Day R Premium MOD APK 1.808 (Free Shopping)

Day R Premium MOD APK 1.808 (Free Shopping)

May 14, 2024

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Imagine yourself having to live through the hardship of the post-apocalyptic world with nothing left to sustain. And out in the devastated world, your wife and children are lost, scared. Who knows, they might have become the victims of the disasters.  Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game takes place in a fictional future where the world was destroyed by the nuclear wars that suddenly erupt out of nowhere. Imagine yourself waking up one day and see that everything around you was destroyed. You have no memories about it with just a few vague impressions. The only thing in your mind now is to find your wife and children.

With nothing left and an uncertain future, you must journey the wasted lands and try to survive the hardship of the post-apocalyptic world. And on the other hand, your family is still out there alone, who knows if they were able to survive the incidents.

With the world being torn apart, lives one Earth are being threatened by the toxic radiations and deadly viruses that have been causing a lot of death. While the chances that your family could survive is not so high, you’re still determined to find them.

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Have yourself sustained by searching for foods and supplies in abandoned shelters and buildings. Find weapons so that you can arm yourself when dealing with monsters and enemies. Overcome the devastating diseases, ease your hunger, and so on.

Spend your time exploring the buildings and facilities to look for materials, make uses of your handy crafting skills to craft useful materials. Make yourself various stuffs from weapons, equipment, to even vehicles. During these time you’ll realize that your knowledge about physics, chemistry, and math in high school could come in handy.

Ready and embark your journey through the massive lands of the devastated USSR. Discover the secrets behind the accidents and find out about your lost memories.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting gameplay that the game has to offer:

Experience the hardcore survival experiences with in-depth gameplay

For the first time, Android gamers will have their chances to engage in this amazing hardcore survival game. Have yourself introduced to a vast and dangerous world. Spend your time gathering and discovering all the essential goods to sustain and equip yourself.

Find yourself surrounded by all kinds of hardships. From the cold and hunger of the post-apocalyptic Russia to the dangerous infected zombies that keep lurking around you. Not to mention the deadly radiations are still present and can cause serious damages to your body. This game is no joke as you’ll usually find yourself having little time to slow down.

Enjoy the realistic with interactive environments

By featuring a massive environments and many interactive elements, the creators at tltGames have turned this game from a simple survival game to an extremely interesting survival game. Having said that, players can have themselves exposed to varied factors such as the changing seasons, massive maps with hidden secrets, in-depth environments, and more.

With over 2700 different towns and cities to discover, you’ll have the chances to discover the vast Russian Empire through many aspects. And be careful for the animals around you, as in such a devastating world, even a small rat can hurt you.

Explore endless possibilities with the crafting features

And it’s natural for you to know a little bit about crafting when you’re caught in such a mad world. That being said, in Day R Premium, players will have the opportunities to make uses of the creativities to create awesome stuffs.

With varied materials that you can find in all kinds of places, players can create awesome stuffs that could help them in this war-torn world. That being said, you can explore the endless possibilities in Day R Premium and create all kinds of crafts. Collect hundreds of awesome crafting recipes, level up your skills to unlock more crafting options, and so on.

Embark on an exciting journey through the open world

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And into the dark world, players will be traveling through many different lands in the massive Russian. Encounter many strangers and get involved in their stories, explore many exciting quests and help your allies. Who knows, you might need their help in the future is you were able to make friends with them. Follow the captivating stories as you slowly discover the secrets with your fractured memories.

Develop your character and improve his skills

On top of that, the game requires players to be extremely capable, not just about the knowledge but also about how you put them to practices. So if you wish to progress further in this game, it’s important that you have your skills level up through practices. In addition, you’ll also need to learn all the essential skills that are required for you to survive in the wild.

Learn to be a mechanic so that you can construct awesome constructions or even a vehicle to quickly transport you to varied locations. Be a blacksmith and learn to make powerful weapons and tools to assist you in your survival journey. And finally you could make uses of your physics and chemistry skills that you’ve learned through all your high school time.

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Enjoy the exciting online gameplay

And to make the game a lot more exciting, gamers are also introduced to the exciting and addictive online gameplay. That being said, you can engage in the exciting cooperative mode with your friends. Team up and battle the dangerous zombies and monsters that’re threatening you.

To back you up, Day R Premium also comes with online chat which allow gamers to comfortably communicate with each other during combats. Moreover, you can also exchange your items so that you can both get the best out of what you’ve got. Explore the massive multiplayer survival game in Day R Premium.

And if you prefer, you could challenge other online gamers in exciting survival matches. Have yourself competing with the world’s best survival experts.

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Enjoy free and unlocked gameplay with our mods

And for those who wish to have the game completely under their controls, our Day R Premium MOD APK will definitely satisfy you. Have the game downloaded and installed on your devices for completely free. On top of that, you can enjoy the free and unlocked gameplay with our mods. Purchase everything you like without having to pay anything. Speed up your in-game process and spend more time enjoying the stories.

Visual and sound quality


Gamers in Day R Premium will find themselves being introduced to a dark, burning, and intoxicating world right from the beginning thanks to the well-designed environments and characters. On top of that, the high-resolution images also greatly enhance your experiences.

Moreover, the game is relatively smooth thanks to the optimized graphics. Hence, you can discover the massive open-world without being disturbed by lags or stutters. However, if you’re using a low-end device, the game might get lag when you go online due to the massive number of online gamers.


With powerful and impactful soundtracks throughout your adventure, players in Day R Premium will find themselves truly immersed in the lost world of post-apocalyptic Russia. Put on your headphones and feel the depth and width of the open-world map. Listen to every little detailed sounds of the things that’re happening around you.

Download Day R Premium Mod APK latest 1.808 Android

For the fans of survival game genre, Day R Premium could easily be one of your favorite Android game thanks to its amazing and addictive gameplay. Not to mention that our modded version of this game would greatly enhance your experiences. Have fun and immerse yourself in the epic world of Day R Premium.

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