Survival on Raft MOD APK 1.216.1 (Unlimited Money)

Survival on Raft MOD APK 1.216.1 (Unlimited Money)

February 16, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Life drifting on the ocean has always been a great topic for filmmakers and storytellers to create their amazing adventure masterpieces. And now, Android gamers can enjoy their exciting in-game experiences of Survival on Raft as you engage in an incredible survival journey with your characters. Experience an incredible adventure with your new life drifting over the ocean in this awesome game from TREASTONE as you explore the endless oceans.

For those of you who’re interested in the castaway lifestyle, you’ll certainly find this interesting gameplay of simulation and adventure of Survival on Raft. Feel free to have fun in the addictive and engaging survival experiences. Explore the massive ocean with lots of opportunities and dangers. Make uses of everything around you to craft interesting items, collect all kinds of foods from nature, and plan your way out of the situation.

Find out more about the awesome game from TREASTONE with our review.


In the game, Android gamers will experience their ultimate survival challenges as they find themselves being the sole survivor after a plane crash. And more tragically, you’re now left on a small raft that’s drifting at the middle of the ocean. With no place to go and little supplements to begin your survival journey, it will take a lot of effort and mental toughness for you to overcome the epic in-game challenges.

Find yourself experiencing the unique and interesting in-game elements with its awesome and epic survival gameplay. Here, Android users must gather resources while drifting with no direction on the ocean. Fight against hunger, predators, and the unforgiving wraths of the oceans as you find a way to survive. Collect materials and start building your raft into a floating house. Work your way out of the situations and enjoy the interesting survival simulation in Survival on Raft.

Travel the ocean and finally meet your destination on a distant island. Find other survivors and start working with them to tame the ocean. Build your own community in the game, and together, you’ll enjoy awesome explorations on the ocean and conquer all the challenges that you’ll be facing.

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Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the captivating stories of the apocalypse

As your drifting on the endless ocean and are unaware of your next destination, you’ll also find the seas are getting so much bigger than usual. And it seems like you were unable to see the shore, or at least some kind of sign showing that you’re going in the right direction.

Little did you know, the entire world has been consumed by a global tsunami, and the continents are no longer exist. Now, the world is filled with water and many people are living in their own rafts or finding themselves being trapped in isolated islands.

And your ultimate quest would be to find other survivors, form your own team to discover the truth of that had happened to the world. And at the same time, feel free to dive into the awesome in-game experiences as you explore the islands and conquer the massive ocean.

Experience the awesome surviving experiences on a raft

And for those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy the absolutely exciting experiences of living on a floating raft that passes through the ocean of endless challenges. Feel free to explore and enjoy the unique gameplay of survivor simulation as you find yourself drifting on the ocean for days. Find yourself fighting against the burning sun, the desperate hunger, the hungry predators, and the unpredictable weather as you dive into the immersive survival challenges. Have fun with your single-player survival challenges or join your friends as you explore the ocean together.

Meet up with other survivors and conquer the ocean together

Speaking of which, in Survival on Raft, Android gamers will find themselves meeting with other survivors, who’re also in the same situations. Join each other and form your own survival crew to discover the massive ocean. And at the same time, always in a search to find your survival paradise on a secured island. Build your base and begin your ultimate in-game experiences by exploring the endless seas and attempting multiple invasions to conquer the oceans.

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Grabbing stuff with your hook

In addition, with Survival on Raft, gamers will also find themselves enjoying the unique and interesting in-game mechanics, which involving the uses of your hook to collect resources and items that are floating around you. Use it as a fishing hook to gather resources without having to get into the water where predators lie in wait for you. Feel free to pick up all kinds of different resources and items of any kind, which will help you in your future challenges. Keep throwing out your hook to collect all kinds of interesting items at the early stages of your survival quests.

Craft weapons and armor from various items

Also, as you dive into the in-game survival challenges, gamers can now explore multiple crafting options, which will allow you to make all kinds of interesting tools from your own preferences. Feel free to enjoy the awesome in-game experiences with the Survival on Raft as you create multiple gears and weapons from the collection goods. On the unforgiving ocean with many predators and hostile survivors that are willing to attack you, it’s important to be able to defend yourself. Also, you’ll need good weapons to start hunting for foods to satisfy your hunger.

Defend your raft from the predators

And speaking of which, in Survival on Raft, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the epic battles for survival in the endless seas. Here, you can have dive into epic battles against the nasty sharks as they try to bite through your raft. Defend it with everything that you’ve got or you’ll also lose your life. Be prepared for days and nights of endless fighting before you can find a safe destination for your raft to board.

Survival on Raft screenshot 3

Build and upgrade your raft to survive on the ocean

To increase your chances of survival and to make your raft more capable against enemies’ attacks, it’s important for gamers to make uses of the available building options. Always be on the hunt for upgrading materials that are floating around you and make good uses of your hook to collect those items. Ant at the same time, make sure that you give your raft enough reinforcements after each attack as you don’t want it to fall apart before you can give it an upgrade. Improve the sizes and speed of your raft so you can enjoy more comfortable experiences while drifting on the ocean.

Explore the endless seas

And for those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy the endless adventure on the ocean. Here, there are no lands or forests, no mountains or jungles, no animals and pets, only the challenging water that surrounds you and the nasty sea monsters that’ll attack you whenever you’re unaware. And at the same time, many islands have formed after the incidents, and in each of them, lies another great mystery that you’ll have to discover. Feel free to dive into your epic explorations across the endless seas in Survival on Raft whenever you want.

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Free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Android gamers in Survival on Raft can still have fun with their completely free gameplay of survival without having to pay anything. Hence, it’s totally possible for you to pick up the game from the Google Play Store, no payments are involved.

Enjoy the completely unlocked gameplay with our mod

On the other hand, if you’re finding the free game a little annoying because of ads and in-game purchases, it might be a better idea for you to get our modified version of the game instead. Here, gamers can enjoy completely free and unlocked in-game experiences with removed ads, unlimited purchases, and more. All it takes is for you to download the Survival on Raft Mod APK from our website, follow the provided instructions, and you should be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful and immersive 3D graphics, Android gamers in Survival on Raft will find themselves completely hooked to their epic survival experiences. Feel free to have fun with the awesome survival gameplay, and at the same time, enjoy the realistic and exciting visual elements that will make you truly believe in your in-game experiences. However, since the game is quite demanding, some of you will find it a little annoying due to the lags and stutters.


Together with exciting visuals, gamers in Survival on Raft will now enjoy the brilliant sounds and music in their gameplay, which will make the survival experiences a lot more compelling. Also thanks to the powerful soundtracks, you’ll always be hooked to the in-game experiences.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re interested, you can now have fun with yet another great survival challenge in Survival on Raft. Feel free to enjoy your favorite gameplay that even rivals the likes of Dawn of Zombies or Jurassic World, while also experiencing the unique features that are only available in the game. And most importantly, with our fully unlocked and free gameplay from the mods, you can always enjoy Survival on Raft to the fullest. And of course, it’ll also be free for you to pick up whenever you want.

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