Dead Effect 2 MOD APK v220322.2470 (Unlimited Money)

Dead Effect 2 MOD APK v220322.2470 (Unlimited Money)

August 4, 2022


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Find yourself diving into the epic zombie shooter gameplay in Dead Effect 2 as you join the group of survivors in a space ark on their fights for survival. Follow the previous events back in Dead Effect 2, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying a completely new and refreshing adventure.

Choose between three characters who are all survivors from the horror experiments that were conducted by Dr. Wagner in the first game, each having their own unique skills and abilities. Take on a variety of interesting in-game challenges as you fight against the fully-armed enemies while discovering the secrets that still lie behind those experiments.

Experience epic shooter gameplay with amazing FPS challenges. Find yourself battling zombies and soldiers while exploring the massive spaceship and looking for clues.

Find out more about this amazing game of Dead Effect 2 with our reviews.


The game follows the previous events that happened in the first installment of Dead Effect. Gamers will find themselves being introduced to the giant interstellar colonization vessel of ESS Meridian. Here, after you’ve taken down Dr. Wagner in the previous game, you’re now abandoned inside the giant spaceship along with a few other survivors.

Surrounded by the undead and nasty creatures that were the result of the inhuman experiment from the crazy scientist on the ship, you and others must find your way out of the situation. Not to mention that armed troops are tracking you down in order to conceal the government’s nasty experiments.

Be the hero and save everyone on the spaceship from the cruel fate of turning into mindless monsters during the experiments, or die under the guns of the incoming soldiers. Dive into epic shooter experiences with Dead Effect 2.

Explore the unique and refreshing FPS gameplay with the futuristic setups. Experience thrilling and enticing storylines as you get involved in epic shooting actions. Collect a variety of interesting space weapons and high-tech gears as you get familiar with the epic fights of the future.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls for you to get started

To start with, Android gamers in Dead Effect 2 will find themselves having access to the simple and intuitive touch controls, which would make it relatively easy for you to get familiar with the gameplay. And as you progress in the game, it’s also possible to make multiple changes to the control settings.

Feel free to customize your touch and gesture controls as well as adjusting the button mapping to enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience. Moreover, if you want to, it’s also possible to connect your mobile devices to an external controller for a more console-like gameplay.

Explore the in-depth and addictive RPG adventure

In addition, for those of you who’re fans of the classic RPG games, you’ll surely find Dead Effect 2 being quite enjoyable as it features the interesting RPG elements that you would find addicted to. Start with the level up system which would give your characters better stats as you advance to a new level. And at the same time, find yourself completely hooked to the captivating storyline with incredible turns of events, immersive missions, awesome actions, and more.

Choose between different characters to start your journey

As you begin your adventures, gamers will have the option to pick up between three different characters, who were all survivors of the insane experiments on the space ship. Choose your favorite characters, each with their own unique sets of skills and abilities. Experience unique and interesting stories related to the three as you embark on the grand campaign. Feel free to switch between different characters as you start your journey.

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Explore different character trainings and developments

And for those of you who’re interested, you’ll also find yourself having access to the complete character trainings and developments with Dead Effect 2. That being said, you can easily switch between different paths and options regarding your characters’ development.

Giving them new upgradable body implants and amazing gear sets, which are the excellent achievements of the future. Unlock new skills and power them up with all kinds of upgrades as you turn your character into a super soldier. With more than 100 available options, you’ll find it relatively easy to get what you need.

Make uses of amazing boosters to change the tide of the battle

Moreover, for those of you who’re having problems with the overwhelming enemies, you can always carry along a few useful boosters. Use them to effectively take down a bunch of enemies or protect you from enemies’ attacks. Nonetheless, these amazing boosters will give you great advantages when dealing with your enemies. So make sure you use them properly and cleverly.

A variety of different weapons to pick up

And along with a ton of equipment and boosters, it’s the amazing weapons from the future that would interest you. That being said, you can take down your different enemies using different approaches, from the stealth mode using a sniper or the direct approach with your assault guns melee weapons. Feel free to stock up your arsenal with some of the most devastating and useful weapons in Dead Effect 2. Make uses of them as you defeat your enemies in the most effective ways as possible.

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Complete certain sets of achievements for special rewards

And if you wish to collect some amazing rewards, then you should overlook the interesting achievements and objectives in each mission. That being said, while the main goal is still your absolute focus, you can always spend your time to complete the certain objective and achievements to unlock the full prizes on each mission.

Enjoy the epic game experiences with Nvidia Shield

For those of you who’re interested in playing the game on the big screens for a more immersive experience, you can always enjoy Dead Effect 2 on many devices from Nvidia Shield. Play it on Nvidia Shield TV, Tablet, and Portable whenever you want. Here, you’ll find yourself having access to even more powerful visual experiences. Feel free to change the texture quality, Depth of Field, HDR settings, and so on to unlock more immersive graphics with Nvidia Shield. It’ll make the game reach a whole new level, in terms of graphical qualities.

Free to play

And despite having all those amazing features, the creators of Dead Effect 2 still manage to surprise us with them completely free gameplay. Feel free to download and install the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Have the game completely unlocked with our mod

Moreover, for those of you who’re interested, you can also get rid of the annoying ads and in-game purchase to enjoy the completely unlocked gameplay on Dead Effect 2. And it’s quite easy to do so since you only need to install the Dead Effect 2 Mod APK on our website instead. Follow the provided instruction and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


For those of you who’re playing the game on an Nvidia Shield device, you’ll find the game extremely realistic and beautiful. It’s like you’re enjoying a console game right on your mobile devices, which is absolutely incredible. And even if you only play it on your normal Android screen, everything still looks amazing. Not to mention that the adjustable graphics with many useful settings will allow the game to look amazing and fluid on your Android devices.


Together with the incredible graphics, Dead Effect 2 also introduces Android gamers to the amazing sound and music experiences with crisp and detailed audio. That being said, you’ll find yourself completely hooked to the atmospheric battles as you dive into them. Plus, the professionally voiced dialogues also make the stories more enjoyable.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re interested in the epic shooter titles such as Dead Target and the likes, then you would surely find Dead Effect 2 being extremely enjoyable. Especially when you’re also allowed to enjoy the game for completely free and have access to the unlocked contents with our mod. Hence, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it.

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