Dawn of Zombies MOD APK 2.248 (Free Craft)

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK 2.248 (Free Craft)

April 15, 2024


Additional Information
Google Play ID
Royal Ark
1.63 GB
MOD Features
Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy

Join online gamers in an epic adventure through the deserted lands. Survive the hardship using all your skills and abilities. Collect and make good uses of the scarce resources from the war-torn world. Build and upgrade your base to defend you from enemies’ attacks. Gather the other survivor and discover the secrets of the Territories. Find out all about this amazing game from the famous studio Royal Ark with our reviews.


In this game, players will be playing as a lucky survival of a post-apocalyptic world in which mankind’s civilizations were razed to the ground after the countless wars and disasters. Now, there are only a few survivors scattered around looking for a way to make it in this devastated world.

And worst, because of the wars, many nuclear facilities have been destroyed, allowing the dangerous radiations to cause all kinds of pain. People were mutated, left crazy, and became mindless monsters lurking around.

Being on your own, players must protect themselves from the dangerous monsters as well as building your base and gather resources. Your mission is to survive the hardships and locating your lost friend, whose signals were last found in the Territories. Find him because he’s the only one who can help to restore your memories.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Build your own base from scratches

In the world of Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War, dangers are in every corner. A single moment without focuses and you can probably lose your life. Which is why, it’s important to have a safe hideout, where you can protect yourself from the dangerous world.

Start by building your base from all kinds of scrap materials. Construct a convenient underground base. Securely store resources to sustain your life and continue to build up your base up to the surface. Form up a formidable defense to fence you from monster attacks.

Survive the scarce world

With the resources slowly depleted, players will have to deal with all kinds of danger to get their hands onto the valuable resources. Sometimes, people can fight or even take each other’s lives for just a piece of bread. Make sure you’re not the one who’s down on the ground.

In this dangerous world, your energy can quickly deplete due to hunger, thirst, radiation or diseases. Don’t let your character to be in the state of having low energy for too long or you won’t be able to make it back to your base.

Make sure you bring enough food and drink for your quest as you can restore your energy with those. In addition, sleeping at your base would also refill your energy bar.

Embrace an exciting adventure

It’s time to join character in his adventure in this strange world. Explore the world of Dawn of Zombies. Follow the stories and encounter dozens of characters, each with their own stories. Take on varied quests and collect valuable rewards. Discover random notes that introduce you to heart-warming stories.

Ride whenever you want

And if you’re not a fan of walking, Dawn of Zombies will allow gamers to pick any kinds of vehicle to travel around. Ride on your bicycle or crush through the zombies using your monster cars. With the crafting and trading features, there is no limit in what you can get for your characters.

Realistic gameplay with lifelike elements

To enhance the overall experiences, Dawn of Zombies also features the realistic elements such light-day system, volumetric fog, and so on. Playing the game for long enough, and you’ll feel like you’re actually caught into this chaotic world.

Explore the large maps with lots of discoverable elements

The world in Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War covers a large map with multiple locations for gamers to discover. Explore the Aberration zones and collect valuable artifacts. Venture through the dark forests, wastelands, and challenge the tough zombies, bandits, or wild animals in epic fights.

In addition, you’ll have your chances to collect valuable prizes that appear randomly on the map. Check for awesome airdrops, hidden chests, and so on. And for some real actions, you would love to explore the thrilling dungeons.

Encounter other groups of survivors

Although the population was greatly diminished, there are still survivors in the world of Dawn of Zombies. Hence, players will have their chances to explore the lands and encounter other groups of survivors. Get involved in varied activities with the other groups and factions.

Start by trade and communicate with different factions to collect valuable resources and technologies to build your facilities. Become a capable fighter and crafter as you gain reputations with other factions and characters. Unlock certain events and enjoy exciting gameplay.

Craft all the items you need

And to help you survive the scarce and dangerous world, it’s always important for you to be equipped with capable weapons and gears. Explore all the crafting options as you learn to create over 60 types of weapons ranging from AK, M-16, to Makarov Pistol, and so on.

In addition, as you progress in the game, you’ll have the chances to discover over 150 different blueprints for armors, vehicles, and more. With skills and materials, a man can create anything in this world.

Moreover, you can also explore the customize options on your items using special workbench and artifacts.

