Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile

December 2, 2022


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The famous PC survival game has now made its introductions to the Android platform. Join millions of online gamers as you engage into epic surviving experiences while staying in the wild and being hunted down by devious enemies. Make uses of all the items and equipment that you find along the way to help you deal with the dangerous enemies. Stay alive for as long as possible before tomorrow’s daylight starts to shine.


Being the lone survivor, gamers in Dead by Daylight Mobile must try their best to stay alive in this horrific world. Explore the surroundings to look for gears, weapons, and accessories while avoiding the hungry maniacs.

Team up with your fellow survivors, and together, you’ll have better chances of surviving this wild world. Prepare to face the unknown threats and enemies as they appear out of nowhere. Make sure you and your partners are well prepared to deal with the challenges.

In this dark world, there will be no one to instruct you. All the decisions you made will have direct effects on the outcome of your survivals. Put yourself in extreme stress and intense situations where you’ll have to make uses of your quick-thinking capabilities.

But on the other hand, you could also take on the path of a killer, hunt down the lone survivors using your natural killer instinct and show them real pain and disparity.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Play the game as different characters with varied backgrounds

In Dead by Daylight, players will find the characters in the game extremely important, both the survivors and the killers. With each of them having their own powers and abilities. There will be limitless potentials for each player in the game:

  • Dwight Fairfield – he is a relatively easy character to start with due to his quirks. Dwight is able to sense the nearby survivors, allowing him to gather with them easily. Plus, he’s also a good leader by giving other members varied buffs in both combats and constructions.
  • Meg Thomas – being a born athlete, she has all the powers it takes to be the perfect survivor candidate. Having Quick & Quite, Sprint Burst, and Adrenaline, Meg Thomas can allow you to escape the chasing enemies quickly as well as collecting essential equipment much faster.
  • Claudette Morel – to boost your team’s survivability it’s essential that you have a medic in the team. And in this lost word, having a botanist will make it much easier finding the potent plants that could heal your teammates.
  • Jake Park – having the suitable quirks, this man is the perfect survivalist that you would want to have on your team. Iron Will, Calm Spirit, and Saboteur, this man is the perfect soldier to fight against the killers.

Along with the four mentioned above, there will be over 13 different characters in the game that you could explore, each having their own powers and abilities.

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Go against the devious killers

And along with the Survivors, we also have the devious killers, which have varied powers that could give you a serious meltdown.

  • The Trapper – by setting up bear traps from all over the map, the Trapper is able to locate his prays in all places. With brute force, extreme agility, and an intimidating aura, he is the perfect killer.
  • The Wraith – and what could be more terrifying than having a dangerous monster lurking around you without your notice? Death could happen at any moments.
  • The HillBilly – being caught into a chase with a killer that you can’t escape, nothing could be more despairing than that.
  • The Nurse – if you are someone who is afraid of going to the hospital, you can let The Nurse take care of you. Being an incredible tracker, it’s almost impossible for you to escape her, especially when you are wounded.

There are currently 16 different Killers, and the number would definitely increase if we receive our future updates. So stay tuned for more horrifying challenges

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Collect valuable loots by completing epic achievements

And to make the game more interesting as well as allowing gamers to collect valuable loots outside of the game, there are also many epic achievements that you could complete to unlock valuable prizes.

Collect daily rewards and offers

In additions, online gamers will have their chances to look for awesome daily rewards just by being active frequently. With each continuous day, you’ll earn new boosts that would help you get better at the game.

Explore different gameplay as you progress

And gamers in Dead By Daylight will not only have their chances to explore the normal gameplay, but also many other exciting modes.

For starters, you can test your skills and abilities in over 50 different in-game levels with varied difficulties. Defeat the enemies and progress to the next level.

And for those who think they’re prepared for the competitive battlefield could join millions of online players in the ranked battles. Fight against the most skilled enemies in earn your right to live.

In addition, the game also features varied gameplay including the Bloodweb, Shrine of Secrets, and so on. You can discover all the things you wish to know about the world in Dead by Daylight.

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Fight your enemies in varied worlds

The game will take you to multiple worlds with completely different terrains. Explore the worlds in Dead by Daylight in varied locations such as the MacMillan Estate, AutoHaven Wrecker, Coldwind Farm, Crotus Prenn Asylum, and so on.

Graphics and sound quality


The creators of Dead by Daylight have done a really good job bringing the deadly and spooky environments on the screen. Gamers can truly immerse themselves into the experiences as they are surrounded by realistic environments, incredibly detailed characters, and so on.


You’ll have each of your characters voiced with real actors. The sound effects and music are also extremely well done, allowing players to feel like they’re truly caught in the actions.

How To Install Dead by Daylight APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.bhvr.deadbydaylight. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.bhvr.deadbydaylight folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile latest 5.4.1024 Android APK

For the Android gamers who’re looking for some serious Adrenaline-pumping actions, Dead by Daylight would offer you incredible experiences that you could hardly forget. And if you’re afraid to play alone, you can also go online and join actual players in your surviving missions. Or you can be the bad guy and hunt down the scary chickens out there.

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