Last Island of Survival APK 11.1

Last Island of Survival APK 11.1

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Are you tired of the classic Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile? Looking for a refreshing gameplay to enjoy on your mobile devices? With Last Island of Survival, gamers will have the chances to experience a completely renewed and unique Battle Royale gameplay.

Find yourself on a much large map with countless interactive gameplay. Discover the amazing world map filled with exciting elements. Engage in a much more in-depth Battle Royale experiences compared to any other games that you’ve played before.

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The game takes place in a deserted post-apocalypse world where humanity was almost wiped out of existence by the zombie plagues. Being one among the few survival, your ultimate goal would be to survive the nasty zombies as well as other players’ attacks to be the last one standing on the map.

Travel to multiple locations across a massive world map and collect all kind of resources. Build your bases to defend yourself from enemies’ attacks. Takedown enemies’ facilities to collect valuable resources.

Make uses of the crafting features and create multiple tools to support your existence. Make powerful weapons to fence off enemies’ attacks, and so on. Each match would last for weeks, not only 30 minutes and you’ll have to face off with many gamers in your ultimate surviving challenge.

Have yourself a lot of fun and excitements in Last Island of Survival.


Here you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing game:

In-depth survival gameplay with multiple features

Last Island of Survival will be the last Battle Royale game you ever needed on your mobile devices. With a much longer duration time per match and a huge world to discover, gamers will find themselves having a lot of fun with the varied in-game activities and features.

That being said, you could pick up a good spot to start building your huge bunker to defend you from zombies and enemies. Choose to solo through your journey or play with friends as you assist each other in constructing buildings, defending your base, collecting resources, crafting, and so on.

Feel free to design your base or even create a rural town right on the deserted map. Takedown other player’s shelter can collect resources for your own. Or enjoy playing in the endless PVE gameplay. Takedown animals to collect food, collect material across the map to build a great base.

Last Day Rules: Survival will provide you with a longer duration time per game and a larger world map than the traditional battle royal game, combined with numerous sandbox gameplay, where you can enjoy unprecedented survival gameplay. You can choose either to build a huge bunker with your companions in the middle of the map fighting against all other players or set up your rural town on the.

And most importantly, you won’t have to worry about being dead every two minutes. Instead, you’ll just be transported back to your base with no resources being lost. The game only gets serious in the last days of your survival journey when people actually killing each other and destroying bases for a better chance of surviving.

Have a massive map to explore

In Last Island of Survival, you’ll have your entire map in your mobile device to discover. And don’t think of it as another Sanhok or Erangel, instead, the giant world map will feel like it’s from your average Far Cry 5 open-world map with endless possibilities to explore.

Travel to multiple locations and look for unique resources to help you construct your bases and creating tools. Take on the abandoned mine and the dangers that lurk inside to collect ores for crafting weapons. Go the freezing forest and hunt down animals for essential materials and supplies. And of course, make sure you stay alert all the time since danger can come in all directions.

With interactive and responsive environments, you’ll find yourself actually lost in this amazing world of Last Island of Survival.

Explore the amazing build and craft features

The game allows gamers to build whatever they want in any place they find suitable. As long as you have enough materials and know what you’re doing, you can even create a whole village or a giant shelter with the building feature.

In addition, the incredible crafting options will let you create all kinds of useful tools to assist you in your journey. And most importantly, you can make useful weapons and armors to that you might deal with the dangerous zombies, hungry wild predators, and lurking enemies.

Pick up your tools and start building and crating. From simple items like knife, swords, to even machine guns and rockets. Let your imagination flow and create whatever you want in Last Day Rules Survival.

Addictive and intensive combats with amazing online gamers

The game features intensive and thrilling combats that will let you take on many amazing online gamers from all over the world. Along with the PVE gameplay, the massive PvP combats will definitely satisfy you. Accomplish a set of powerful weapons and gears so that you might take on other players.

You can even go as far as developing unique technologies for the weapons. For example, you’ll have the explosive bullets to deal with multiple enemies, armor penetration ones to take on tanky enemies, and auto-aim bullets that could hit enemies on their fatal parts.

The weapons can be used on multiple styles and approaches so they may have the best result on your opponents.

Experience how a “real” survival challenge should begin

In addition, those who’re interested in survival games will certainly find Last Island of Survival interesting as it’ll show you exactly how your survival challenge should begin and end. Start from a humble beginning with nothing on your inventory but only a rock and a torch. Learn to make basic tools by collecting materials from woods and stones.

Gather raw material across the map to sustain yourself as well as building more facilities. Collect advanced items that are scattered all over the map. Discover technologies and start to advance to a much more developed society. Manufacture better weapons and gears to have a better chance of surviving in this harsh world.

Free to play

Despite all the amazing features, the game is currently free to play for all Android user to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have it downloaded and installed on your devices without having to pay anything. Join millions of online gamers in this ultimate surviving challenge in Last Island of Survival.

Visual and sound quality


The game features stunning 3D graphics that introduce gamers to a whole new level of immersive. Find yourself experiencing the interactive and realistic environments while participating in epic fights. The beautiful and believable visual effects will make everything unbelievably real.


Combined with powerful and immersive audio experiences, you’ll feel like you’re actually living in this post-apocalypse world of Last Island of Survival. Just put on your headphones and you can feel free to explore the amazing gameplay for hours on end.

Download Last Island of Survival latest 11.4 Android APK

Those who’re looking for a relatively refreshing Battle Royale experience will definitely find Last Island of Survival a game that worth your time. Not only that it features in-depth gameplay with tons of discoverable contents, but you’ll also find yourself having lots of fun with your online friends. And if that’s not enough for you, then you might want to try yet another great Battle Royale game, also with unique gameplay, Super Mecha Champions.

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