Exciting combat with varied approaches

Engage yourself in exciting combats as you take on different opponents. And with certain opponents, you’ll have varied approaches. Fight them in stealth mode, using the bushes to sneak up and take down your enemies. Craft your own spy drone and scout on the enemies’ bases, then choose the right moment to attack. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to storm out with a machine gun and take down anything that stands in your way. Either of which, it’ll be incredibly fun and enjoyable.

Complete epic events to earn your rewards

In addition, as you enjoy your time in Dawn of Zombies, there will also be random events to explore. Complete exciting events which involve rescue and protect missions. Defend your allies from the zombies’ attacks and earn your deserved prizes.

Explore awesome online gameplay

And if you want to go online, there will be varied online gameplay available for you in Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War. Join your friends in multiplayer survival game mode build your base, collect the resources, and join forces to defeat the invading zombies.

Travel to huge settlements where you can meet up with other survivals in Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War. Meet new people and trade valuable items. In addition, you can join or create your own clan. Upgrade your base and be ready for epic clan wars.

The game also features epic MMO raids, in which gamers can join forces to take down epic bosses and earn incredible loots. Participate in rewarding co-op PvE quests and experience addictive gameplay with Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War.

And last but not least, the game even allows online gamers to have their own pets and NPC allies, who can help you with your adventures.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the creators of Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War still manage to surprise us with their pricing. Having said that, the game is currently free to play for any Android gamers to experience. Just access Google Play Store and get the game on your devices. Embark your journeys in the endless adventures of Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War.

Visual and sound quality


With realistic 3D graphics, Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War introduces gamers to a world with all the devastating elements. Well-polished and detailed-design monsters, infrastructures, and characters create a lifelike experience to any Android gamers.


Powerful audio experiences with raw images of a war-torn world. You’ll feel like you’re truly caught in this living nightmare.

Final verdicts

For any Android gamers who’re looking for a complete RPG experience on their mobile devices. Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War is definitely the right game for you. Embark an enjoyable journey with epic actions, captivating stories, and provoking thoughts.

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Comments (97)

97 responses to “Dawn of Zombies MOD APK 2.248 (Free Craft)”

  1. Vaibhav says:

    Pls update it to 2.74

  2. Lucien says:

    The mod works perfectly but the bad news is, when i closed the app. And then start again, accout is blocked. I hope you can make another mod with anti blocked. Coz the game is really cool.

  3. SoulReaver57 says:

    Successfully Downloaded the game, unfortunately using the MOD, I’ve been blocked.
    I love the game, good graphics.
    Hoping for a Good Undetectable Mod in the future.
    Very Disappointing…

  4. Capt K says:

    If possible, I would like you to make a mod menu like in version 2.61
    Thank you..

  5. Capt K says:

    Free Craft not working on latest update 2.62
    Good recommend Mod menu – 2.61
    Please fix.
    Thank you.

  6. Beewat says:

    Free Craft not working on latest update 2.62

    Please fix. Thank you.

  7. DiG_BiCK says:

    Is this mod not going to block my account?

  8. Felipe says:

    It worked great but next day the blocked my account, fix that please ❤️. Nice mod btw

  9. Yani says:

    How not get blocked?/i got blocked twice now.

  10. Andalasa says:

    So basically the game blocks me everytime I restart playing, It says “Account is blocked” after the first day of playing. Any suggestions of what I should do to avoid this ? Or maybe the anti ban mod should be enhanced ?

  11. Javier says:

    Nice work. The problem is that it block the user when you go out and want to enter again

  12. Avinash V says:

    Hello sir or madam I’m not able to upgrade free it asks items to upgrade

  13. Zrg says:

    How do i need to sprak with reverter in The 1 mission

  14. Sidharth says:

    Brother I follow all the process but the game doesn’t start at all.all time it’s shows connection lost and after that it going black blank page and doesn’t open why 😞😞😞

  15. Forever says:

    Bro help me! Riveter is missing after taking rddl in basement. She is necessary to complete storyline quests.

  16. Ashutosh says:

    Version 2.56 is good…no block..but how to update without getting data lost

  17. Hung says:

    Zip file can not extract, please help me to check it, thanks.

  18. Manish says:

    I also need the solution of same problem, please send me reply.

  19. Rachele says:

    Hi! Im downloading the latest version of the game 2.56, but in the game exist only god mod, free crafting doesn t exist, i dont know why! Can u help me?

