of skills like crafting, building and fighting. If you have good skills, then you will be able to survive strongly in a world that is so harsh. Survival games are not easy to overcome. You need courage to become the last strong man on a deserted island. This game allows you to create many advanced resources, and build vast facilities. If you like the craft survival genre, this game is really right for you. You explore new lands in every possible way, and become a true survivor. Initially, you will be exploiting wood and stone. Then you craft weapons from ore and trees. You hunt animals for food, or tame dinosaurs. You must build your house and escape from powerful predators like dinosaurs. You try to grow food to store it. The game saves progress at all times, so you can resume playing quickly next time.

Survival Island 2 emphasizes evolutionary abilities. You discover tyrant dinosaurs, or cute herbivores. However, most wildlife on a wild island will want to kill you. So, try to stay alive for as long as possible. You can choose to tame dinosaurs or become a powerful dino hunter. All are your options. In particular, the game has a very interesting Pixel mode. You experience survival on a pixel island, and tame a funny pixel dinosaur. If you love pixel games, then you will definitely love the new pixel mod.

Survival Island 2 is full of elements to become a successful continuation of the dinosaur world survival game. You are free to explore a huge new island, and join new adventures. The game offers a large open world with many secrets and dangers. Effects of day and night scene just like in real life. You can hunt wild animals like goats, bears, pigs, wolves, dinosaurs, and more. You build your own farm. You mine resources and receive useful items manually.

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Survival Island 2 has easy controls. You use the navigation keys on the right side of your phone screen. You use the action keys on the right side of your phone screen. In general, the way of controlling the game is like other action-role-playing games, so it’s easy to get used to.

Survival Island 2 screen 2

Graphics and sound

Survival Island 2 has great 3D graphics, and high quality. If you have good use of your phone, then you enjoy the high-resolution graphics in amazing 3D. The game feels vivid, and extremely realistic. You are delighted to experience and explore a wild island with huge jungle, and ancient animals. Plus, the graphics can be customized according to your phone configuration. Sound is seriously invested. You hear the sounds of tree felling, moving footsteps, rain, and the screams of dinosaurs.

Also, you can try “Survival Island” – an amazing version of the wild world. The game also offers an exciting adventure on a deserted island, and you have to do a lot to try to survive. Fight wild animals, craft weapons, build shelters, and protect lives.

Survival Island 2 screen 3


If you like survival games, you will love Survival Island. The game offers a great experience of the island of survival. You can craft weapons, hunt for dinosaurs and build shelters. Real dinosaurs are dangerous animals, and you have to become a real dino hunter. The game offers a great survival adventure gameplay on a large deserted island. The game has many natural resources to exploit, and a variety of weapons to craft. You create a complete house, and unlock different areas. Diverse equipment system, and detailed real-time design. The game is suitable for all ages.

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