Drive Simulator MOD APK 5.4 (Unlimited Money)

Drive Simulator MOD APK 5.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Drive Simulator is a car driving simulation game, helping players master driving skills in all traffic, terrain, and weather. Click the Download button on our site. Players can download Drive Simulator or you can purchase Drive Simulator directly on the Steam store. Drive Simulator simulates smart and true-to-life traffic conditions. You may encounter unexpected situations such as pedestrians crossing the street suddenly and traffic accidents.

So, car adventures will not only be gentle relaxation but sometimes push you in a stressful situation like you usually do in real-life traffic. Not only the people, but the changing weather also creates new challenges in Drive Simulator. Drive in the rain, fog in the morning, or snow in the middle of the night. All these difficulties will challenge your driving skills and bravery. Work hard to get experience coping with aim factors throughout the journey.

General Information

Not only testing your driving skills, but Drive Simulator also requires players to obey the road traffic laws, and instructors’ suggestions will help you understand the applicable traffic laws of each country. We will expand the list of countries through the update. In the game Drive Simulator, players will experience many driving exercises from basic vehicle control knowledge to high technology. You will respond to accidents and breakdowns.

You will practice driving in the city and undergo professional driving training in manual or automatic transmission with real operating principles. There are many driver pieces of training in situations such as traffic accidents, car breakdowns, and natural disasters. And you will face special traffic situations that force you to break the law.

Dealing with dangerous situations such as entering the opposite lane, stopping parking suddenly, encountering an unannounced lane change vehicle, pedestrians crossing the street, and broken traffic lights. They base the gameplay on real physics that affects the vehicle’s behavior on the road and comes in predictable collisions. Choose from a variety of vehicles such as minivans, minivans, SUVs, public cars, and cars for left and right margins. Each car has a full control system and lights, pleasant sound.

Drive on random routes in free driving mode, freely customizable parameters. You can choose the time of day and weather of rain, snow, frozen roads, day or night with many types of vehicles on the road. You will use traffic laws in many countries such as the USA, Australia, EU, Germany, the Russian Federation, including right and left side driving.

Also, you can video your gameplay for error review and analysis. The game supports a toy steering wheel, Gamepad, and Joystick to control the character. The game is available with virtual reality glasses such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and TrackIR head tracking system.

How to Play Drive Simulator?

Drive Simulator is a simulation game for PC and is loved by many players because of its strengths. It is a product line developed by Scania, one of the major truck brands in Europe. In the game, you will operate Scania’s most modern vehicles and visit the showroom modernity of this car maker. In the game, players will use their most skilled techniques to complete the set tasks. There are all ten interesting challenges, and when you start in, the player will go through each task level from easy to difficult.

In participating, it requires patience and carefulness to handle the situations on the road. The gameplay trains you to be extremely focused on solving situations. It can happen on the road. When going on dangerous roads such as hills and mountains, you must maintain your calm and concentration to conquer all challenges.

The first challenge when you join the game is that you have to complete a test to get a driver’s license. It is suitable for those who need a real-life license because this will be an opportunity for players to practice before entering the official competition. The game features beautiful graphics and comes with a realistic sound system, fully describing the sounds you can hear while sitting inside the cabin and controlling the car on the road.

The rich mission system will help you develop the full range of skills required to operate a vehicle. In the game, you will apply all those skills to transport goods to your destination. Drive Simulator is a very suitable game for those who love driving simulation games.

Overall Assessments

They build the game based on the context of European countries, and players will play the role of drivers with the primary task of transporting cargo containers to predetermined locations at a specified time. The difficulty of the game is to force the player to be very calm and careful to control the large-sized trucks to move through the bends or obstacles on the road as safely as possible.

Currently, this game line has been developed to the side of newer versions with an updated map of more countries in America, so that players can freely control the car to transport goods on different terrain types. The strength of the game is the realistic design and extremely detailed simulation of the terrain types and cars passing. The player will play the role of the driver and have many adventures.

Besides, during the operation of the vehicle, you will accumulate some money and use that money to upgrade your car. Through the challenges, it will give you more opportunities to learn more details about the car. Currently, the game is supported on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Your computer configuration must meet the following requirements: Dual Core 2.4 Hz or higher, RAM 4GB or more, Intel HD 4000, and ROM 3 GB or more for the computer to work properly.

With beautiful graphics, the sound system is extremely dynamic and bright with many beautiful scenes of cities in over 60 European countries with sharp graphics, attracting many players.

Recommended Alternative: Construction Simulator 3

Construction Simulator 3 is a realistic 3D painting style simulation construction game. This game will refer to the construction elements in actual life, through the flexible control of various machines. You will explore the maps in three different areas and continue to dig and build to complete a series of level challenges. Then, unlock new areas to expand the area, use your imagination and smooth operation to prove your ability, sign a new contract to earn a lot of money, and get a unique new construction experience.

Construction Simulator 3 is a super-real construction simulation mobile game. Players need to build engineering teams, choose machinery according to the task situation, and complete many construction tasks. The game is straightforward to get started.

Final Words

Players will have a very authentic experience of the life of a driver when taking part in Drive Simulator MOD APK. Start from the beginning of the new career on all roads and consider the cabin as their home. After a process of hire, you can accumulate money and buy yourself a truck to own. Then, continue the development process and start your own transportation business with the staff of trucks and staff aggressive and a private garage. Through the game, you can also learn how to manage a transport company effectively.

In the game, it does the graphics in a very detailed way to each reflection on the corner of the car or it can be a small light at night. The game also requires a not high configuration to install and experience. So, it is suitable for the needs of many players.

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