  20. Manish says:

    Hi Apkdone, Thanks for this game. You done excellent job, but still i have problem in the game, like i installed as u said. Mob Game is working properly, its perfect.
    But after using Game twice or thrice, sometime it say “account is blocked”. I restart again and again, no changes. It’s blocked.
    I uninstalled it then install again. Same things happen again.
    Please resolve this account blocked problem.
    Give me some suggestions.
    Thanks again for this game.

  21. Arindam Saha says:

    It works well but after one day account is blocked,How to fix it

  22. Nayan Sarma says:

    After complete the progress bar of starting the game become freeze. I don’t know why not only with mod but it happens with original version too. Please give me a suggestion what to do..

  23. Happygame says:

    Hoq fix stuck on opening logo, cannot enter game, thanks

  24. Otto says:

    Thank you,work but band account to day after playing 3 hour.2020-May-19

  25. BadPlayer says:

    I played this game already a few minutes to run the mission and after that I quit the game and I stayed long enough of the game and at the moment I entered why there is a writing “account blocked”

  26. Ahmed says:

    First, thank you for your trouble on this work. I liked the game a lot and imagined playing the game 8 hours. I built my house and collected many things and killed 603 without high damage or anything. All of this fatigue and gathering lost everything in their urgency.I tried 12 times but it doesn’t work and now I cleared everything and I will try to download it with the update and we’ll see what happens after another 8 hours

  27. Hernest says:

    Update 2.52

  28. Lyn says:

    Hey it works fine on the first hours but they block my accunt and I had to uninstall and restart a new save each time

  29. San says:

    See concerned player comment above..it’s working.. But still.. After manny hours playing.. It will be blocked T.T

    • krIs says:

      Its solved…i did past my 3rd day on trial and ranking on Labs… So you just need activate 1 hit MOD…no need for the rest… When you play, activate the MOD, anda when you quit, turn OFF the MOD… Next you play again, turn ON, and when quit, turn OFF…simple…Have Fun guys… Now im Lv 40 btw…

  30. Danys says:

    Me aparece un logo BMT y no inicia el juego por favor ayuda

  31. Chornos says:

    Need update bug for the reveter girl, when I use one hit kill feature or other and I don’t know with other option cheat, and now the reveter girl is missing!!! at the basement are missing too, please answer how to fix this situation I have been 5 times try with uninstall and install those mod, but still have some bug problem

    • San says:

      See concerned player comment above..it’s working.. But still.. After manny hours playing.. It will be blocked T.T

  32. Concerned player says:

    After getting disappointed like everyone here here’s how i managed to get past the riveter MIA glitch… DON’T TURN ON ANY MOD UNTIL U ARE THROUGH WITH THE TUTORIAL…Hope this helps

  33. Jane says:

    The riveter missing bug is affecting alot of people, please respond…i tried only activating one hit, but still the girl is missing

  34. Anil says:

    After installing… Played first task…i stop Playing for sometime then on restarting account is blocked…

  35. Ashlee says:

    I’ve never installed a mod on my android, could someone please explain how to properly do so? I want to make sure I’m not messing anything up. Also will doing so reset my current game & have me start over again?

  36. xShimMx says:

    For u guyz who dnt knw….dnt on 2nd & 3rd option mod…if u on these 2, the girl RIVETER will MIA. On only 1 hit mod.. Btw for the free craft mod, u need to open craft windows 1st then on mod choose which 1 u want to craft, after that off mod. Click again the one u want to craft.

  37. SirValentin says:

    Installed according to instructions and Version 2.48. Black display, only BMT in the middle. What needs to be done to make the game work?

    Played on Samsung Galaxy A50

  38. Tinola says:

    Riveter is missing after RADD brought to basement “Antenna Adjustment storyline” 2.47.711 apk mod has bug, another is “Klim’s stop” is missing.. 2.45 version was stable but this 2.47.711 was full of bug. please fix your mod.. it also can’t play the “Old Gas Station”. FULL OF BUG..

  39. Tinola says:

    Using 2.47 new apk mod either using your data file or downloaded via game server, when it come the storyline for RADD brought to basement the NPC which is “Riveter” will be gone and will stuck right there, you can continue the game like no bug but the storyline will stop from there. the apk mod need to re-update..

