Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

August 1, 2021


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Gaijin Distribution KFT
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Unlimited Money

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Struggle with zombies and find your back home now!

Shadows of Kurgansk is a great survival adventure game containing several horror elements. You’ll get lost in the apocalyptic world, where death and mutated creatures are everywhere. Your goal here is to stay alive and get the way out, combating monsters and completing missions.

The game is the first-person survival game that makes everyone feel like getting lost in the world of Minecraft crafting and resource gathering. Hurry to take this chance to discover the fullness of it in which you need to hunt, collect supplies, and build storage and asylums. Remember that if you fail, death is just the beginning.

General information

Well, there’s nothing about Shadows of Kurgansk original. It seems new and unique from the plot to the gameplay, which is not easy to see in the world where post-apocalyptic games are a saturated market. As for the plot, it goes around an ill-fated man who is traveling on a helicopter to seek a life with the teammates.

Unluckily, an unwanted accident occurred, triggering him to fall off the helicopter. The pilot was probably missing, so he can’t survive. The planet has been in the apocalypse for several years. The scene started to fade and turn desolate. You will see the creepiest creatures and blood-thirsty zombies everywhere.

At this time, the protagonist has to survive any cost in such a world. Can you guess what his fate would be when his food source becomes scarce and everything seems to work against him? Maybe just you can find that answer. But the story is not the game hook since the hook is exactly the setting and its aesthetics which are highly appreciated.

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The game gets separated into three modes in which the first of which is the Story mode that offers you a set of quests. The main character who lost his group would try hard to survive in a harsh environment. Simply complete the story quests and gain upgrades when you do so. With the second named Adventure mode, there are quests awaiting to get done, and the difficulty level rises up a lot between quests.

For the third mode, Survival, the only task here is to survive as several days as you can and when you’re supposed to die, you will return to the start. Generally, Shadows of Kurgansk is seen as one of the most realistic and appealing survival games anyone should try. The players soon see this once they get lost in a deserted space.

The apocalyptic planet is now conquered by the bloodthirsty zombies and surrounded by dangerous obstacles. These range from high voltage networks to radioactive regions. If unluckily, your character suddenly dies and you must begin everything from scratch. Just be cautious, especially when the undead and mutated monsters love to attack and only swallow living creatures.

And you’re definitely the tasty prey for them when getting lost in the Shadows of Kurgansk by chance. This is the most important thing we want to warn you about. Well, you might need more weapons to protect yourself and kill them all. The game itself consists of two big story campaigns in which each can help you to find out the reasons.

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Overall assessments

Shadows of Kurgansk is one of the best survival games you’ve experienced on iOS. Not only amazing, but the game is also addicting and horrifying. Try it to see how good the whole story is. However, it would be better if the game adds a base building system since this could make the game more fun than ever.

The game is comprised of two big story campaigns. Each individual assists the player to explore particular reasons for the disaster that occurred in the so-called Zone. You need to find other survivors because they also try to build contact with them and even encounter the military.

Note that when facing a couple of mutants, players must crack all coded locks to find access to secret bases. Meanwhile, you should observe the health of the character to keep yourself alive as well as find the way out of Zone. According to some players, they would love to have more missions and more items to craft throughout their adventure.

There’s no word to describe how good Shadows of Kurgansk is. It’s a work of art and one of a kind. But the game really needs the companion system. If not, it will get rid of the lonely feeling of the game. A few people suggest adding the ability to have a companion, a pet for instance. Well, it will be nicer to make your pet or dog bark as the enemy starts approaching.

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Once getting in the game, you’ll see that Shadows of Kurgansk gets divided into two distinct parts, covering “The Way Home” and “Deserted Shore”. The player usually begins with The Way Home, with the aim of searching your way back to a safer haven. Note that you get trapped in the wasteland when the pilot is missing with the plane.

As stated above, let’s struggle hard to survive until the other teammates find to rescue you. At first, it’s all about food sources. As the character is a human being, and he has strength and thinking. However, his health can get lost little by little once he becomes more active and this can get charged with the support of foods, including meat, water, fruit, and sleeping.

Food is not available to get, and you need to locate where have weapons to hunt animals, get mushrooms, and then set fire for cooking. Every part of the game gets divided into different days in which each day owns one goal to complete. Let’s work on all of them as soon as possible before the day ends.

Unless you complete them, your character’s health will run out soon. Here, try to hold on until other fellows find your man. Again, the level of the challenge gets higher and higher, forcing you to own the best survival skills in the wild and great intuition that could warn you of unwanted dangers.

With the same plot as The Sun Origin, a post-apocalyptic shooter game, your supplies gradually run out and the communities have to emerge from their shelter to come to a world of chaos and death.

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The graphics are realistic. Even some of the objects in the game have flat edges like real rocks, so for the most part, they look fantastic. Except for some moments when there’s a bug looking like a leaf falling in weird ways, which makes the game silly.

During the play, you surely notice the lack of music or sounds in the background, which sometimes makes the players feel like missing some tension. But this happened from the start, and then the silence gets replaced with the creepiest noise which becomes stronger when the surroundings get darker.

Final words

Shadows of Kurgansk Mod APK takes you to the new yet insane world where you try the best to survive among the mutated creatures. Some levels of the game can last longer than expected, but you can save your playing progress when using the mod apk version. Now just go to experience it and see how long you can survive.

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