Zombie Hunter Sniper APK 3.0.78

Zombie Hunter Sniper APK 3.0.78

Viva Games Studios

Zombie Hunter Sniper is a zombie hunting game version with virtual reality glasses. In a realistic three-dimensional graphics environment, players who download games for free will engage in horror-tinged zombie-colored battles. The game is tough but attractive. Zombie Hunter Sniper is a free virtual reality game on all online platforms. It is a product of Genera Indie Games and has many similarities with Sniper VR or Battleship Defense VR.

Although it is called a zombie hunting game, Zombie Hunter Sniper is a first-person shooter game with FPS. With large scopes and the ability to move the direction of shooting, players will take turns shooting down each undead if they do not want to lose their lives because of them.

The background of the shooter Zombie Hunter Sniper is the basement room of a high-rise building. They fill it with zombies with hideous bodies. They can move quickly and attack directly. With modern weapons capable of powerful upgrades, players in the game will destroy zombies with precise bullets to escape from this dark place. The game is in a horror style with scary scenes, mysterious sounds that promise to bring gamers eye-catching battles.

General Information

Zombie Hunter Sniper is one of the best games on the zombie theme. The game that comes with your mission is to grab your gun, aim at the head, and kill the undead wandering around to stop the infection of the lethal virus. Zombie Hunter Sniper brings a variety of weapons for you to attack zombies.

Your mission in Zombie Hunter Sniper is very lofty. You are the only one capable to stop the wave of death that exists everywhere, destroy the massacre, zombie tsunami, survive and save humanity. Deadly viral pandemics spread around the world, humanity is in danger, grab a gun, and show your sniper skills to destroy them.

Zombie Hunter Sniper gives you sniper rifles, assault rifles, bazookas, or machine guns that can be upgraded. However, you not only have to shoot but also have the strategy and skill to kill zombies. You can combine additional powers to help. We can play the game offline or online with friends.

Zombie Hunter Sniper is also a zombie killer game with many similar contents. It is a unique first-person shooter game that allows you to use gold coins to unlock new guns and upgrade weapons. They design Zombie Hunter Sniper in a unique three-dimensional environment. The difficulty increases with each level by the wolf among us and the ability to upgrade powerful weapons.

However, the game screen is dark to overcome by increasing the device screen brightness. You cannot move while playing but only use your head to change the viewfinder. Players will stand still for one place and will only be transferred to a new position upon completing the level.

How to Play Zombie Hunter Sniper?

Zombie Hunter Sniper is a hunting adventure game, and when you come to the game, you will experience the genuine feeling of hunting. The game will take you to the forests with targets appearing in front of you, or you need to wait for them to appear. With simple operations, you will move left and right, turn on the viewfinder, and then choose the exact shooting position so that the target cannot escape and shoot. Practice hard, you will become a hunting master. With bullets hit in dangerous places on the animal’s body, you will get more bonuses and kill the target faster.

The chief weapons in your hunt include:

  • One sniper rifle or bow allows destroying prey from a distance.
  • One shotgun or rifle allows them to destroy animals at close range.
  • One pistol in case the other two guns run out of ammunition.

With a diverse arsenal of weapons, players can unleash to collect, unlock, and use. Players can also upgrade the guns by reinforcing, adding spare parts, and equipment to make the shots more powerful.

There are countless levels to experience and explore. Each game screen corresponds to each different terrain area. And of course, the animals are different there. With over 100 species of animals from gentle herbivores to ferocious ones like bears and wolves, you can try to show your hunting skills.

In each level of play, the player will receive a different mission. And if completed, you will receive a generous reward. But if you cannot complete, your hunt is unsuccessful. Besides the normal mission play modes, players can also directly compete with friends in the hunt. Inviting a friend can make completing tasks faster and simpler. Especially, you can also compete together to see who killed the target earlier.

Overall Assessments

Zombie Hunter Sniper has a vibrant soundtrack with a fast rhythm that creates excitement for players before entering the hunt. The sound will be low when entering the hunt to make the hunt more thrilling. However, the rhythm will start faster if with the first shot you have not completed the mission. They make the sound effects from the guns extremely detailed, showing their power and speed.

The game has extremely vivid 3D graphics. We sketch the forests in great detail. The animals are extremely vivid and true with the ability to panic or attack. The guns in Zombie Hunter Sniper are based on real-life versions and are made meticulously.

The game’s drawback issues ruined what Zombie Hunter Sniper tries to achieve. One of the most frustrating issues is that the AI ​​controlling of other characters always hinders players. Especially when you run into a narrow area like the toilet, there is only one entrance. Most times, these characters like to block entrances. And since they do not design the game for you to pass through them, they will block it. In most cases, players will have to play the game again or persistently try to run back. Then, hope that people evacuate the mess all over the place to have a path.

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Cross all over the country and save your family. Who knows if they are still alive or radioactive and the deadly virus has swallowed them up? Discover the secrets of the apocalypse and regain your memories during your journey through the vast territory of the former Soviet Union in the 1980s.

Final Words

Zombie Hunter Sniper shooting action game has a simple setting. You will live in a deadly and devastating city like many other zombie games. Your battle place in Zombie Hunter Sniper is an abandoned, rusty factory. It is also the zombie lair.

As a brave hero, you take up your weapon and head into the danger zone. Initially, players can only use weak weapons, poor damage, limited range, and slow cooldown. However, you need not worry because the zombies in the first few acts are mostly weak and sparse.

Zombie Hunter Sniper gives the experimenter the feeling of becoming a real hunter wandering through many forests to complete his mission. Through the game, players will also be able to enjoy the feeling of relaxation with the forests with countless peaceful and full of life. It is a great game that gives you an enjoyable experience after hours of stressful and exhausting work.

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