  40. Ayokunle says:

    The God mode and one hit works fine, totally amazing, but the free craft freezes the game also after playing for some minutes riveter disappears, she is not in the basement or upstairs… Please I need help with the the game asks me to find her but she is totally MIA

  41. Gogoy says:

    It doesn’t work. After open the apk still download origin file from game server, obb not working at all. Fix for new mod and version please.

  42. A.M says:

    Hi. Could you please tell my how can I save the progress while updating?

  43. Ctc says:

    Enabling any of the mods freezes the game. Don’t bother downloading.

  44. Patricia says:

    No funciona, se queda bloqueado cuando quiero construir libremente…
    Alguna sugerencia? Gracias.

  45. Devaka says:

    Hi guys thanks a lot it worked for me but I can’t craft an item as soon as I craft an item for free it get stuck and doesn’t work pls is there is way to fix this bug pls help

  46. Lorent says:

    Salut ya t il un mod efficace et stable pour doz a lheure actuelle et si possibilite de linstaller sur android samsung s6+ edge car pas demplacement sdcard .seulement memoire interne android .merci davance

  47. Jack says:

    I can t craft weapons or clothes or any thing exept to build

  48. Brandon says:

    Everything is unlocked to craft but don’t have the ability to craft without materials. Still have to collect all the materials to craft anything.

  49. Patrick says:

    Mods not working for me.. installed it right, and added the obb file in the right place.

  50. Link1121 says:

    I got through a couple main quests and Riviter just vanished. Right after I moved the radio. She not up to and not in the basement of the shelter. the kid is still up to and the trader showed up for the quest at the settlement but no riviter. I’m using the apk mod and I dont know what to do. I can’t really progress. please help.

  51. Ghonny says:

    For the latest version the mod dosn’t working, any help

  52. VEER MAHALA says:

    Why there is no free crafting in latest v2.32 ?

  53. Caïn says:

    Hi, since the last update i have problem with the mod, the game freezes as soon as i use the unlimited resource hack and i want to create an object i then have to cancel the hack for thawing screen

  54. Dams says:

    Hi! First of all thank you so much for all! I update today with 2.32 version but now we can’t have interaction in a game (missions or dual actions with peoples) and craft on craft menus because the game crash 🙁

  55. Rafael says:

    Hola, yo descargue el juego por la play store, elimine el obb que se descarga con el juego, e instale el obb mod pero no funciona, debe ser también la apk mod, o estoy haciendo algo mal?

  56. Sanchez says:

    Hola no encuentro a la chica y no e activado el hack y nada borro los archivos Obb y data y vuelvo a poner el archivo o bb pero sigue igual como hago para salir del complejo

  57. Vanillavan says:

    Admin, Can you give mirror link please.
    Rapidgator is unstable, my download always gets interrupted plus it has 1 hour interval rule before you can download again.
    Thank in advance

  58. Sonam says:

    Hello Devs. Khudos for the mod really. Is there a way to save data so that we can continue with the new update? And if you could also disable all quests unlock thing that would be great also. I know these things are not easy but a small request. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  59. RaspberryGirl says:

    How can we turn off the mod? Please answer.

  60. Sonam says:

    And for those who are stuck on the first mission ” kill the two zombies”. Do not activate the mod until you complete that quest. After that you can activate the mod and the other quests seems to be working fine. What i used to do was turn on mod, make or get the items and turn it off again. And please find a way to let us continue from the last save because its useless to play as after every new update we have to start all over again. Thanks.

  61. Sonam says:

    So now new update and i cant play from where i started. I have the file from last update in my data folder and when i start the game with the new update, my saved game is not there. Is there a way so that we can continue to play from our last saved game? Anyone has any ideas? Or after every new update i have to start from scratch.

  62. Sonam says:

    I was playing for the past 5 days and now when i start it. It says update game and i click ok and it goes to my gmail email saying im a tester and to play public server or so, i need download game from google play…..

  63. Yad says:

    Working but stuck on Riveter saying kill all the zombies which I already did. I cant go out the shelter, stucked on Riveters tasks.

  64. Jack says:

    Man just change the downloading site it isn’t working it always says too many connections error.please update as soon as possible.

  65. Chaitanya says:

    Thank you for the game mod, can you please make a lib file mod for rooted device.

  66. Mohamed says:


    I am using 2.25v mod version.

