Escape Titanic MOD APK 1.7.5 (Hints And Answers)

Escape Titanic MOD APK 1.7.5 (Hints And Answers)

February 16, 2022


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For the quick and confident minds out there, this interesting mobile game of Escape Titanic will certainly impress many of you, thanks to its incredible elements of puzzle solving and storytelling. Have fun exploring the awesome mobile title from App Holdings, as you re-discover the story of the Titanic and its dying moments, as you become a passenger who’s trying to flee the sinking ship. Find yourself going through a series of incredible puzzles, which will keep you completely engaged while experiencing the absolute tensions around you. Enjoy the addictive gameplay of puzzle solving with many brilliantly orchestrated challenges for you to deal with. And always find yourself fully immersed in the captivating stories. Learn more about this interesting mobile game from App Holdings and all of its features with our reviews.


Here in Escape Titanic, Android gamers will have their chances to relive the incredible moments before the destruction of one of the most famous ships in human’s history – the tragic Titanic. Get ready to fully engage yourself in the captivating in-game stories and incredible pieces of puzzle actions, as you become one of the panicking passengers who’re trying to find their way out of the situation. Dive into your incredible experiences of life and death while also paying attention to the powerful stories in the dying ship. Explore dozens of different puzzle-solving quests and challenges, as you try to fight for survival. Do your best to escape the sinking ships as well as to try and find help to save other desperate people on the vessel. The meaningful stories, interesting game concepts, and impressive quests will certainly impress many of you


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive and interactive touch controls

To start with, Android gamers in Escape Titanic can comfortably work with the intuitive in-game touch controls, which would make it quite easy for you to quickly adjust to the gameplay. Plus, the interactive puzzles with intuitive visual settings will allow you to further enjoy the puzzle solving gameplay. Feel free to touch and interact with different elements of the certain levels and complete your quests to progress in the game.

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Incredible elements of puzzle-solving for the brilliant minds

And to make sure that all gamers can truly be engaged in this awesome gameplay of puzzle solving, Escape Titanic will feature its complete collection of incredible quests and challenges that you must go throw. Make full use of your intelligent and quick wits to come up with the solution for each problem and get through them as quickly as possible since you don’t have much time. Explore the multiple stages of the game with relatable quests, which will keep you fully engaged in the adventure.

Powerful stories for Android gamers

For those of you who are interested, you can now further engage yourself in the powerful stories in Escape Titanic, which will allow gamers to fully engage themselves in the mobile title. Have fun exploring the interesting stages with interactive elements while exploring the captivating storyline that keeps introducing you to new challenges.

Interesting puzzles with unique challenges

To make the game more enjoyable, Escape Titanic will offer its gamers a variety of different puzzles for them to enjoy. Feel free to engage yourself in more than 50 interesting puzzles with exciting gameplay and many unique challenges. All of which should allow you to fully engage yourself in the entire experiences. With completely different puzzles in various stages of the game and many interesting secrets for you to discover, Escape Titanic will make sure that Android gamers can truly enjoy the awesome mobile title and its incredible story.

Increasing levels of difficulty to keep you further engaged.

Here in Escape Titanic, Android gamers can also enjoy their in-game experiences with the escalating levels of difficulty in different parts of the game. As a result, they can have more fun playing the addictive gameplay of puzzle solving and role playing. Enjoy new puzzle levels with better setups and more interesting experiences whenever you want.

Look for hints if you’re stuck

For those of you who are interested, you can now further engage yourself in the awesome gameplay of Escape Titanic, feel free to take on the epic levels of puzzle solving with unique gameplay. And if you’re stuck at certain stages of the game, there will be the useful hint system for you to make uses of. Try your best to complete the game without having to use hints. But a few useful hints won’t ruin your in-game experiences either.

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Enjoy the offline game whenever you want

To make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers can now further engage themselves in the exciting mobile title of Escape Titanic. Have fun exploring the incredible offline puzzles with lots of interesting gameplay. The entire gameplay can be enjoyed with or without the Internet so you won’t have any problems exploring its features.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Hence, you can always have fun exploring the awesome game and many of its features. Simply download the game from the Google Play Store and start having fun with it.

Have access to our modded app

However, since it’s still a freemium game, there will be ads and in-game purchases that might bother you. Hence, you would want to go for our modified version of Escape Titanic instead. Here, we offer the unlocked app with removed ads, unlimited money, and unlocked gameplay. As a result, you can always make the most of the in-game experiences. And all you need is to download the Escape Titanic Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Here in Escape Titanic, Android gamers can enjoy working with the intuitive and interactive visual elements, which allow them to further enjoy the puzzle-solving experiences. With relatable and interactive 2D environments, you can comfortably interact with objects, work on the quests, and enjoy the full gameplay, just like in the famous Bridge Construction Simulator. Not to mention that the undemanding 2D graphics will also enable smooth and satisfying gameplay for all gamers.

Sound & Music

Get ready to further engage yourself in the powerful and incredible gameplay of Escape Titanic, thanks to its incredible audio elements. Here, Android gamers can fully engage themselves in the awesome mobile title while exploring the responsive sound effects and on-theme soundtracks.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay of puzzle solving, featuring the epic stories of the fallen Titanic, Escape Titanic will make sure that all Android gamers are impressed by the unique adaptation. Feel free to take on the role of a lucky survivor and fully engage yourself in your epic quests to escape the dying ship. Decide your fate and that of the other survivors as well in Escape Titanic.

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