  67. Mohamed says:

    I played the game for 3 hours …
    Then they gave me a ban.

    I uninstalled the game and installed it again and it works just fine.

    the problem is i deleted saved data while uninstalling the game.

    I need a solution to backup the saved data before uninstalling in case i got ban again.

  68. Syddran says:

    Reviter went missing after you put the rddl in the basment. Help pls

  69. TÓTH ZOLTÁN says:

    After 5minutes in game, i try to save and restart, account is blocked message and not working anymore.solution?

  70. Sabaah says:

    Hi, Sorry but don’t work, say get update, please checking, tnx

  71. Jaya says:

    Can you fix it?

  72. Chris says:

    Yup, doesn’t work. It just keeps saying update the application. What a surprise.

  73. Fraz fareed says:

    Oops sorry

  74. Fraz fareed says:

    I can’t download it if i click download apk and then i click on download apk + obb file then it says error 429 no internet conection even i have internet conection or the problem is that i am using tablet because my laptop harddisk is fried you no what i mean.

  75. Teenwolf says:

    Thx. How I can save my progress can you help me plzz

  76. Alpha says:

    You cant really connect the google account to that modded, trust me you wouldnt want to connect it until you finish every single mission you have, why? Because it will be detected thus banning your google play account forever from the game, solution is that I hope that the makers would see the 5Play version of the mod where they have 2 Modded apks the 1st one is for connecting your account so you can take that accounts save data over to the 2nd mod which has the same mod as this one and has the same problem as well.

  77. Nemecheck says:

    hi. the mod isn’t working for me…
    what an i doing wrong?
    when i’m tring to install the “APK FILE [MOD] V2.23” it’s says the the application wasn’t installed.
    then i installed the original game again from the app store.
    then i downloaded and extracted the “OBB DATA FILE [MOD]” to the right folder (com.survival.last), but the bod isn’t working…

    • Apkdone says:

      Update to latest version 2.24

      • Nemecheck says:

        First of all – thank you very very much for your answer!!
        Sorry for the dumb question but how do I update? Do I need to download an updated OBB file? If so – where do I find it?.

      • Danys says:

        Me aparece un logo BMT y no inicia el juego por favor ayuda

    • Apkdone says:

      I have just updated the latest mod & original version. You can download it here

      • Nemecheck says:

        Thank you!!!
        You are my hero!!!
        But I still need your help… for the last time I swear!!
        I guess that I’m still doing something wrong becouse it’s not working for me.
        Please please please explain how to do it exactly.
        Becouse I have the game installed from the app store.
        And when I try to install the moded APK files you attached it says that “application was not installed” (I tried both files). And when I extract the OBB file to THE RIGHT library – nothing happened…
        Do I need to uninstall the game first? And if so – what’s next.
        Please help me for the last time…
        Thx thx thx!!!

        • Nemecheck says:


          I uninstalled the game from app store and installed the APK mod file V1. Then i downloaded the OBB file and put him in THE RIGHT FOLDER. The game worked perfectly but as a regular game. No mod and no nothing.

          Them i uninstalled it again and installed the APK mod file V2. Then I downloaded the OBB file and placed him in THE RIGHT FOLDER. This time it worked. The game was moded. I had 1388 of each item like in the movie.

          BUT I still have a lot of problem:

          1. I can’t continue with the game. The girl (dont remember her name) just saying “kill all zombies”, but I already killed them all and I have nobody else to kill… I can’t move further with the game…

          2. I can’t connect to Google. Is that normal? Is there another way to continue from my last progress (I was lvl 40+)? Is there another way to save my new progress?

          3. With the moded game – will I still have all online options? Will I meet other players in the game?

          4. Not like on the movie – I can’t craft all items. I can only craft items according to my level…

          5. Benches and other items that i put on the ground/floor, that are “moded”,
          (from the 1388 items), I can’t change their place after putting them down. Fir example – at the start of the game I have 1 well. I can move her to any other spot on the map. But if I put a new well (from the 1388 that I got), then it stuck there forever…

          If you read all that – thank you very very much!!

          Best regards,

          • Alpha says:

            I have an answer for your bench/workstation that isnt been able to be moved. You need to craft that certain workbench or furniture so you can move it. Example: You cant move this workbench, the solution is craft that workbench, place it in that exact spot so it will like overwrite that workbench’s place and you will be able to use/move it.

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